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In this post, we introduce the best Black Friday Hockey Equipment deals. Here we have the top best Hockey equipment for you in our list.

Black Friday Hockey Equipment deals

Black Friday Hockey Equipment deals

Chavez is Duke your new camera [Music] right so guys here’s the deal I need you here pretty desperately okay so we asked our audience what gear I should get what gear they use they gave me a huge list but before we get to that I want you to see what I’m dealing with right now in your thoughts on it please be nice let’s go we go it sure does smell he’s got the the Euro pants and the velcro to put the absolute all right those are bad condition to the gloves columns are starting to get pretty beat-up [Music] got the shin guard they’re not too bad of shape stay with the elbow pads escape seemed to be replaced though got some miles on look like they’re about to fall apart this visor too pretty scratched up with the skates definitely need to stretch that’s it [Music] so tell me what we’re looking at so the first pair of skates I have now is the Bauer one axis yeah this is the new power 1x 2017 edition so it’s got the LS 4 sealed ear down here and then right here we actually have the square eyelets where actually if you can look closely yeah it’s different it’s actually one piece right here and there’s actually lace locks in so you actually look inside the skate you have the wear patches on the side that’s totally different now so no blisters now so this is the power supreme so this is actually a ignites Pro Plus this is exclusive for a model for our stores oh cool so long let’s try this one yeah let’s do it so again you know I’ve been using Supremes and what sounds like is when I got my old skates to this skate the model changed a lot so these are become a wider skate now yep yeah that might be why these might not fit like my old ones right they do well obviously companies go through changes with their skates and everything they sure provements and stuff like that so one of the tricky things they do is you know they might change their size in a little bit yeah this is why we always suggest coming in store and maybe not purchasing online yeah well like for example my old skates are 11.5 and these are what tens right $9.99 a half so like even the sizing has changed since the last time I bought skates so thank goodness I came in so what are these online that have skated three times too large from us face [Music] hey it’s good man thanks for having me by today yeah thanks for coming Brendan krisily takin care yeah I do there’s way more information on these things than the last time I got skates and I’ve been really helpful so it’s a good start ya know I’ve been pretty fortunate I didn’t have to ask a lot of questions you know that the companies just give me my skates and have the same ski for years so but no I’m glad I just opted by and like I said yeah they are manyö you could be around yeah I might touch base me a bit questions for it perfect absolutely right thanks buddy take care it’s price alright so next we have the CCM ft1 since that’s their new model kind of closer to the same fit about the vapors um they actually have the economy was it the lit frame yeah like 360 so uh unfortunately you don’t get the trigger on the bottom you do get the two screws you do get the Tigers like steel yeah who do you think makes it a steel I don’t see champ yeah let’s break it to be fine you know lot less replacement being young but you know the trade-off is they don’t have the triggers as fast amazing [Music] so next we have the rib force case again this is a exclusive to our stores um so this is actually called the max Pro so you still get that stiffer boot but last year’s rib course case they actually had the pump it took that alpha so to compensate for that they actually put the skull keel grip you can see just how narrow it is in there well it kind of replaces the bladder system they used to have in there it’s more of a memory foam techni t-shirt right sure that softens up through again through the baking really won’t form your foot that’s cool then they also removed the lace lock which I was actually very upset about because that was probably my favorite feature um you actually can buy it separately so and they actually get the called SP black steel cut it’s actually solid black they say they get mad when you say that he painted it they kind of put a coat on it so it actually helps you hold it so if I had to pick between two skates of trial right now based I want to know what would you guys pick what you said I would probably go with the to CTMS really just empowers it’s something that you feel right away yeah I would sorry Bauer you’re giving me the It’s Not You It’s Me routine we did pull some gloves to the side for you to try on awesome herbs are a little easier than skates it’s more of a comfort thing it’s more of a fit to something that you know we’re very easy to put on and you’ll know right away cool yes I just try Mahmut absolutely [Music] but I’ll tell you what I like the way those feel on the inside because it almost feel like a golf club right shot you know I mean there’s two sports to go together sometimes but I definitely wanna try those out outside to see them and I think that’s where the 1s is out – all right yeah believe you took a look at your helmet it’s a pretty good working condition for what you need and we hate to say something you wouldn’t need yeah so I think yeah we’d make a couple of Corrections on this and we’ll be alright cool the two things I would change is definitely this visor and then the definitely your chinstrap [Music] hey Bryce hey guys how’s it going great hopefully plays a little better this time whoa hey Koopmans good but not that good I’m not a miracle worker I’m a janitor you know I’m not sure I want to ask you you know we’ve done a lot of fitting today the guys were great but at the pro level this must be a totally different experience would you like to tell us a little bit about that throughout your career what’s change was the same what was what’s it like for a pro yeah well it’s uh I always say you know the equipment’s as good as how I play I’m playing good the equipment’s great and if I was having some bad games maybe size thickness thicker new skates or gloves but I think it was just really interesting throughout my career to see the evolution of equipment you know to go from you know wooden stick to you know to peas we had a shaft and the blade and that whole evolution and we didn’t have lies and we weren’t really even told about Flex it’s not like it was different yeah we did a batch of 30 40 sticks and you’d sit there and you’d flex each one of them Islands garbage well that one’s garbage you know not realizing that we were looking for a 95 organifi flex and feel so you know it’s a gold you know to have to go if their transition was actually pretty cool to see now we’re sticks are for example like you can get your line get your curve you know I had to torch my career bag stand on it gonna have to see the blonde and trying to find the line and your lumberjack yeah you know it’s kind of our craft you know from your point of view you know you’re part of these pro shops what’s really the most important thing to look for when you’re selecting equipment cuz I don’t think it’s just the newest flashiest most expensive equipment right no no you know I tell people it’s what do you feel comfortable in yeah yeah and because it’s just if you feel good you look good you play dirty yeah right so game is games you know although in it’s mental right and so if your son or daughter enjoys the way it’s thick looks or feels chances are that’s what they should be wearing I’m using the school of the NHL is just its above what I think people realize McDavid finest wicked offense so do you think that the equipment throughout the years has enhanced based on the skill or that the skill has grown because of the equipment I think I think it’s they’re together sure right I think as the skill of the player evolved we demanded better equipment yeah the game to evolve is a game right so I think it’s that’s what we’ve seen and and has more and more players really focus on their skill yeah they want the product to perform we’re all becoming more and more educated you say hey this isn’t a 95 flex I don’t feel it you know what I’ll get o not measure it yeah right so we’re playing even fresher on the manufacturers to make sure that they are producing the quality if they say they were producing yeah I challenge you to hit that camera [Applause] that’s it well I know I’m gonna look good with the new stuff hopefully I feel good and I don’t embarrass myself here yeah well we’ll work on the play a good part okay great so these so we pulled a couple sticks aside for you um basically for the curve that you wanted first we have the bower PM 9 this is the power 1s brand-new so it actually has the new technology that actually has some sort of resin in the blade but actually if cracks happen or something that will actually feel fills it it I’ve heard about that next we actually have the power 1 X 6 like the low kick point stick yeah so I said the difference is just the kick point it’s basically the kick point yep awesome with the vapor it’s kind of those in tight quick release gods that is a PM snappers it yep X’s oh yeah mines microwave we got CCM super tax 2.0 yeah we get a lot of question for this one yep brand-new just came out McKinnon yeah 45 so I know the blades close it’s a little thicker than the powerplay yes yes so what they actually did is the CCM have problems with their tax to Dick’s last year with they’re really he’s breaking you know they actually did it they made they kind of cut weight from different parts of a stick and they made their blades stronger that’s the HP are just like the gloves that we showed you interesting so they’re new stick they they’re big changes here was that they’re able to move the balance point of the stick which uses a much lighter feel yeah I can feel like I also to like I usually use a grip stick this has got a really interesting texture on it Ivan kind of felt before it’s not only grip but it is right yeah yeah it’s a good little texture and the other nice thing about moving that balance point up is it gives you the light feel without sacrificing any they’re about yeah stick several personal things so like it’s whether you got a try and right to know yeah like I can’t wait to put these on the ice back for this Haley but yeah we need your support out so I’m gonna take all the stuff out offensive pants we appreciate you coming out ya know I used to say this for me absolutely use awesome any winter generator don’t make it to go look at that one look at that hockey achievements apparel kind of get some [Music] helmet visor got new gloves got a new stick got new skates and a little bit of practice time which was great but we really need to try these out with full equipment so we’re gonna head over to another rink right now we got some ice time and a special guest waiting for us front of the program see you soon come on okay so I got all my new beer picked I’m gonna try to pull gear now on the ice I got a couple friends with me please help me make sure I got the best decisions possible so let’s just see how this goes okay let’s have some fun [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right I had an awesome time today both on the ice and with the guys over at X hockey products my choices for equipment were picked with comfort in mind first and that has definitely transferred to performance just like Bretton Chris said but that said let’s review what I got first I want to give the warbirds a United States Air Force ice hockey team in England a shoutout for sending the jerseys that John and I wore today we think about the Armed Forces daily thanks for your service okay on to the equipment I ditched my fog visor for a new CCM one I literally forgot what it was like to see for one that isn’t destroyed for gloves I went with the STX stallion HP ours I love the golf like feel to the fingers and the super fabric palms will reduce the wear and tear for my stick it only took me a few minutes before I felt comfortable with them on the ice and most importantly my gloves now matched so that should keep the tripperz at bay for a bit after using a bauer nexus brand for the past few years I decided to switch within the brand and give the vapor sticks to try it’s a slightly different feel than I’m used to so time will tell if I can adapt the biggest change by far I’m making with my gear is my skates I’m switching from Bauer to CCM with the custom rib core max pro skates exclusive 2x Aki products these are by far the most comfortable skates I tried on and it really didn’t take long once I was on the ice for them to feel like I’ve been using them for a while I can’t take Chris Brent and Bryce at X Aki product enough for the knowledge in time today I can’t wait to fully break this stuff in over the next few weeks thanks for taking the trip with me today some good luck this season let’s go [Music]

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