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Golf Black Friday deals

Golf Black Friday deals

hi guys Neil Tappan here from golf month E and welcome to this video in which we’re taking a look at the 8 biggest equipment mistakes that golfers make now if you’re kidding yourself out with golf clubs from driver through to putter there are a whole host of pitfalls and mistakes that you can make that you really need to avoid if you want to get it right and in this video we wanted to highlight what some of those mistakes were and to army with the best knowledge possible to make sure that you end up with the right 14 clubs for your golf game guys if you’re new to the golf monthly Channel please do hit the subscribe button to make sure you don’t miss any of our videos if you like what you’re watching give us a like but let’s start with the 8 biggest equipment mistakes starting with fairway woods there’s no two ways about it fairway woods are probably the hardest golf clubs in the bag to get right you need to be able to use them off the tee but you also need to be able to use them off the deck and you know it’s a long shaft it’s a relatively small head with the ball sitting on the ground it’s it can be hard to strike your fairway woods consistently well and that’s why I players often struggle to find fairway woods that they really like you’ll have to find out on tour that if a player finds fairway woods and they really get on with they are the last golf clubs to change they might change driver but they might not change fairway woods in a hurry now the question I have for you is if you put your 3-wood in your hands and you had a shot of around about 200 yards into a long par-4 it was off a tight lie and there was some trouble up by the green would you feel confident pulling that 3-wood and using it if the answer to that question is no then there’s every chance that your fairway woods might just be another piece of bag furniture so they look pretty in the bag but they never actually come out to play now that’s a mistake that you really need to rectify my advice would be think about adding some loft to your fairway woods it’s something that I did in my game I added loft to my 3-wood it pays now more like probably more like a 5 win actually so it doesn’t go quite so far and there is a bit of a gap between my first fairway wood and my driver however it’s a golf club that I feel really comfortable using I don’t have to swing it quite so hard to get the ball up and away and if you are somebody struggles with your fairway woods it’s something worth considering beyond that what you should def we do is speak to your local PGA professional go for a fitting but do so telling the fitter you really struggle with your fairway words and you want something that you can rely on and that you can hit consistently if you get it right it’s one of those mistakes you’ll probably never make again [Music] now the next one on the list to talk about relates these things your grips now I don’t want to sound like your dad but your grips are your only point of contact with the golf club and if your grips become worn or they become slippery then your grip tension will automatically become tight and that’s a problem because you want your forearms you want your grip pressure to be as light as possible so that your arms effectively swing like with complete freedom and fluidity through the golf swing as soon as your grip pressure tightens you lose that fluidity and actually you’ll lose power as a result now a couple of things to look out for this is an old grip that I’ve had in the bag for one you can see starting to get a little bit worn here it’s also lost a bit of its tackiness this will have to change see now if it didn’t have this worn bit if it was just a little bit slippery I’d give this a good wash and a good scrub and I might be able to get a bit more performance out of it so that’s worth doing if your grips are feeling a little bit old give them a clean first if having given them a clean it’s still not right then change them get some new clips on the golf clubs and it will make your golf clubs feel like new ok so it probably comes as no surprise to hear that in 2019 drivers are getting more expensive it’s something that we’ve noticed as a recent trend the driver I’ve got my hands here this is the TaylorMade m5 this has a recommended retail price of take a deep breath 499 pounds it’s the same with Titleist it’s the same with Callaway it’s a significant investment in your game and even just one look at the sole of the driver does reveal to you the different options that are available to you and there’s a lot of engineering that’s gone into these clubs so they do come with a fairly hefty price tag and again looking at that engineering it really makes in my mind no sense to buy one of these new generation drivers without going through a full and thorough custom fitting and that means hitting shots on a launch monitor to buy one of these without going through that process is a dangerous business and you might walk away with something that you paid a lot of money for that isn’t quite right for your game now when you go through that process of fitting for a new driver also it’s important that your fitter understands the sort of shots you want to hear on the golf course if the shop that you like to hit when you’re under pressure is a little cut you need to be able to hit that there’s no point walking away with the driver that doesn’t allow you to hit the most important shot you ever need to hit so make sure that your fitter knows that if you’re going through the process now the last thing I’ll say is that if you are interested in a new driver you might think that in order to save a few quid you go for a previous generation driver it will certainly save you money just be slightly warned that the availability on the component parts might not be the same as the first time around so you might not have as many head options to choose from or shaft options and you might not be able to go for a fitting it depends if you search out for it you might well be able to find you are able to tick all of those boxes if you’re not you might have to go with one of the new generation drivers which are more expensive and if you do that make sure you go for a full and thorough custom fitting [Music] okay so the next point on the list and it relates to the point before is do not go for a driver that doesn’t spin enough okay be warned spin is your friend even with the driver there can be a temptation during a fitting to fit yourself or to get fitted for your very best swing your fastest swing the swing that delivers the best launch conditions and that means often a low spin setup but a low spin setup might not be quite right for your average to below average shots and you need a driver that’s going to perform on every single swing that you make so a setup like this with the weights really a long way forward this really is for the very fastest things in the world those people that are able to middle the the driver every single time for most of us you’ll need something with the weight further back in the head to give you as much forgiveness as possible to keep those spin numbers up because I said at the start don’t forget spin is your friend [Music] okay so there is obviously a very big difference between these two putters obviously one two blade and once a mallet but there’s much more to it than that one of these putters is designed for players with a straight back and through stroke the other one is designed for players with an arc to their stroke and the way that you can tell is by balancing them on your finger so you let go of the sharp shaft you find the balance point you let go of the shaft and you find the point at which the club just balances nicely and you’ll notice the ping in my right hand has more of a toe hang to it than the Scotty Cameron in my left hand which means that the ping is designed for players with an arc and the Scotty Cameron is designed for those players with a straight back and through stroke it’s really important that you marry up your putter with your stroke that’s how you find consistency on the green there really is no excuse for having having a mismatch in that regard you because you can find mallets that are designed for players with an arc and you can find bladed putters for those with straight back and through strokes do a little bit of homework speak to your pro make sure that you marry up your stroke with your putter and you may just hold a few more putts [Music] okay so the next on my list relates to these guys your wedges and in particular the grind of your wedges now when we talk about grinds what we’re really talking about is the sole design and when it comes to wedges the sole design really is a key factor it’s a key factor in determining how good you are at striking the ball around the Greens now you might not think it will make a huge difference but I can say from my experience it really does and that’s why when you look at the manufacturers like tight lists like Bob Voki they offer so many different grind options in their wedges because they know that every golfer out there has a slightly different technique my technique will be different to yours and therefore you will need a slightly different wedge setup so the one that I’ve gone for now I appreciate that not everybody watching this will want to go for a wedge fitting we would advise that you do it can be really incredibly helpful but if you don’t want to go for a wedge fitting instead go into the pro shop and ask to take out a few different wedges but to take out wedges with different grinds you will notice that one wedge will just seem to click with your technique a little bit better than the others and that’s the one to go for because that’s the wedge that gets through the turf a little bit better when you chip and that’s the wedge that will get through the sand a little bit better when you hit bunker shots it can make a big difference to your game so in 2019 make sure that if you are buying new wedges find the right grind for your game and it could make a huge difference [Music] is that what the face of your wedge looks like if so clean it don’t be lazy clean the face of your wedge otherwise you will be throwing away really important spin control [Music] okay so that brings me on to number one on my list and this relates to iron lofts and it’s something that everyone out there will need to consider you’ll either need to consider it today or in the near future whenever you come to upgrading your irons now it’d probably come as no surprise to you to hear that manufacturers are making the loss of their irons stronger and stronger and stronger in modern-day iron sets and so what was a seven iron in years gone by is no longer a seven iron in terms of its loft that’s been cranked so it’s flying a little bit further now the manufacturers are able to do that because they’re able to build more launch into their IDEs and the ball still flies like a 7-iron it’s just going further now just to give you an idea in TaylorMade’s iron range you’ve got two different models so you’ve got the p 730 which is a very traditional sort of almost like a blade that you’ll find out on tour and the m6 which sits at the other end of the spectrum really forgiving really long the five iron in the P 730 comes in with a loft of 27 degrees and the five iron in the m6 comes in with a loft of 21 degrees now that will mean that the m6 plays an awful lot longer than the P 730 that’s fine not a problem however there will come a point in every amethyst set where you start getting diminishing returns in terms of distance so with that loft getting lower and lower lower the further you got at the bag you might well reach a point where your four iron doesn’t go as far as your five iron and this is where you’ll need to switch up and either think about putting up a hybrid into play or a different kind of iron at the top end of the bag that is going to give you that distance gap that you really need it’s something that you’ll need to consider and it’s what well worth thinking about as you go through a fitting so these iron sets they don’t come cheap if you are going to get to get them go through a proper custom fitting and part of that fitting process should be to think about the gapping at the top end of the set it might well be that you don’t need to carry a four iron or a five iron or even a six iron and instead you have hybrids instead that will help you bridge that gap to your fairway woods failure to do so may well end up in having two irons and the top end of the bag that go exactly the same distance guys they have it that’s our eighth biggest equipment mistakes I hope that you’ve enjoyed that video please do hit the like button if you have please also leave comments below is there anything that we’ve missed out is there anything that you’d like clarification on leave comments or questions below we’ll get back to as many of you as we possibly can but for now from West Hill is goodbye [Music]

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