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graco car seat black friday deals 2019

Graco Car Seat Black Friday Deals 2019

hey there i’m lisa from baby list here today to talk with you about these three fabulous infant car seats the SnugRide snug lock 35 the SnugRide snug lock 35 X T and the SnugRide snug lock 35 elite well checking out baby Garrett you probably come across the name Grieco Grieco is a much loved and trusted baby company and they’re super popular on baby less registries – one of the coolest things about Graco is they have a variety of different product options and models to just cater to all different types of families and if you’re wondering why are there so many SnugRide snug lock infant car seat options don’t worry I will show you the similarities and differences similarities first snow ride refers to the overarching genre of Graco’s infant car seats because there are quite a few these SnugRide is Graco’s rear-facing infant car seat designed to help properly fit your baby’s starting at 4 pounds fun fact pretty much all of Graco’s infant car seats have snug ride at the start of the title the snuggle part of the title nails another similarity that these three infant car seats share it refers to the snug lock technology which is a three step hassle-free installation using your vehicle’s seat belt or latch one two three this helps provide a secure install through a simple push now that’s the sound of a secure install you also have a handy level indicator here to eliminate any installation guesswork the convenience of the snug lock technology is really what sets these three infant car seats apart from other great go infant car seats keep an eye out specifically for this snug lock in the title to snag this snazzy install feature on to the next fit 35 all three of these SnugRide snug lock 35 infant car seats supports inference from four pounds all the way up to 35 pounds and 32 inches pretty straightforward right I mentioned this because other car seats might say 30 or 40 before we dive into what’s it after the 35 in each of these titles here are a few more similarities safety all three of these infant car seats and all of Graco’s other infant car seats meet and exceed the US safety standards the size of the seats are lined with energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy and management but safety standards mean nothing without a secure install so each of these three car seats also features a unique four position reclined right on the car seat base this makes installation so much easier this handy feature makes it so you don’t have to have foam or a towel rolled up or something underneath the car seat base to ensure that it’s a proper fit in your car one last install note not only are all three of these Graco infant car seats easy to install in the car but they also connect to all of Graco’s click connect strollers and faces because each of them has that one step clip connect technology so keep an eye out for click connect when looking for adaptable strollers and bases now let’s talk differences shall we first here’s a price break down these snug fried snug lock 35 typically retails for around 159 while the 35 X T is about 179 and then v35 elite is around 219 as you can imagine there are added features that up the quality of the seat at each new price bracket but one thing to note is as you add on more features sometimes you also add some additional weight without the base the 35 and the 35 xt weigh in and then light weight seven and a half pounds meanwhile the 35 elite over here is about nine point six the 35 elite base is a little bit heavier too because it’s the DLX snug log base the 35 and 135 xt have just standard snug log base there’s a couple of differences and I know some parents opt to have multiple bases so I’ll show you the differences each of these three seats are latch equipped which means they have hooks that will connect to the lower anchors that are salt in your vehicle you can use latch to install your car seat base instead of the seat belts if you like the 35 elite features an upgrade here with the DLX snug lock base because it has great goes in right lap system which allows for a 1 second latch attachment the latch connectors on the 35 and 35 xt with the standard snug lock base are just hooks which are not as easy to work with but they still provide a secure install quick note about latch cars manufactured before 2002 may not have the latch connectors built in be sure to always check your vehicles owner manual before installing a car seat just for usage instructions oh and for the car seat manual that’s obviously included with all three of these infant car seats there is a handy storage compartment right there on the base to help store that and the latch connectors now let’s move on to the harness covers and head and body support because there are some notable differences there starting with a 35 we’ve got a standard five-point harness and we’ve got a little bit of cushion happening on the harness covers the head and body support is a little firm but it’s still nice to have moving over to the 35 xt we still have a standard five-point harness but the cushion in the harness covers and on the head and body support get an upgrade in both comfort and material quality you also have some added customizability and that the head and body support are in two different pieces scooting over to 30 finally there are some noticeable differences here to first the 35 elite features the simply safe adjust harness system which adjusts easily with just one hand so you can move the harness and the headrest together neither the 35 or the 35 xt have this capability the fabric on the 35 elite is also much softer all around and the head and body support is much more cushy can you tell I care about cosiness here’s a look at all three of the cushions side-by-side to give you a clearer depiction and did I mention that all three of these car seats have machine washable covers and canopies the 35 melete fill has a rapid remove cover which makes taking off the fabric which might need to happen much easier let’s check out these canopies the snug snug lock 35 features a rotating canopy the 35 xt as they can be thiser a window and an ID boost of sturdiness and ease of maneuverability the 35 elite steps it up a bit more by making the visor more firm and note it swaps out that window for an expandable mesh canopy you may have noticed though that the 35 xt has an oh so handy addition and all-weather boots this survives comfort for maybe not on what temperature it is last stand out the 35 elite its featured on the DLF snug lock base that it comes with it has a safety core energy absorption zone that absorbs crash forces and the event of a frontal crash by evenly distributing all of that energy with the additional cushion there’s added pounds to the base itself but also an added level of safety yay new perry buckles guy safety let’s recap all-in-all each of these three SnugRide snug lock 35 infant car seats is this solid option because they each pass the same safety standards they each feature the awesomely convenient snug lock tech and they all can support your baby all the way up to 35 pounds the 35 is the light weight champion the 35 xt wins on the weather front and has a nice boost inconveniences and quality and the 35 elite is impressive with its upgrades all around including the in right latch simply safe adjust harness system and safety core energy absorption zone I hope this helps simplify all of the differences between a few of the popular Graco SnugRide snug lock 35 and fin cards check out the caption because we have a comparison chart there that breaks down all of the differences that I’ve just shown you here you can also check out Greco baby comm for more information and Baby Lips comm because we’ve got some super helpful infant carseat guide thank you so much for tuning in and if you have any questions please feel free to leave them down in the comments happy registering

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