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Honda Generator Black Friday Deals 2019

Honda Generator Black Friday Deals 2019

what are we gonna do today what do you think yeah you want to review a generator okay hey guys so today I’m gonna do a review of the Honda EU 2200 I generator a lot of people have given me some real positive feedback about my EU 7000 review so I thought I’d do another one this review is gonna be a little bit different though because it’s gonna be part of a two-part where I’m gonna do a review of this Honda and I’m also gonna do a review of its competitor which is the Yamaha EF mm is generator and that’s the version 2 which is the current one got some extra help today what do you think which one are you gonna pick the Honda or the Yamaha I don’t know you look pretty comfortable with that Honda so let’s start to review by looking at the generator itself in the control panel one thing on the Honda you’re going to notice right off the bat is that all the controls are on the end of the generator and the reason this is important is because if you’re transporting this you’re typically gonna pick it up by the handle and you’re gonna slide it into a space and when you slide it in if all of that equipment is or plugs is located on the side you’re gonna really damage them so I really prefer having the control panel on the end of the generator and this matters because a lot of generators do not have this type of setup it’s on the side and you’ll see some other reviews I’m gonna do later so and my preference is to have it just like this so I think Honda really did great with this setup you’ve got two standard outlets here on the side that you’re gonna be able to power your equipment with again keep in mind this is an inverter generator and that means you can run the most sensitive electronics you’re really going to get above the cleanest power you can get out of this generator next thing you want to realize is that you’ve got a plug here even though it doesn’t look like it this is a outlet that you can plug a special cord that Honda does not include with this generator you have to purchase it it’s about 20 bucks and that plug will allow you to charge 12 volt car batteries and small twelve old appliances a lot of people have asked if their car won’t start if they can jump their battery off of this you absolutely cannot so this is only for charging batteries and I don’t want to use the word trickle because this does put out 8.3 amps as you can see here that’s a lot more than most trickle charges tend to be between like 1 and 3 so you’re still not going to be able to start it but the good news is if you do try to charge one of your 12-volt car batteries you will be able to charge it quicker because it does have a pretty good out amount of output at eight point three amps next thing you have here is a circuit breaker this circuit breaker is designed to protect these outlets if you draw more than 20 amps as it’s labeled this will trip and this little button will push out and you can just push it back in next thing to be aware of is you have a grounding mount here so this is important some codes require that you use this and my personal experience I’ve never used it you’ve got three LEDs here and they’re labeled oil alert overload alarm and I’ll put indicator so these are going to basically explain at a very basic level of what’s going on with the generator the top LED oil alert that means you’re running low on oil and that will shut the generator off but this light will light up red so you’ll be aware what happened second overload alarm if you draw too much power beyond the 2200 Watts you will eventually overload it and this alarm will go off so you can reach the 2200 watts but you can only do it for a certain amount of time and you really don’t need to worry about about anything but if this light for overload alarm goes on the generator will typically go into a slowdown mode and essentially if that light comes on it doesn’t mean you destroyed your generator it just means that you’re going to have to shut you generator off disconnect the electrical load and restart it the output indicator you probably can’t tell much on the video until it’s on but this light is actually green when it’s on when this light mean comes on green that means these outlets are putting out the right amount of voltage to 120 volts next thing to be aware of is you have a switch here that says eco throttle and there’s an off and an on position so this sometimes is a little bit confusing for people so when you first run this generator if you have eco throttle off what that means is that you’re not using any eco throttle and that means the generator will run a full speed full power and that’s fine in a lot of situations but if you want to get them maximum runtime and maximum fuel economy when you put eco throttle on what that’s going to do is that’ll allow the engine to slow down to match the electrical load so that’s actually a good thing especially if you’re running for long periods of time Eco throttle means it’s like a smart throttle and it’s gonna throttle the engine up and down so that may help explain it a bit parallel operation outlets so these two these are actually sockets here there’s a special accessory a cable set so if you have two of these generators you can plug them in together you should be aware though that depending on your application you can either plug two of these in together or they make a special companion generator which is the mirrored image of this except it gives you a special outlet that you don’t get here that’s for you some things like RVs and things like that but if you’re only going to run the one generator alone you really don’t ever have to worry about that so the next thing that Honda did that’s pretty cool is this is no longer just an on/off switch like it used to be on the EU 2000 on the EU 2200 that you see here this is actually has three positions it has on fuel off and then off so some criticism the Honda used to get was that when you would just switch the generator off you would be basically loaded with fuel and for many people the gas would go bad because they would leave it sitting and the competitive Yamaha generator actually has the ability to turn the gas off independently now Honda’s the answer used to be that people should take the maintenance cover off and drain the carburetor but most people aren’t going to do that so what you really need to know now is that when the generator is on if you want to run it dry as a lot of people will call it you will switch it to this middle position here which is actually just fuel off but the generator is still on at that point and then when you switch it off you’ll hear the click because that’s an electrical shutoff and at that point the generator is off so this is a pretty clever feature and for this model this was really a good upgrade for a lot of people here first off is your pull starter it’s very convenient so one thing that Honda did with this version of the generator if you look at the old EU 2000 very often when people would pull star that they would pull it in an angle and the rope would eventually right where my thumb is would actually burn into the plastic it was like a rope burn and it would melt the plastic now it didn’t cause any real problem to the generator but it looked terrible so what Honda did is this is all now metal so that the Rope will just smoothly glide on it and you won’t have that issue anymore so on the gas cap you notice that we still have a nice convenient vent so we’ve got it on and then over here you’ve got an off so all this does is it just seals the gas in so that if you have this in a vehicle or whatnot the fumes are not coming out so that’s what that switch does does that controls gas fumes if they’re able to come out or not so in this particular model I have a small our meter that I installed in it and I’ll show you how that’s done but this is not from the factory the rear of the generator we’ve got the exhaust and that muffler contained inside the case just like the EU 2000 was so it’s very convenient so let’s take a look inside the maintenance cover on the Honda and I’ll show you a few items that you need to worry about to take care of your generator again I’m a huge fan of how Honda makes this very simple you can use a Phillips head screwdriver but it’s also slotted so that you could even just use a dime or a coin so it’s a single screw unscrews and what they call this is a captive screw which means that when I unscrew it the screw doesn’t fall out on the ground which is another thoughtful feature so as we take this cover off you’ll notice Honda’s attention to detail they’ve got a nice foam gasket around the outside of the generator so you know a lot of criticism about the Honda’s is that the prices are expensive but I think as you look at the generator closely you’ll see a lot of attention to detail and at least it makes you feel like you’ve got a good value and it does a great job with this generator in terms of layout everything is really easy to get at so the first thing you’ll notice here this is your oil fill and also your dipstick for checking the level but also for change in the oil another change for this year with the EU 2200 is this is much larger than the one was on the EU 2000 so it’s just a little bit easier now to change your oil and also check it and they’ve also done one more thoughtful thing is they put this little rubber ramp here the old generator when used to change the oil it was like designed to make a mess and there were a lot of aftermarket funnels made you really shouldn’t need any of those new so when you unscrew this you just simply tilt your generator a little bit and that little ramp will do the job of letting the oil come out so it doesn’t really nice job so you probably won’t need this much but this is your carburetor here and the reason this is also important on the bottom you can notice there’s a little tiny flat-head screwdriver here and a hoe is attached and this is still for people that want to drain their carburetor out for the winter or for long term storage so again it’s very convenient you can get a screwdriver right in there and put it you’ll put a container underneath and they’ve even got a little outlet there so that the gas can be collected next maintenance item to be aware of is you’ve got this little cover right here another one of the same type of screws that you had in the maintenance cover this whole unit is your air cleaner here super easy to replace you could replace this in probably less than a minute we’ll replace the cover you notice there’s two tabs in the bottom makes it really easy what I really like about this whole setup is that there’s not a lot of fuss to put it back together so the next item you need to be concerned with for maintenance is actually on the other side I’m gonna rotate the generator so and I mentioned earlier that this hour meter I installed myself and underneath this little cover here and you just need to use your finger lifts right up this is where your spark plug is located and you know don’t take this for granted by Honda really did a great job laying this out it’s so easy to change your spark plug not that you need to do it very often but they make it really simple so if you were an hour via or you’re somebody out in the rain and you need to do a service on this it’s really nice because it’s just not a lot of stress and there’s not a lot of fuss and for those interested this our meter is simply an item that just sticks on you feed the wire through you wrap it around the spark plug wire there’s no absolutely no cutting involved and when it’s done you just use a nylon tie and this electronically picks up the spark and that’s what drives this meter let’s just snaps back into place it’s another fun part we’re going to start to generator up so I’ll take you through each step and I’ll show you how it works first thing you’re going to want to do hopefully you put your gas cap in the right position the key to this is here is you can see this little tiny line it is not part which fools a lot of people that’s just so you have something to grab so you want to put this so that it is to the on position you can see that there so now what that means is that the air is on I guess you could say or the air is able to flow through so that’s how you’d normally do it when it’s running next thing we need to do is we need to turn this switch to the all the way to the on position so that it’s ready to start so when you start in an engine cold you’re going to want to put the choke on and you can see here that it’s labeled means choke is going to be on when it’s in this position so right now the choke is off so we’re going to turn it on so at this point we’re ready to go and we’re just going to give it a simple pull to start it up that’s gonna run rough like that so that tells you that you don’t really need the choke so we’re gonna now we’re not using our child you’ll hear a huge difference in the noise and I’m sure you could hear me a lot better now so right now because I have nothing plugged in this generator is just running on the minimum speed so it doesn’t really need much at all because it’s not outputting a lot of power so with it in the on position this is the quiet it’ll be so with me six feet away switch it off we’re gonna turn this switch I can’t somebody go all the way to off and one thing you want to remember to do when you’re done running it you want to always switch your fuel valve back to off and you have to remember really believe the Eco throttle in the off position so the next time you started it’s gonna run at maximum speed which is the correct starting procedure okay I hope you enjoyed this review of the Honda EU 2200 I generate er it’s an awesome machine I hope you found it helpful if you did I’d appreciate it if you click thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel for more great videos thank you

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