Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Black Friday 2019

Are you looking for the best scanner? Here we have the best Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 black friday 2019

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Black Friday 2019

everybody has lawns I’ve been back once more today we’re taking a look at the fujitsu scansnap ix500 this is the latest and greatest in these I call them the Cadillac of of home scanning I own two of these I have one at my office for a file cabinet replacement for all the documents that we use throughout the course of the week there and I also have one at home for scanning a lot of my personal documents and I’m on my local Board of Education so you can imagine how much paper I get piling up and I just like to get rid of it so what I do is I scan it into my Evernote and then I have a filing cabinet that I walk around with it also masquerades as my iPad and iPhone and it is great to have a good organizational system down but you also need something that can scan very quickly in that instance and that’s what these scanners are great for so you know if you’re just doing a few receipts here or there or a business card every once in a while you probably don’t need this this is certainly more for people who have a high volume to deal with and we’re gonna take a big stack of paper here and stick it in the scanner there isn’t much to it actually once you install the software it works on both the Mac and the PC on the same version the disc that comes with will install software on both you just push a button and it begins scanning there are some features that you can change what in settings that you can change well it goes but you can see how quickly this is going and it’s scanning both pages at the same time and if we switch to my computer here you can see that it’s actually taking the proper orientation as these documents are coming in so it’s detecting landscape or portrait and and guessing just through some of its internal algorithms how it should sort itself out and once the documents are scanned you have some options that you can do with it and the first of course is the simplest which is just scan it to a folder so you get a PDF file that you can save somewhere you can email the document you can print it you can do something to where you can apply some OCR and have a PDF that also has searchable text now what I do of course is I go right into Evernote and when I hit this it just opens up evernote and creates a new document and I can just put it in there and forget about it or not Evernote by the way will also do all that Oh are for you so you can forego the slower process of waiting for the computer to do all of that detection as it goes so I would just recommend if you using Evernote just do the scan to Evernote directly and sort it out when it gets in there it also has some features for Word and Excel and if you have a really plainly formatted spreadsheet that was printed out I can do a halfway decent job of creating a spreadsheet but I have found a lot of times people just format these spreadsheets really oddly and it’s hard to get them put together I do want to show you just how the scanner is configured as physically it has a neat feature which is a fold down door here and it seems pretty simple but this actually keeps the dust out because these scanners can be sensitive to that kind of thing so it’s good when you’re not using it to fold it up the scanner itself will turn itself off when it is in that folded position and along the back it’s pretty simple you just have a power cable USB 3.0 in this version it’ll work with USB 2 as well so if you have an older Mac or PC that doesn’t have USB 3 it’ll work fine either way and quite honestly USB 3 might be overkill in a product like this it’s not pushing a lot of data very quickly so it’s it’s just something I think for future proofing that everything is moving to USB 3 which is why it has it the other thing it has on the back here is a Wi-Fi switch and the other versions of the scanners that I have don’t have Wi-Fi and I’m going to show you what that Wi-Fi is for right now and that is because they have an app as everybody does these days for the iPad and iPhone and Android and when you load that app up you can basically take a document or a stack of documents stick them in the printer and hit the Scan button on the pad and that document is going to get transmitted over the air to your iPad and it doesn’t require the computer to be on when you do it which is a nice feature you do need the computer on to configure it but you don’t need it on once it is configured and there’s a password protection so nobody can hijack your scanner when you have paper loaded in and as you can see here it gives us the document that we just scanned and another thing that it does which is kind of neat is that it also allows you to shoot that document to apps that can open it so as you can see here I can get my Evernote which my favorite place for my documents to go but I could also drop him over to anything else that iOS is running that can read a PDF file so that is a pretty handy feature now one last thing to talk about is the the inevitable thing that occurs when perhaps two pages or more get sucked into the printer at once and if you have a big stack of documents you might be concerned that jeez did I miss a page here or there what do you do so one of the great things that the scanner has in it is a detection capability that can detect when there’s more than one page and when I did here is I taped a receipt to this piece of paper so I essentially have two pieces of paper stuck together here and I’m just gonna put it in the scanner I’m gonna switch back to my computer here and as it scans in it is going to detect that there was two pages there and give me a warning so I can decide what to do I can either keep the scanned image and move forward or I can discard the whole thing and start from scratch but they’ll give you an idea of where it left off and the fact that you might have to take a look at the scan more closely to be sure that you didn’t miss anything that feature by the way also works on the iPad and iOS version too so it must be something that is internal to to the scansnap now there is a consumable cost to the printer over time the rollers are going to wear out fujitsu is told me that they’ve improved them greatly over the scanner that I bought about six years ago for home use and I’ve seen it actually work better because some documents that I know that the other scanner would get tripped up on even with new rollers built into it this one has been doing pretty well with the scanner is rated to scan about 200,000 pages on the the rollers that include that are included with it so I would imagine that you’d probably get a lot of life out of this thing especially in a home use where you’re scanning a lot of documents but you’re not scanning hundreds of thousands of documents a month so but bear that in mind there might be a consumable cost down the road but I can tell you this from playing with this thing for the last day or so that it feels a lot more solid and it hasn’t had any misfeeds that I got on my older scansnap scanners so that is the fujitsu scansnap ix500 it is a pretty nice device here I’m gonna be spending the rest of my evening catching up on all the documents that I’ve accumulated over the course of the week and getting them into my note this is line siphon thanks for watching

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