In this post, we introduce the best Grills Black Friday deals. Here we have the top best Gas Grills for you in our list.

Grills Black Friday deals

Grills Black Friday deals

I the grilling season is coming soon and gas grills are the fastest and most convenient way to barbecue however when it’s time to choose the right gas grill there are many things to consider and finding the right one for you can be quite a challenge well no worries in this video we will present you the top 5 best gas grills on the market today so if you’re interested in what gas grill will work best for you stay tuned [Music] hi everyone I’m Ben and this is review tube we do all kinds of videos like this for all kinds of different products all aimed at providing you the selection of the best products making your decision easier if this is your first time in this channel and you’re looking for more information and details about specific products then start now by clicking on the subscribe button so you don’t miss anything all the links about the products mentioned in this review will be in the description section below this video so if you want to find the links where you can find these products at the best prices and more information click show more if you are on your PC or the down-arrow if you’re on your phone now let’s get into the video first on our list as Best Overall we have the weber genesis 2e 310 weber makes some of the best gas grills on the market it’s long lasting grills are known for their reliability and quality and the weber genesis 2e 310 is no exception this stainless steel grill combines the quality construction weber is known for with the convenience of a wide grilling area excellent heat retention and even cooking to give you a superior grilling experience the most important aspect of any gas grill is its ability to produce and retain heat if the grill produces high temperatures but can’t maintain them consistently you have to keep the flames burning on high which usually results in the outside of your meat cooking too long and drying out fortunately the weber genesis – III tends heat consistency alleviates this potential problem the weber genesis – III 10 has three stainless steel primary burners that cook evenly and efficiently with a total of thirty 7500 BTU of heat the grill takes around eight minutes to reach a preheat temperature of 500 degrees but because of its construction it maintains a high temperature using less fuel than other grills the primary grilling area of the genesis 2 e 310 consists of two porcelain coated cast iron grates with a total 513 square inches of grilling space there’s enough room to place about 24 uncooked 4 inch hamburger patties side by side this stainless steel grill is sturdily built with a thick gauge steel used in the firebox the hood is covered with porcelain which boosts the grills heat retention the e 310 does feel flimsy at all the side shelves are sturdy and there are three accessory hooks on each side for your grilling tools by the way if you think about another product you would like us to review go ahead and put it in the comments down below and we’ll make it happen next on the list is best value we have the Charbroil for burnished stainless steel gas grill the Charbroil advantage stainless four burner is one of the shiniest gas grills on the showroom floor of stores worldwide and is built to stand out and look great while it sits indoors with a large stainless steel construction and a fairly inexpensive price for the size there are many benefits to this gas grill the electronic igniter lights all the burners effortlessly and the grill heats quickly it reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit in an impressive under three minutes the trade-off is somewhat uneven cooking it tends to overheat in the middle of the grilling area and cooks less effectively on the sides this is a big barbecue grill with plenty of cooking space you can fit up to 24 burgers at once on the 480 square inch main cooking area there is also a spacious side burner for frying up side dishes for a large group the warming tray holds up to 10 patties this is a great place to set side dishes like corn on the cob or asparagus as your meat cooks it also has a side table with plenty of space for salads condiments and your cooking tools overall this Charbroil 4 burner is a spacious grill with stainless steel grates that do an average job of locking in heat however like other fast heating grills we tested it doesn’t retain heat as well or cook quite as evenly as some of the top rated gas grills that require a little more patience nonetheless this is a nice affordable grill with plenty of cooking space that effectively cooks all types of meat for large crowds next on the list is best portable we chose the Weber Q 2200 grill in the line of truly portable grills that you can fold up and carry away this is about as big as you can get with 280 square inches of grilling space you should be able to do a lot with this unit the hood gives enough space to grill a whole chicken or large roast so it’s as versatile as a single burner can be the shell is cast aluminum and the cooking grates are actually heavy porcelain coated cast-iron this holds the heat and makes it better than most portable gas grill which tend to be underpowered weber is famed for its even cooking and the q 2200 delivers well on that for the most part there are a few hot spots here and there but nothing too serious the grill heats up nice and quickly has no trouble reaching 550 degrees and it holds the temperature well if you don’t open and close the lid too often the Q isn’t as powerful as a standard gas grill but it is certainly worth looking at in the portable category add in the optional griddle section and this adds even more versatility and not just for cooking pancakes the griddle can be used as a searing plate as well all in all if you’re willing to pay for this portable and don’t need it to be very portable this is a good choice at 42 pounds it is pretty heavy add fuel tools and food and you won’t want to take this very far but if you want to grill over gas a unit that fits in most car trunks then this is a great choice we would love to hear which one of these amazing gas grills you’d like to get put that in the chat box below and let’s see what the majority of the viewers liked the most next is best high end we chose Weber’s Genesis – LX s 440 the stainless steel weber genesis – LX s 440 features four stainless steel high burners with high heat settings that produce 52,000 BTUs of power and a 12,000 BTU side burner the genesis 2 LX s series gas grill come fully equipped with seven millimeter stainless steel cooking grates stainless steel flavor riser bars and stainless steel heat deflectors to effectively hold and distribute heat evenly over the 646 square inches of cooking grates the tuck away elevations compatible warming rack provides an additional 198 square inches for a generous 844 square inches of total cooking area the genesis 2 LX grills come equipped with a grease management system that makes cleaning up as easy as possible the stainless steel hood has a center mounted thermometer to monitor cooking temperatures and has painted cast aluminum s the Genesis to Alex s series grills RI grill 3 ready have lighted control knobs a handle light and features an LED fuel gauge on propane gas models the welded tube frame with enclosed cab includes two shelves inside the cabinet for storage and two side shelves providing much-needed prep space and two heavy-duty locking casters and two large wheels the grill is mostly preassembled allowing you to start grilling right away the propane tank is stored to the side freeing up the shelf space under the grill and has a tank shield that keeps the tank out of view three convenient built-in tools hooks keep your BBQ tools nearby to finish our list we have the bestseller black stone thirty-six inch gas grill griddle station among other choices available out there the black stone 36 inch propane gas grill can be a good solution for you who need a piece of cooking equipment for backyard cooking with family and friends currently being sold for less than 300 dollars the price is very reasonable for what it provides before anything else the griddle has a 36 inch by 21 inch 756 square inches cooking surface allowing you to cook for a bunch of people definitely it is a good size to handle a party or an outdoor event many reviewers have been pleased with its versatility unlike the 28 inch model this one comes equipped with four independently controlled burners meaning it provides for cooking zones just like a regular stove you can turn one on or all of the burners allowing you to cook small or cook big the top is made of thick cold rolled steel for good heat retention the griddle top is removable making it very easy to clean all in all the 36 inch black stone cooking station is a solid versatile piece of cooking equipment with a flat top surface this probably is not the model for you who want burned real barbecue tastes that said if you love to cook outside then this product is worth considering the price is agreeable to the majority from all these products about 80% of the people have chosen the blackstone grill and bought it from amazon and we have put a link to that product in the description below so you can check it out that would be all for this video thanks for watching and hope you liked it and if you did please go ahead and give us a like if you’re new to the channel and you like it please consider to subscribe we also do all kinds of videos like this for all kinds of different products all aimed at providing you the selection of the best products making your decision easier please let us know which of the products from this selection you liked and why also if we missed a product that you think is missing in this list or you would like for us to make a review of some other products put it in the comment section below as always all the links about the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below so if you want to find the best prices and more information that we might not get a chance to mention in the video be sure to check them out

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