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In this post, we introduce the best Golf Shoes Black Friday deals. Here we have the top 5 best Golf shoes for you in our list.

Golf Shoes Black Friday deals

Golf Shoes Black Friday deals

so the new golf season is almost here so it’s time to check out five of our favorite shoes for 2019 [Music] Kevin paper here for Gaucher comm we’re down at Holly Hall Golf Club in Leeds today and as I said we’re checking out five of our favourite golf shoes for the 2019 season now if you are new to the channel and this is your first time make sure you click down the bottom there subscribe to us and you’ll get notified of all the new content that we upload whether that’s new products course blogs or tuition everything you could possibly need golf-related will be on this channel so let’s get into these shoes starting with a speed three from Under Armour [Music] so the speed three is the third in the Spieth series from Under Armor and I think they’ve really done a good job of improving every single time they’ve released this shoe I Wallis Feith one and I also Wallace b2 and speed three is really for me delivered the best yet so John Spieth has had a big part to play in the design of these shoes which you would expect because he’s put his name to them so basically Jordan went to the guys at Under Armour and said that he wanted them to design a shoe that was much lighter and a much more sporty shoe something that was similar to the kind of shoe he would wear when he’s doing his gym training because he said that a lot of the training he would do was replicate in a golf swing so he wanted that same stability but he wanted the lightness and the trainer like quality within that shoe and I actually think they’ve really delivered with the speed three now as you can see they’ve got the same rotational resistance spike setup that they had on Spieth 1 and Spieth 2 which gives you some amazing stability when you’re hitting your goal shots and through the golf swing which was something that Jordan really wanted to continue with this range now on the upper of the shoe it’s got this woven fabric which i think was a really clever way of making this shoe lighter now what underarms have dunk with his material is is they’ve made this 100 percent waterproof but also breathable so John was very keen to have a shoe that when he was on the golf course if it rained he didn’t get wet but equally his feet didn’t get hot and sweaty so although my shoes were able to evaporate from the shoe with no problems at all now the only thing to consider with the speed 3 is it is quite a narrow fitting shoe so it won’t suit everyone but for me fits perfectly now John Spieth absolutely loves these shoes and I have to say I think Under Armour have done a brilliant job with these they are so much better than Spieth 1 and 2 and definitely want to consider for the 2019 season [Music] okay so echo I love their shoes and I love the ethos behind how they go about making the shoes how they try and use nature to create what they create and the quality of the craftsmanship is second to none and with the biome g3 they’ve really delivered on all counts for me now the yuppies are manufactured and made from their own yak leather from their own tanneries so the quality of this stuff is unbelievable and it also has gore-tex meaning that this is not just the shoe for the summer season this is something you could wear right through in the worst conditions in winter now we’re Co are really famous for their hybrid shoes but what they’ve done with this one is it’s actually Speights version so it does offer a lot more grip and a lot more traction throughout the golf swing but they still have a lot of the elements from the hybrid shoe as well so this really does offer you some superb grip out on the golf course and this shoe also has an awful light foam inlay sole which she can take out if you want to have a wider fitting shoe but equally you can take it out and give it a good wash what it does do is provides you with amazing comfort and I think echoes some of the most comfortable shoes out there on the market now the only sticking point with the echo shoe is the price point it is returned around 220 so is the top end of the shoe market however you are getting superb craftsmanship and build quality with these shoe so if you do have that kind of budget for a new pair of golf shoes this season it’s definitely worth checking out these for Mecca [Music] okay so next up the Puma ignite NXT spikeless so what Puma say they have done with issues they have built it from the ground up they have made a super super comfortable golf shoe now what I love about the shoe is it’s super lightweight but what they’ve done really cleverly is they’ve not compromised on any of the stability to deliver that really sporty shoe so whilst we wanted to design a super comfortable shoe traction was also a big deal and what they’ve done with this is they’ve got this organically altered traction pattern on the bottom now previous models had 39 of these hexagonal lugs on the bottom and now they’ve got over a hundred giving you some great stability and traction on the golf course it has this strong lightweight power frame around the shoe that just gives you some really good supports around the shoe when you’re fastened in and makes it feel dead secure and I love this flying it mesh fabric that’s on the top that just makes it look like a trainer it makes it look like a super sporty shoe but it is still waterproof fabric so with the Ignite NXT not only a puma delivering superb comfort and stability whilst you’re playing golf for me what I love about these shoes is it’s the kind of shoe that you can just wear all the time you don’t just need to wear it when you get to the golf course you wear it before you play golf you can wear it to do the shopping you can wear it after golf in the bar you don’t need to change your shoes so as far as some ergo shoes go I think people have really nailed it with the Ignite NXT [Music] now next up is the FootJoy fury now we first saw the shoe back in January and we’re out at the PGA Show in Arlanda and straight away I was massively impressed by the look of this golf shoe when FootJoy set out designing this shoe they wanted to make the most comfortable Speight golf shoe on the market and I have to say I think what I’ve really delivered with the fury now for joy synonymous with making to level performance golf shoes but they’ve not always been great at making them super comfortable with the fury they’ve definitely nailed that now for July said they built the shoe from the inside out and what they started with was this true fit system which is basically like an inner sleeve that rolls around the tongue that your foot slides into giving it a really snug and secure fit when you’re out there playing golf it’s got TPU outsole it obviously is a spike shoe but the technology on the bottom of the shoe really does give you immense grip and stability throughout the shoe that’s a full grain leather upper but it also has this engineered mesh across the top which does give it a really athletic look it looks like a trainer it also has this authorites insole as well as padding around the back of the foot which really locks the foot in securely when you’re out there playing golf now I think this is the most comfortable golf shoe that FootJoy have ever made and I can see why so many guys on tour or wearing it it’s definitely one for you guys to try okay now last up the adidas Tour 360 spikeless so I first got sent these shoes in January and I actually took them out to all under for the PGA Show with me and I wore them for the whole time I was there and I have to say I’m a little bit in love with these shoes now with the Tour 360 added us really wants to make a tour level spikeless shoe and have they delivered by the bucketload now firstly let’s talk about the comfort now as I said I wore these for three days walking around the PGA show doing over 20,000 steps a day and then I played two rounds of golf in them as well and I have to the comfort is amazing now as well as the full-length boost that we’ve seen before from added our shoes it also has a new insight sock liner which just improves stability and balance as it cooks your heel and just makes you feel snug as a bug in a rug now underneath is the extortion system which as you can see features an X shape which can actually heal any four foot and that just gives you some superb stability when playing golf and what that cleverly done is on the sole of the shoe you can see these X shaped looks then they vary in size and they vary in height which just helps you when you’re on the golf course it gives you more traction it gives you more stability and helps you keep a firm footing throughout the golf swing so did they meet their objective of delivering the highest performing spikeless shoe on the market I have to say I think they have and this is the shoe I’m probably going to be wearing this season so there we go that’s five of our favorite golf shoes for the 2019 season so remember guys comment below let us know what are you going to be wearing this season what’s your shoe of choice for 2019 is it any of these from this video or have you tried any of these all of you even are you wearing them already comment below and let us know as always thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed the video make sure you give us a like and we will chat to you again very soon

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