Garmin Approach S20 in-depth Review

Here you will learn Garmin Approach S20 Black Friday Deals 2020 and also know the latest discount prices of this day.

Garmin Approach S20 Black Friday Deals 2020

Garmin Approach S20 in-depth Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Garmin Approach S20 Review

So this is the Garmin s 20 the golf watch and as you probably know government has a lot of golf watches but this is kind of new at this moment don’t know when you see this video it’s in black and white it does not have touchscreen like some comments do have it does not have a wrist part weight measurement but it does have all the cool go features so if you like golf then it’s a it’s quite nice and although it’s not in color it’s very good beautiful better than this view for active HR in my opinion so that’s nice but some people like to color screen and this doesn’t have the color screen and it doesn’t have a map like for example the Garmin epics or the more expensive approach so you can see I’m in the goal function so you can see the first one it’s a Power free oh the second one puffy and you see all the distances they all power fee you can see the actual size so it said they are all in the memory and the first time I open the package it was just there so the golf yacht in my neighborhood and also the second one and the third one they were just delivered to me like that I didn’t need to upload them a selfie so it’s it’s really easy to use and that’s very important in my opinion so I didn’t use the manuals so if you push this button you can just change the flag touch so you can just put like this so no touch between just use these buttons this is the back button and then you can keep score of course I’ll go back to do the measure the shot and watching for the camera so that’s why it’s a little difficult so last field swing to begin measurement so that’s that function the two symbol you you do have to use the two swing yeah this is okay it’s kinda difficult to look food for the camera so it’s searching for the true swing gear so let’s go back so Guillemette salad it means a mileage measurement like you measured the distance and the steps of course because it’s also an activity tracker and so now we have sent them all so that’s it for this for the rest you see here all kind of data like sunrise Sun going down the date of course at time did a seder the steps it’s now zero you can set your own goal you can measure it with Garmin Connect it’s it’s a better app than it used to be a couple of years ago but I don’t think it’s the best app in the world but and no brand of watches has the best app in my opinion because the best app is like Strava or a run keeper or Auto app cell just more yeah they’re all focused on the app and for for garment and that the Polar’s in the Tom Thomson the meals the app is also nice but not the main thing but jawbone does a good thing with the app in my opinion so the steps so is the goal seven point five thousand so it’s kind of low normally I set it a little higher the mileage calories burned and we are back oh those are the function of the approach as 20 I think it’s quite nice it’s not that expensive it’s good readable it’s with the four buttons quite big button so you can make a lot of mistakes with that it doesn’t have the optical heart rate measurement unit what it does have is already box like really good fixation on the wrist either kind of a small wrist and it fits just great it’s not like the old garments I yeah I used I think almost all garments the last years and so it is quite it feels very better just the first time you just wear it it’s feels like just normal it looks also kind of normal that’s yeah I like that but some people would like it in color or a more like metal thing so yeah that’s just really up to you of course so I don’t really have an opinion on that so approach as twenty so thanks for watching hope you liked it hope you yeah you can use it for your goal I think it’s er it’s quite nice it works quite good will while you are playing golf and for the daily activity tracking and now see you perhaps in the next video so thanks for watching hope you waited a little fun

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