Garmin Forerunner 35 Black Friday Deals

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Garmin Forerunner 35 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

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Here you will learn Garmin Forerunner 35 Black Friday Deals 2019 and also know the latest discount prices of this day.

Garmin Forerunner 35 Black Friday Deals 2019

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Garmin Forerunner 35 Review

Hey guys it’s Kayla here and it’s been a long time since I’ve posted one of these videos so I guess the last time I did a Garmin review I was wearing the vivosmart H R and in the fall I picked up the upside-down the Garmin Forerunner 35 and I’ve been wearing it every pretty much every day since I got it I think it was in September or October when I picked it up and I loved it I like that it I like the design of it better it’s actually a bigger watch than what I was previously wearing it actually a lot of people mistake it for an Apple watch just because I guess it’s a square shape and it still has a lot of the same functions as the vivosmart HR pretty much all the same functions and then some it also has GPS I find it’s a lot more comfortable on my wrist I personally searched high and low for the white band specifically and yeah it’s a connectivity is great I’m currently connecting it to Garmin Connect with a samsung galaxy s 9 plus I was previously using an s6 and it transferred over really easily yes I haven’t had any problems with that and what else so if you’ve never used a fitness tracker before this specific device does your step count so it sends a little buzz reminder if you’ve been inactive for an hour I think it starts at an hour and kind of gives you this little bar chart that for every so many steps or so much activity it actually kind of ticks away at it it has intensity minutes so the kind of big goal is 150 so my cat is I don’t know where he is making noise about 150 intensity minutes we is kind of that that pinnacle for health and I’m all over the place if you don’t follow me already on Garmin Connect I’m still on there as fruit under square medicine I think the underscore is there but we can connect on there and I sometimes take part in challenges because it’s been exam season for me and I love using excuses I have not been as active as I would like to be over the last couple months so currently my like step my daily step goal is really low like the step goal is set around 6,000 ideally we hit 10,000 or more it’s been a really long time since I’ve had one of those days so that’s one of the goals that I’m going after for February and it’s part of the reason I’m posting this review video now is to kind of kick off that challenge and get some of you guys to join me if you’re on Garmin Connect so what else about this so if you’re totally new it the battery little thing is super accurate I know sometimes the battery like it’ll be on low battery for probably about half a day so it does give me a good amount of time to actually recharge the battery itself I think is lasting longer than the vivosmart HR was I don’t have to charge it that frequently you know I’m not someone who wears this device in in my sleep I don’t like having necklaces rings anything on my wrist when I sleep so I do shut it off I don’t sleep track I just put it on in the morning take it off at night it tracks calories I’m not sure how accurate that is but I guess it kind of measures it out based on you know what your weight your activity level all of that it does do yeah so it also I guess the vivosmart HR just had the touchscreen and then one button so this is a little bit more interactive this is the easiest way to do it I guess so you can scroll through and the heart rate so if I want to actually go into that oh my gosh so weird it using this backwards so you can actually see like I just put this on after my shower so you can see what my high and low of today has been and it usually is a four hour window that it gives you so I can go back I can scroll through there’s messages emails I still absolutely love this function I thought it was so ridiculous at first to see like my texts and my emails and who was calling on my wrist but I really love it because if my phone goes off I know whether it’s an urgent thing to look at or whether it can wait for later also because I teach fitness classes I teach yoga I can also turn those alerts off so my watch is not buzzing while I’m in the middle of teaching a class so I I can do like a total silence mode and that also if I’m at work I don’t want the buzz reminder going off when I am you know sitting at a desk and I can’t go for a walk and it’s like hey you’re being inactive it’ll show the bar but it won’t actually give any reminders this also has an actual little alarm clock which is fantastic so let’s go through here so it kind of has a chart I guess like a little graph there of how much I’ve done obviously I haven’t walked much today it’s been kind of a study and get things done morning heartrate so that’s the daily step count calories how many are active how many are resting so I talked about this when I was talking about the vivosmart HR the metabolic you know just your your body using calories even if you’re not being actively people are like well why is there a calorie count even though like I just woke up in the morning like you’re burning calories even in your sleep so that’s where the like rest calories come from and then obviously I have not done any intensity when minutes this week and my last cardio gives me what I did and then oh it’s actually connecting to the weather yes it’s 21 degrees Fahrenheit here in Ontario lots of snow out there and the time date all of that you’ll see at the top it shows Bluetooth connectivity and it also shows sorry about the reflection it also shows that I do have a little alarm set my batteries at half I would say probably charging it maybe once a week maybe not even that often it charges really quick if I only have like 10 minutes before I’m leaving the charge will probably last me till the end of the day which is really fantastic now that being said I have not especially lately because it’s a winter I’ve not used the GPS function as frequently and I feel like that would actually use up a lot more of the battery yeah so that part the actual device itself I feel like it’s built a lot better than the vivosmart HR the vivosmart HR the reason I ever I finally ended up stopped wearing it is because the actual rubber band fell off it was lit like I was holding this part had broke so I was holding it together as ridiculous I’m holding it together with a twist tie but when the actual rubber part here attached to the old device broke I was like okay now it’s time to let it go like I literally wore that thing to the end but I feel like this is it’s still similar material but I feel like the actual clasp here is just a much more durable design I do feel like yeah it’s more comfortable it feels like it’s a little bit more attractive than the other one was like the other one I wore it all the time so like I went to a wedding I was like wearing a dress with this like a Glee wristband and I just I don’t know as a girl that carries what things look like I I am a fan of this one and I think it comes in a couple different colors I just like the white and I’ve been wearing this for a long time and I was concerned this is like a little piece of dust there I was concerned that it was going to do like how some whites yeah like really dirty looking and really off-white but this is like staying really true to color I’m actually really impressed like the edges there hasn’t been any you know massive discoloration at all like it’s really stayed crisp and white and when I first got it I was like washing it occasionally with like some hand soap and I don’t feel like I even really need to do that anymore so I guess this is like four months in and I really loved it it was a great price point I think I paid 149 dollars Canadian for it so in the States they’re probably down we’re like 99 now yeah it’s fantastic it is not a touchscreen which I’m actually happy about because any button presses are intentional yes so I think that that is it for this review video I hope you guys enjoyed it and I know with vivosmart HR there was a lot of follow-up questions with it before so if you have any questions with this one please post them down below and I can do a Q&A; follow-up but anyway that’s it for now I hope you guys are doing awesome and I’ll see you very soon

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