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Games Black Friday deals

every year we like to stop at the halfway point and take a look back at everything good that we played so today we’re talking about 10 of the best games of 2019 so far the first half of the year now keep in mind these are our personal choices the game ranks team got together and really just kind of cobbled together a little compilation of some of the best things that we’ve been playing the things we’ve been to enjoying the most for the more indie style games we might focus that on another video later on down the line but anyway let’s get started off with number 10 and talk about Mortal Kombat 11 first things first let’s talk about that single-player campaign because number one it’s awesome for a fighting game to have a full-fledged lengthy single-player campaign but we’re all combat Elevens really nails it a balance is a really good line between cool new Mortal Kombat stuff and plenty of nostalgia there’s a whole time warp mechanic go back to the 90s different dimensions it’s just incredibly satisfying not only that of course once again we get a really satisfying fighting game that’s just fleshed out as hell very heavily combo focus and you know you can’t really button and mash your way through this one it also looks incredible the character skins are really satisfying changing the look of your character with unlocks is very very enjoyable really you think I wouldn’t be surprised but I it keeps happening nether realm just does a really good job at consistently putting out really badass fighting games that are fully featured and just worth picking up and I’m glad that Mortal Kombat 11 just kind of continues that trend but next over at number 9 let’s talk about Kingdom Hearts 3 we got to give Kingdom Hearts 3 some love I know diehard fans have been waiting for this for such a long time and whether or not it really lived up to your expectations at least in the end story wise I think throughout that journey it is still a satisfying and fun Kingdom Hearts game to play now the new sequences are really what are worth mentioning from big hero 6 to Toy Story there’s just a lot of fun stuff here that is lovingly recreated and just fun as hell man I mean like the frozen level is really cool and then they have Elsa come out and do the entire frozen song just to kind of like flex I don’t know what that was about but I really appreciate it the combat is fun it’s maybe not as challenging as of us would have liked it but some of the visual moves are just so over-the-top and interesting to look at but you can’t just help but smile and have a good time that’s what I came to Kingdom Hearts for and that’s what I got we have different levels of Kingdom Hearts fandom here in the office we’d love to hear what you guys think it down in the comments about Kingdom Hearts 3 because it is a little contentious but we think it’s a really good time so we’re keeping it on this list man next at number 8 a more recent release as Super Mario maker 2 now not enough people played the original Super Mario maker because it was on Wii U and that just happened because that console was whatever but Super Mario maker 2 puts the game puts the Mario level creation in switch users hands and thankfully it lives up to the hype Super Mario maker 2 is a lot of fun if you are the creative type if you love building levels if you look on social media you look online on threads and forums people have been creating incredible stuff insanely challenging really over-the-top and just super charming and different unexpected stuff is what you get from this game and that’s great but on the other hand if you’re not that creative if you’re like me there are thankfully tons of levels to play through in a story mode it’s not like a regular traditional Mario game there is so much to do and then you can just also download and play other people’s levels if you’re one Super Mario maker to is undeniably just a great package that is worth considering even if you’re not super creative thanks to the single-player content but the tools that are there for making fun stuff is just even better and makes it all of that much sweeter but next up at number 7 fittingly we have ace combat 7 really what this game is is essentially Japanese Top Gun that’s it that’s the whole that’s a whole elevator pitch that’s all I need to know but seriously what this game serves as is almost a vessel for new players considering Ace Combat is a long-running series that has had a cult following for a very good reason the fact that it exists now in 2019 as a great new game is awesome it looks fantastic the dogfighting is tons of fun and accessible the weather effects are exciting and dangerous and the story is damn consider this one seriously because even if you’re not into aerial dogfighting combat style games like me you’d be surprised this thing is still really compelling and there’s a reason why people love this series and there’s another reason why it has survived up until 2019 so next time you’re in the store maybe think about Ace Combat 7 I don’t know next up at number 6 we have a plague tale innocence this is a game that is in danger of flying under a lot of people’s radar but it’s an incredibly fun single-player linear experience people say single player is dead single player games are dying this is a great example of one that is keeping that from actually becoming a reality it’s very similar to what we’ve praised quite a bit last year hell-blade send you a sacrifice and that it’s not super long but it’s really high quality great visuals and just kind of doesn’t outstay it’s welcome but as a great playthrough a plague tale innocence you step in the footsteps of a young teenage girl who was tasked with carrying her brother across this awful plague-ridden medieval france it’s somewhat supernatural a little over the top because the plague and the swarm of rats are very very crazy and scary but the game is grim dark disgusting and nasty and it’s so much fun navigating the horrors of this play grid in France while also doing light combat with some scary enemies but a lot of environmental puzzles that are fairly satisfying to pull off it just warrants a good playthrough the characters are compelling the story is interesting and like hell-blade it’s just worth experiencing moving on to number 5 we did it again we got Devil May Cry 5 this is thankfully a great follow-up to Devil May Cry for a bit of a return to form for the series if that was something you are looking for this thing plays incredibly well the fun factor is through the roof because the combat elements in Devil May Cry 5 the whole combat and gameplay package is the most fine-tuned and seamless it has ever been you start out the game as neuro once again from Devil May Cry 4 but with a ton of new tricks but then the game opens up to new comer character V who has a completely different play style it’s kind of a nice change of pace but then of course you can also play as Dante and once you get to play as Dante the game really picks up with tons of weapon types and just that’s when the game really falls into its own in terms of combat fun factor and just ridiculousness not halfway through the game is gonna fire on all cylinders for you and you are going to have a hell of a time not only is the combat incredibly fine-tuned and challenging and satisfying but visually Devil May Cry 5 looks insanely good like almost too good this is a game worth pausing and using the photo mode because character models are insane the environments look great even though they can get a little repetitive and you know if we’re talking about negative things I think the story wasn’t as awesome as I wanted it to be it’s kind of wrapped up a little quicker than I expected but still the fact that the combat is so much fun and the game so replayable and challenging if you crank up the difficulty that really all cancels out any bad things about the game it is so worth playing the weapons are so worth experiencing and if you’re a fan of these types of games even just a little bit this is one worth checking out seriously but next up at number four we got a game that is a little contentious a little dividing that is days gone we all kicked this one around for a while the more we thought about it we figured it was worth including because to be honest day’s gun didn’t review too well daddy’s gun also has some very clear shortcomings that I think most players can point out themselves but for some reason can’t quite put our finger on it still couldn’t stop playing it until the end now of course it is really long the open-world a little maybe too big for some folks and it out stays it to welcome a little bit but Deacon st. John as a character and the compelling story makes you want to see it through to the end I think Sam Witwer his performance as Deacon st. John was compelling and interesting and you just wanted to look at the screen and then on the gameplay side the bike mechanics and just like driving around racing around on a bike and also the progression of upgrading your motorcycle just made it really interesting it made up for the fact that fighting human characters kind of sucked but the zombie encounters were awesome because of those massive sprawling hordes of them I wish there were more but when you encountered them they were pretty tense and really the game is just interesting some people love it some people hate it we have decided to lean more on the side that we really like it and we’re glad to gain we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what you guys think about this one of course talk to us in the comments about all this and if you’re curious about what we really think about it check out our before you buy but moving on to number three a game that we really loved it before you buy a seeker of Shadows died twice this is of course another from soft game the makers of Dark Souls and blood-borne so yeah of course it’s good what they do here differently is what makes it even more interesting more verticality more gadgets a grappling hook more emphasis on just waiting for the right moment to strike properly parrying and really doing all these new combos and abilities that you unlock to counter certain things it is a really exciting game that manages to make you feel like an actual ninja that was really ambitious and very challenging to pull off and make it also feel like a challenging rewarding from soft game but damn it they did it the world is creepy and mysterious and intriguing the enemy types are awesome to look at but also incredibly challenging and beat you into a pulp you’re constantly learning through this game the game punches you in the face until you figure out all of its systems you literally can’t progress until you do and that’s what makes it really really fun of course it’s definitely not a game for everyone like all of their games but it’s different enough that I think it’s worth checking out maybe even if you weren’t into Dark Souls give this a shot I am just so glad that Miyazaki and his team tried something completely different here and turned out really awesome incredibly challenging and just worth talking about that’s why it’s definitely on our list but moving down to number two we got Metro Exodus a game where we really feel like they finally figured out this whole metro thing this game is fantastic despite the move to semi open-world areas it doesn’t feel shoehorn it we were really concerned here that you know the game would go to open-world and it will feel like just a waste of space kind of just like they made it open-world to say it was open-world but it makes sense in the context of the game and is very fun and just interesting to go find and forage for new components and upgrades for artyom all of a sudden Metro now has a new and exciting loop that totally makes it even more worthwhile not only that whether you’re playing on PC or console the game looks damn incredible it is an absolute looker and I think the move to go away from nuclear winter and kind of like new areas of this post-apocalyptic nuketown Russia has given to the designers so much to work with in terms of creating interesting environments the game looks like concept art come to life in a lot of areas while also still managing to maintain the Metro identity you know the thing doesn’t forget where it came from you still find yourself in dark hallways and fighting spooky monsters with tense situations and limited resources actually this game has at least one or two really really memorable scary sequences that are worth experiencing along with the whole rest of the thing not only that yep playing it is great but the story is interesting as well this is a world that you want to learn more about this is a story with characters you want to follow and really Metro Exodus just nails it it’s a bummer that it did have some controversy with being an epic game store exclusive on PC but whether you’re playing it on console or maybe you’re just waiting for a year for it to finally come on Steam regardless Metro exists is damn good now finally down at number one we have of course you guessed it Resident Evil 2 this remake reimagining of the original Resident Evil two classic is exactly what we were hoping for it lived up to the name it lived up to the hype it lived up to the nostalgia while also doing its own thing here and there where it really mattered it’s just a fantastic game it really retains and brings back all those survival horror elements we loved so much it takes you know some of the best aspects and modernisations of Resident Evil 7 but of course puts it in third-person like the old days and gives us Raccoon City Leon Kennedy Claire Redfield and the whole shebang what’s really exciting though and the game has really blown up especially with like memes and stuff around mr. X’s just for the people who haven’t experienced it back in the day experiencing all of this weird wacky umbrella of Raccoon City stuff for the first time in 2019 it’s just so cool to see that I don’t know but it adds new things here and there to make it really interesting and really fresh while also having the right amount of callbacks and nostalgia and just faithful recreations of stuff we loved in the original not only that of course like any good Resident Evil game worth its salt it’s incredibly replayable there’s reasons to go back and replay it on harder difficulties unlock certain stuff top to bottom like I’m looking at it as a Resident Evil fan but like this checks all the boxes this is a goo Resident Evil game it looks incredible it’s so high budget and action-packed and just worth experiencing on that end but also just if you boil it down to raw gameplay it’s worth it for that to man Resident Evil 2 is absolutely worth checking out we love it clearly and that’s why it’s at number one on our list but of course that’s not all there’s so many more games we can include we got a couple bonus ones for you the first one is apex legends a free-to-play game that really took the world by storm in terms of just being another good battle royale game but with that fresh delicious titanfall FPS style gameplay thanks to reasonable now some people did lose interest and the new update is coming out soon I’m curious to see if and keep the momentum going who knows but it’s weird that we’re talking about it’s actually like a good EA game I’m also as a runner up we have Mort how the PC male a historical combat focused game and yeah the chat can be a little toxic and gross sometimes but the gameplay the core gameplay is so fun and the whole thing being so competitive it still is worth checking out and it’s just a really good solid PC experience and another one we want to include briefly is Rage 2 another one that divided people but we think that the injection of a little bit of doom style gameplay and just fun abilities to the original rage which we weren’t crazy about makes it worth checking out it’s a fun first-person shooter but of course again these are our choices for games that we’ve really liked in 2019 so far rounding some of them up we want to hear yours down in the comments cuz you’re definitely gonna disagree there’s definitely a game that we didn’t include on this list so we want to hear from you and of course like if you can make your own top 5 or your own top 10 or your own top 3 let us know but if you enjoyed this video and maybe learned about a game that wasn’t on your radar clicking the like button is the best way you can help us out we would appreciate that and of course if you knew it’s worth considering subscribing and hitting that notification button because we put out videos every single day but hey as always thanks for watching we’ll see you guys next time

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