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In this post, we introduce the best Black Friday Deals on gold necklaces. Here we have the top best Gold necklaces for you in our list.

Black Friday Deals on gold necklaces

Black Friday Deals on gold necklaces

what is going on everyone that’s brain with your code you find jewelry your personal jeweler today we’re gonna look at this gold baby eight millimeter got the box chains I got the flat curves and I got a little some on that wrist with the Juke og hat we’re reviewing the gold shot GLD shot now I love doing these videos for some reason I order the product I get them and this is not sponsored but a lot of you guys have questions people ask me why I would do the review other companies competitors jewelry and the simple answer is because you guys requested you have questions now I’m not worried about the competition I stay in my lane like levar ball told me to so but it’s good because buying jewelry from the internet is kind of a scary thing or buying anything from the internet is a scary thing and it’s my job to help with that with jewelry the best I can now not everyone wants to spend thousands of dollars on the solid gold jewelry they want more accessory pieces or they want to start off with something plated just to get this sizing so I like that we’ll try these different companies out and see what they’re all about so with all that being said let’s get started don’t forget to follow me on instagram @ to code you find jewelry visit my website it I love FedEx and I love the fact that they ship this via FedEx even though it’s a plated chain that’s pretty good and press in my opinion and I love this crispy white box with of that baby and inside or I could tell the packaging is going to be nice look at that it’s wrapped in some tissue paper that’s custom we love custom don’t we I almost feel like I’m opening up like a the pawn wallet or something or it’s my birthday I’ll take my birthday for that really con stretch look at this the box the gold on it has a nice gold foil to it let’s see I’m probably gonna have to cut this and open this up and then they got some stuff in there we’ll go over that so I opened up the box cuz I can’t do both and now I got this nice little card here stamp now I’m kind of depressed I need my packaging to be this nice cheese these guys are on top of it now let’s see what is in here again another gold they got their logo everywhere no matter no wonder why everyone knows about them okay so here’s basically their authenticity and lifetime guarantee you guys could pause that and read that I know what that’s all about we covered that which is good let’s get this out here I can do this don’t worry price skip like 5 seconds and then we’ll be at the actual chain here we go and then again the the branding on the front now I got the actual chain and this is kind of how I ship my chains in a plastic baggie and then I put them in I used like the velvet pouches I don’t really like leather that much hold on for a second as I get this out okay now we have ourselves our two and a half two and a half millimeter Miami Cuban link and this is plated obviously I wasn’t gonna buy the real thing because I have the real thing now on the clasp there went focus is in it has their stamp on there and again it’s just a simple two and a half millimeter Miami Cuban link now all this stuff just filling this and looking at it guys honestly and this is where why you guys pay me the big bucks to do this review I’m not very impressed with the product itself I love all this trust me it’s exciting but this is just very it’s very light very flimsy I feel like I could break it just pulling it apart I mean this thing was this box and this thing was tighter than these links are so that’s the problem with these type of purchases you just it does not look real all it does not feel real at all I don’t know why anyone would want something this light something this kind of flimsy around their neck because even though it is fake it just to me is is definitely it definitely is fake there’s nothing close to it at all all right let’s weigh this little chain out just for kicks and giggles I don’t you know what that’s for eight grams again guys the coloring on it it’s just not it’s not realistic it doesn’t look 18 I guess you could say it kind of looks like 24 carat but in my opinion it really doesn’t and it’s always harder to tell sizing and coloring on video than in real life but honestly this looks like like a bad spray tan like you know that orange color this is what this is the orange Brown so I don’t know what the lifetime warranty is about in case you know the the spray tan goes away and you need a new one I don’t know what what’s gonna go wrong with this chain the coloring is already bad to begin with so I mean I don’t know I’m not too impressed honestly with the actual chain itself like I said I love the packaging everything’s done right but that kind of makes me weary when I start seeing really good packaging because then the chains you know they should have spent the money on the actual product instead of just trying to get their brand out there that’s my opinion and for everyone that wants to know is it a good fake piece here is my 14 karat gold might the 8 millimeter rope the 10 millimeter Miami Cuban link bracelet and then there’s the gold shop so just look at the coloring difference and again this actually makes it look okay because certain chains from different countries can look a little different it’s all about how they’re casted manufacturing the finish but this right here it’s just like a burnt orange color doesn’t look good at all I prefer you know the real gold color this is 14 even though it’s on the lighter side you can go a little darker at the 18 or the 22 and of course 24 to all my people overseas but this just does not look like the real thing at all screenshot this I’m wearing an actual gold plated chain well I bought it I paid like 55 plus I think it was six dollars shipping so I get my money’s worth got wear it for one segment out of this video just to show you guys kind of two and a half this is a 24 inch length yeah it feels like a 24 inch so yeah overall not impressed I was really impressed with the branding all the stuff that came the bells and whistles its to try to distract you from a subpar fake piece of jewelry as far as delivering everything everything was perfect email confirmation they got to me in like three days everything was great I really wanted this one to be a little bit better than what’s the other one gold God’s trained but they’re basically kind of the same quality I’ll do a comparison video with the gold shop and the gold gods and see which one’s better but all in all everything was great except the actual chain itself that’s why I recommend for you guys out there save up when you’re ready shop around and buy the real thing because you know my necks already itching I’m getting green it’s just not a good feeling wearing just really bad quality and just knockoff pieces because that’s all they are there’s nothing special to them shop koji so that’s pretty much it guys it was good but the product was bad I’ll make a comparison leave a comment down below the next company you want me to review and I’ll make it happen thank you for watching and we will see you in our next jewelry video

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