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Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Here you will learn Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Black Friday Deals 2019 and also know the latest discount prices of this day.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Black Friday Deals 2019

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Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Review

hey guys welcome to another gaging gadgets review video in this video we have the vivoactive 3 music this watch offers a ton of activity tracking you can install several apps in addition to that you have heart rate monitoring and music control music that can be stored on the device all that for right now about two hundred and sixty-five dollars so check the link in the description let’s go ahead and get started with this review first let’s talk about the construction of this device it’s made out of a really lightweight plastic you do have one button on the right side the display here is made out of what seems like a very tough glass because I’ve ran it into several things with no scratches or chips or anywhere that you can tell where this was scratched or you can see right there the button on the right side does allow you to do a couple different things you can turn off the watch you can turn it on but you can also short press and that brings you to where you can select an activity to start and you can do several different activities that are available here including navigation which is really cool once you get into an activity you can start and stop that activity using the button but if you long press the button it’ll open up a control menu where you can customize what all of these are so you can have it so it opens up certain apps such as the stopwatch the timer you can have a button to turn on and off the watch put it into sleep mode find your phone and also set up GPS markers I can go back by just short pressing again so just right off the bat you have a lot of functionality out of one button and a touch screen right here on the back side of the watch we do have the heartrate monitor and this doesn’t stick out too far I haven’t had any issues with it having any big impressions on my arm when wearing it and then on this side you have the connector right here for charging the device and I found that this works very well no issues if the watch is wet anything like that it is a custom connector so you can only use it with this watch you have to bring the cable with you for going on vacation before a SmartWatch I’m forgiving on that going on to the watch band here I’m very impressed with the quality of this watch band compared to other Garmin watches I’ve had in the past it’s very durable there’s no signs of wear and also it stays very clean there’s no noticeable dirt it’s very smooth feeling and soft still so it’s I think if this is gonna last a long time it’s also very easy to replace or change all you have to do is just push down this little lever and it’ll come right off and you can put another one on if you need to so very easy there are no tools needed like on the 4runner the display I found to be very easy to read in both direct sunlight on low brightness as you can see it has very good colors and you can see a lot of detail on it I’m able to fit a ton of data on this screen and read it which is glancing at my watch which I love this watch does have the ability to have custom watch faces not only from the Garmin Connect app but also you can customize watch faces directly on the watch so you can change out different data sets you can change the color the look of the watch face it’s very cool while you can do that on the watch that you were changing your outfit and you’re one of the watch face to match your clothing you could easily do that on this watch which is pretty cool so the watch has several different awesome features it has the basic activity tracking and sleep tracking the garment is known for that does a great job it does have some advanced sleep tracking where it will track your REM sleep I found that to be very cool to have and it actually seems to be pretty accurate on a night where I didn’t sleep well or maybe it was just very hot or something or I’m camping and I can tell that the detection of the rain sleep changes accordingly with the sleep condition that I was having the activity tracking I found that to be extremely accurate the steps are almost spot-on I haven’t done any of the custom stride lengths just using my normal height and weight to kind of figure that out so let’s go through the features of this watch it does have several different features but we’re start with the basic Garmin activity tracking and sleep tracking so as you can see you can scroll through the different widgets here and you get to this one called my day so it tells you how many intensity minutes you had that day stairs climbed steps taken and calories burned you can even select it and then it will allow you to scroll up and down if there’s any more data sets that should be shown in there it’s kind of cool to be able to go to this widget and you get a really quick summary of how you’re doing that day with your activity you can even swipe down and have more widgets for total steps it has a mood bar and this will alert you if you’ve been sitting for an hour two hours it really does alert you and tell you hey get up and take a walk you need to move then you have your weekly intensity minutes all of these you can select and see more information such as a graph of how you’re doing for the other days of the week and then we have our stairs climbed this will also show you how many times you’ve gone downstairs and upstairs everyday which is really cool to be able to see that so when I was showing you the button function we kind of did a sample of this area right here so they see are all the activities and you can change these to add custom activities things like that I usually do the running one so I’ll select that and then it takes it a little bit maybe a minute to find GPS sometimes it’s a quicker as you see right there is very quick all you need to do to start the activity is press this button right here and you do get some customizable fields here so you can see the time I’ve been running the distance traveled my pace my heart rate and then you can swipe up and see lap time things like that all of this is customizable so you can have your altitude you can have your distance in miles you can change the information to exactly how you want to see it it’s very cool and I really like that about it when I was hiking in Yosemite I wanted to constantly see my elevation gain and also what altitude I was at it was very cool to be able to have that throughout my entire hike really liked that about this watch one thing to know if you’re ever in an activity and you want to get back to the normal watch function all you need to do is wipe from left to right and then I’ll bring you there this is how I usually control my music when I’m running so in addition to activity tracking one of the main features of this watch especially the music addition is the ability to store songs on this device you can store up to 500 songs and the way that you upload them to the watch I do have a tutorial check the link in the description for that via your computer so you have to have either a PC or Mac to do that which is kind of annoying in my opinion but from the music was you’re here right now I have it controlling the audio on my phone you get text that goes from left to right and that shows the title of what you’re listening to so this week in Google is what I’m listening to a podcast you can also pause play go back a track you can go forward a track and from here and the menu button you can control the volume so if you’re listening to music on the watch or your phone it will control the volume there and then right here you can also select where you want the source of audio to come from do you want it to control the music on my phone or the music that’s on my watch and then in here you can have different playlists you can select different artists to play which is pretty cool and then you can also just play all the songs that are available on the watch which I like to do in shuffle mode so the only way you can listen to music on this watch is going to be by connecting a Bluetooth headset to it so in here you would just say connect the headphones then you put your headphones in pairing mode and the name of the headphones will show up on your watch and then you simply select them and it will pair very quickly it’s very easy to connect this watch to your headphones and then you can go on a run you can workout at the gym with nothing but your watch and your headphones so it’s very convenient from that standpoint I do like that ability this watch does have heartrate and I found it to be very accurate I’ve compared it with those blood-pressure machines at the grocery store and it seemed to be almost dead on with that and I do like how it’ll change the color if you get into different zones of your heart rates it’s always good to be able to see that in the graph you can also click in it shows your average heart rate for the last seven days so it’s very cool to be able to easily see that I usually check it in the morning see what it was last night when I was sleeping so in addition to the activity tracking and the music the watch does have several different kind of smartphone features such as the ability to have your calendar synced so as you can see is showing me different calendar information I can click into that you also have things such as weather and then you could select in here and you’ll see more information on an hourly rate as well as a daily so you can see kind of the forecast for the upcoming couple days which is very nice to be able to have that and then you also have notifications I found it extremely useful to be able to see my notifications here if you’ve received a text or a hangout message or a facebook messenger message you can reply back to it using custom text responses that you program to the watch via the phone app it’s very easy to do so I have ones for hey I’m in a meeting or I’m on my way yes no lol stuff like that so you can communicate via your watch places where you’re not supposed to use your phone it’s very cool to be able to do that I love the functionality of this watch where I can text back with my watch and not even have to touch my phone if you receive a phone call you can also answer the call from your watch so you have Bluetooth headphones and you’re listening to music you can answer that call on your watch you’ll have to do anything else start talking through the headset it’s pretty cool another thing that I really like about this watch is it has this fine your phone feature so if you ever lose your phone you’re not sure where it’s at but you know it’s somewhere in your house or your car all you have to do is just press this little button right here it’ll start flashing the light on the bottom of the phone and it makes a very loud noise that’s pretty cool then you do have to unlock your phone to get it to go away though that’s the only downside but it’s not bad and it will also tell you the proximity of your watch to your phone and this is pretty accurate it’s really cool how it does this so one of the things that I really like about this watch compared to other Garmin devices I’ve had in the past is it comes with some built-in apps that are very useful that you would think would just be standard but they don’t seem to be included on every Garmin device things such as a stopwatch where you can easily start and stop and time something just from your watch on past Garmin watches I’ve had to download and they never really worked that great so it’s great to be able to have it here another thing I really like about this watch is if you go into the settings you can control the vibration strength so on my Garmin Forerunner 230 I was having a lot of issues I’d like to have the vibration when I receive a notification but it was super loud so I being a meeting and I get a text and just about everybody in the meeting could tell I was getting a text so when this watch I love that I can turn down the vibration strength to medium and I’ll know that the notification came because of the vibration it’s not loud enough to alert everybody around me another thing that’s pretty cool is you have Wi-Fi so you don’t have your phone on you you can upload all of your step counts your activity information via Wi-Fi the Garmin and then view it on Garmin so you would just connect this watch to your local network and then it would automatically upload whenever it connects so you have the most up-to-date information from your activities on the Garmin website it’s pretty cool that you can do that and that would mean that you wouldn’t have to have your phone with you all the time like I said this watch does come with several different watch faces just to go through so you can kind of see what they look like you can customize these and then you have the ability to create new ones right from the watch and then also you have the ones you can download from this store which are really cool and customizable with their own settings so let’s talk about battery life with the garmin vivoactive 3 music battery life is very important with a SmartWatch and i would say this watch averages between 5 and 6 days I’ve done a full analysis of the battery to try to see the longest time you can get out of it while still having it useful and I found that to be about 6 and 1/2 days now you can turn off just about everything on this watch including heartrate monitor activity tracking Bluetooth notifications everything and get around 14 and a half days of battery life so say for some reason you just wanted to use this as a watch you could do that and get about 14 days of battery life but for overall daily use and having all the settings to where you can use them you’re going to get about 5 to 6 days I found that to be acceptable but I would definitely prefer a longer battery life than that at least a week would be what I would want connectivity with my phone has been very seamless I’ve used two different phones with this watch keep in mind that both of the more Android I had no issues setting the watch up with those phones and then using it to sync with the phone no issues with that at all it all seems to work very seamlessly Garmin has a very good app the Garmin Connect app and you install that on your phone then you can control many of the settings on this watch and it’s very easy to use that and also very intuitive to navigate through that app that app is also how you install watch faces widgets and also applications onto the watch I would say if I were to buy this watch again I would get the normal vivoactive 3 I don’t find the ability to store music on this watch to be that useful I always have my phone with me when I’m exercising so that feature has never really been that useful to me and like every other Garmin watch you have the ability to control any kind of music they or podcast you’re listening to on your phone so that’s good enough for me and it works great doing that another setting that’s available on this watch is you can set it up so you can pay with a credit card I’ve never done that because I have an American Express card and it’s not compatible with American Express it’s only MasterCard and Visa but it’s very easy to set it up and you can have it come up in this menu right here which you just long press the button to bring up so you can quickly select that and then you could pay at a cash register if they have that functionality like I said the activity tracking seems to be very accurate as well as the sleep tracking I love that I have the ability to see those features just by wearing a little watch overall I love this watch it’s a very comfortable watch to wear it looks good it’s packed with features for a price that’s affordable of under $300 so that was the garmin vivoactive 3 music if you’ve any questions about this device leave a comment below I’ll get back to you as soon as I can if you currently have this watch or decide to get it in the future check out the link in the description because I have about 10 tutorials different things you can do with this watch to customize it or get better battery life things like that it’s very useful if this video helped you give it a thumbs up and please consider subscribing to my channel engaging gadgets more gadget reviews and tech tutorials thank you so much for watching


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