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In this post, we introduce the best Garmin Watches Black Friday deals. Here we have the top best Garmin Watrches for you in our list.

Garmin Watches Black Friday deals

Garmin Watches Black Friday deals

what’s up guys I’m Jeff Rizzo from rizz know calm and today finally finally we have our Garmin Phoenix 5 full review now we also did a review of the Phoenix 5f the link to that is here on the screen and I’ll be posting a video sometime shortly here on the Phoenix 5x so make sure you subscribe so you won’t miss that video now if you don’t know about the Phoenix 5 it is a multi-sport watch so it handles all of your triathlons it’s a runner’s watch it’s also an outdoor watch and a SmartWatch and an activity and sleep tracker and a heartrate monitor so it really does do it all but in all honesty it is actually more of a lifestyle watch than anything it’s the coolest most capable most be a best looking watch out there for anybody that’s really active like no doubt about it the Phoenix 5 is overkill for just about everybody out there myself included like most people should not buy it but it’s so cool I just kind of had to have it and so in this video we’re going to cover the good and the bad and then towards the end of it we’ll talk about how it compares to other watches and what I would do let’s get to it [Music] all right so as usual if you’re looking for a really good deal on GPS watch’s activity trackers maybe the Apple launch you got to go to our website Rizzo’s calm the link is here on the screen and down below in the description what we do is we scour the internet every single day looking for the best deals on this stuff and we post about it we don’t sell it but we can help you save money so check that out we saw some awesome deals on the Phoenix 3 lately and some other Garmin watches ok so on to the Phoenix 5 there is so much to talk about with this watch and honestly I’ve talked about it a lot in other videos so if there’s one thing that you want a little bit more color on or detail on check down below in the description I’ll link those other videos that I’ve produced in the past so for the Phoenix 5 what you absolutely need to know about it first thing is it’s got an awesome design it’s got a stainless-steel exile antenna for gps and glonass and has a full-color beautiful display however on the standard unit it’s simply a mineral crystal display you have to spend an additional hundred dollars if you want to get the sapphire unit now I would love to have a sapphire display however I’ve never broken a display or really cracked significantly any Garmin watch so for me I don’t think I’m really going to upgrade to that sapphire unit the other big thing would be you get Wi-Fi on those more expensive units but I think most people will be fine with the mineral crystal display the Phoenix 5 also has a built-in wrist heart rate monitor on its underside it’s pretty commonplace by now you’ve seen it on so many other watches it’s good for running light cycling walking and hiking but it’s just not going to be accurate for cross fairway training it’s a limit to the technology most risked heart rate monitors are not accurate for anything really dynamic and for this watch in particular it is not going to want to use it for strengthening you’ll want to use like an external chest strap heart rate monitor for those types of exercises and it does pair with both Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors now so all of the cycling sensors heart rate monitors all of that it uses both protocols now also regarding that risk heart rate monitor it’s going to be switched off while you go swimming you’ll probably want to get the HRM try or the atrium swim if you want to try your heart rate while you’re swimming so the Phoenix 5 also has quick fit bands which are pretty cool because a lot of people out there want to use this for sport and for work and that way you can quickly interchange the bands on the fly arguably the biggest draw the Phoenix 5 is that it looks awesome it’s both sporty and fashionable and as an FYI the same story goes with the Phoenix 3 like that’s a great looking watch – but it doesn’t come standard with quick fit bands although it is compatible with the quick fit bands from the Phoenix 5x anyways I’m pretty excited about having multiple bands for my Phoenix 5 however I have not seen a lot of third parties starting to make the quick fit bands like that was something I was looking forward to having because be honest with you the band’s from Garmin are like outrageously priced they start at 50 bucks and they go up from there so I’m kind of sick of like how expensive everything is I definitely am going to get other bands for it and I would love to like put a leather band on it or a metal band on it but right now there’s just not a whole lot of options I’ll link some down below in the description but just as a warning they’re expensive and then here’s some other stuff regarding design also it’s water-resistant down to 100 meters it syncs via USB and bluetooth to the Garmin Connect app so it’s one of the best apps out there iOS Android Windows 10 there’s also a web app and then you can pair with it using a Mac or a PC so you can find it pretty much everywhere also it’s actually decently heavy for a sport watch it’s 85 grams it’s basically the same weight as the Phoenix 3hr although it is in a noticeably smaller casing I think really the biggest reason that I would go with the Phoenix 5 is that it’s just a slightly smaller watch but it’s noticeably smaller now just to be clear it is not a small watch it’s still bulky and big and it feels like a big watch on your wrist it just is smaller than the Phoenix 3 and the Phoenix 5 X also in terms of functionality the Phoenix 3 and the Phoenix 5 are almost the same like there is some new stuff with the Phoenix 5 but I think for 99% of users out there none of that stuff is really compelling enough to spend up for the Phoenix 5 unless you just really want that watch so virtually identical in terms of what they can do for you and then also in terms of comfort it’s a pretty decently comfortable watch but like I said before it is a big watch and you’ll notice it on your wrist and when you do ratchet down the band’s you’re going to get like a little bit of marks here and there and maybe a little bit of chafing but not too much chafing I mean you’ve probably experienced it before with other watches if you tighten them up you get a little bit of marks on your arm basically the same thing as what you saw with the Phoenix 3 anyways as far as battery life goes Garmin says this guy’s going to go up to 24 hours in GPS mode I’d say expect about 18 hours in GPS mode it’s not going to get you all the way to 24 hours I was talking with my buddy Doug about this and basically it’s like if you keep everything off and you never touch the watch maybe you get 24 hours I think practically speaking people should expect right around 18 hours in GPS mode now what that translates to just like in terms of days it’s a full week of battery life if you’re active if you’re running or working out everyday maybe once or twice a day you’re going to get a full week of battery life now in regard to some of those longer sports like a 100-mile ultramarathon like doug did with these crazy in regard to those you’re still going to have to charge it like any other watch out there you’re going to have to charge it make sure you have a pack with you or something you can’t wear this one in charge at the same time which kind of stinks but you can charge it and track your activity at the same time so for those really really long ones you’re going to charge the device now moving on to the performance side of things attracts all of the sports here on the screen I’ve said most of them before but let’s take a look at a few with running attracts everything all of the metrics here on the screen all of that stuff plus cadence and then if you have the HRM run or the atrium try or the new running dynamics pod you’ll also get the six additional running dynamics stats if you’re really into running you might like those I think the vast majority of users you’ll be fine with just the watch by itself like I think distance pace cadence that’s really all most people need but again if you’re super into running you may enjoy those advanced to running dynamics and one other thing for running so Garmin has this thing called ultra track mode which is basically a battery saving mode that takes GPS samples at a reduced rate and that means that like the accuracy of the mapping gets they added a gyroscope to this guy to help fill in the lapses and data now I had Doug my buddy Doug take it out on a vicious 23 mile run and right here on the screen you can see the Phoenix 3 versus the Phoenix 5 using ultra track mode it’s way off it’s not even close the staff don’t even show you the stats they’re so off it was several miles farther that it said here and it’s not even close so this remains a fringe feature that you’re going to use for something that has long straightaways so like really long bike rides and definitely not for trail running I wish it was better it is probably better than the Phoenix 3 but it’s still not something you’re going to use on a hundred mile trail running ultramarathon now for swimming and cycling you get all the stats here on the screen with one caveat for swimming yet to be a pretty decent swimmer for the stats to be accurate like me I’m not a great swimmer I usually have to farm out the testing to somebody else it’s not like running where no matter what you do the stats are what the stats are for swimming your form really matters so before you jump all over me for not being a great swimmer and for not loving it yeah I’m not good at that but I can eat the heck out of a taco bell Crunchwrap supreme so I got that going for me now as far as overall training goes the Phoenix 5 has a lot of features so vo2 max included in that and then there’s a few really neat new metrics that basically help you better understand your workouts and your workout load I plan to do a blog post on those so you’ll have to check out our website for that but for now down below in the description I’ll link some other stuff so you can look up what these new features are now for outdoor tracking the Phoenix 5x has full-blown topographical maps but the standard Phoenix 5 that I have has basic graphs but they work fine you get your altitude you have a barometer and a compass you also have like a bunch of stuff as far as navigation goes so you can see specific locations you can navigate to those specific locations using the compass and whatnot in a little map then you can also choose back to start which is basically like bread crumbing so you can follow the trail back to where you started you can even save courses on the watch and then upload your own now it’s not super in-depth as far as the outdoor tools go but I think anybody trekking hiking trail right we’ll find it helpful so the other big-time sport that you can track is golf we talked about it before it’s going to essentially be distance to the pin distance of your shot and then a scorecard so that’s most of the sports stuff I could do a 30 minute video just on that alone but let’s move on so the Phoenix five is also your activity and sleep tracker all the stuff here on screen stabs calories burned distance traveled sleep heart rate all of that move reminders daily alarm stopwatch timer all of it anything you expect from activity tracker it’s on this watch it also is a semi smart watch so it’s going to relay your phone notifications and as various widgets for the weather or the calendar etc it’s all good stuff and there are some like third-party apps widgets and watch faces that you can download from Garmin Connect IQ you can also control the music that’s playing on your phone so that’s streamed and stored music from like iTunes Spotify and Pandora and that’s most of the big stuff with the Phoenix 5 I wish that we had native storage for music I mean that was a big swing and I missed by Garmin I would have loved to have had that feature I think the price point is crazy $600 starting and even more if you get the sapphire unit I wish but I wish like by default it had a sapphire display I mean the bands are too pricey and it’s still a big and bulky and have you watch so it’s not right for everybody out there but if you do end up getting it if you think you’re going to like it and you end up getting it you’ll probably really like it like I do now would I get it over the Phoenix 5x I would yes because I don’t need those topographical maps but maybe you really want those because you’re crazy in the outdoors what I buy it over the Apple watch I would yes but I don’t know that everybody out there should buy it over the Apple watch I mean it really depends on what you want out of the watch I’m not going to say run out and buy it but I really end up liking it now if you already have the Phoenix 3 or the Phoenix 3 HR I’m not really sure that you should upgrade I mean functionally you have the exact same watch aside from a few things and maybe new software but here we have that launch I don’t know that you should upgrade unless you really want the smaller casing if you really want the new look of the Phoenix 5 now obviously I’m going to be using this watch but I want to hear from you guys are you getting it what do you think of it write me down below in the comments let me know what else I should review in the future and I’ll see you guys in the next video have a great day what’s up guys be paying the pain train in the house if you want to see the behind the scenes of R is know check out our snapchat you want to see our latest deals check out Facebook and Twitter and then if you want to see some cool pictures and visit what’s going on right now check out our Instagram wanna see other video like this going on the screen

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