Freedom Pop (AT&T) UNITE Netgear Aircard 770S review for camping and Road-tripping

hello everyone so today I wanted to do a review on the freedompop internet and device that I acquired so first let me tell you a little bit about what I was looking for and why what would this option so the first thing that you know is that internet on the road is one of those things that you kind of have to have when you’re traveling and you’re camping or you’re road-tripping and sometimes you need it for looking up things sometimes you need it for work sometimes you need it to watch movies so well we don’t do too much on the movie watching because we utilize usually some DVD players for the kids we do occasionally but not so much but but using it for messaging emails reading news may be short video clips and stuff you know is something that we do a lot of most of the time you can find free Wi-Fi restaurants so sometimes we map our way around to restaurants that would have free Wi-Fi so we can use it or at the park you know the state park or campground that we’re gonna be at the front office area may have Wi-Fi but they don’t always have good Wi-Fi through out the campgrounds in a lot of places and since we stay mostly at state parks not so much at places like Kos and all for you pay more money that would have better you know coverage that’s you know something that we run into sometimes so I’ve done the you know drive up and sit in a car well my wife and kids are in the camper at night you know when the kids go into bed and try to get on and do some things and all but it’s much more comfortable to just be able to do it from the camper I do have a Verizon phone that I can tether to and so that’s an option that I use sometimes but I was looking for another device one of the things being that it wouldn’t be on Verizon and be on AT&T; which is the other big network just because you know some some coverage there in case we didn’t have Verizon coverage maybe we’d have AT&T; coverage in that area and so because of that one sitting on a different network and also wanted something that we could turn on and turn off so mainly looking probably prepaid because we don’t want to pay monthly fee because we’re not on the road at all time if you are on the road all the time there’s a whole different thing things that you need to look into for that but for us we’re really looking at just putting in the just the time that we need so I don’t mind paying for the internet but want to crank it up and pay for when I need it crank it back when I don’t need it so we think freedom pops gonna do that we’re gonna try that out for about a year or so here and see what happens and we’ll do a further review later on to see how well that goes with turning it up and down it does offer free internet but it’s not really free internet and I’m gonna have a blog post in the description which will have a lot more details information as well some links to some wonderful resources I found about details around how to get to the free level and how the free level isn’t quite free and what you actually get for free so which pulls down the room usually less than 500 Meg’s a month of free data which is not enough to do much this isn’t gonna replace your home internet by any means it’s just gonna be a hotspot too you know just like if you were tethering to your phone to to try to get internet access to check on emails and update a few things you know check your social media and all so this is the package it comes simple box you get a charging cable a charging block and the device itself this device is a Netgear it’s an 18 t unite or Netgear air card 770’s is the one that i got there’s some other models out there positive this is a refurbished model and so this is kind of what comes in the kit okay so we’ll take a closer look at the device so it’s fairly small I can put my hand up here you know you can see that it’s a fairly small device doesn’t take up a lot of room at all it has a touchscreen on it that you can utilize to configure it on the bottom is the power chair plug SIM card holder and these two little doors that slide open that you can catch external antennas too and so and then the top has power button to turn it on and off hold it down to turn it on and off and the I did not use it with external antennas at all when I was using it I just kind of stuck it up in the window and I used it but it worked fairly well and I had decent enough signal that I didn’t have any problems with it I think I had to charge it once the whole week I probably used about one and a half to two gigs of data over the week I did not stream videos was not looking to do that we have DVDs that we take for the kids to watch and a portable DVD player if we need to use that but most of the time we’re out and about and doing stuff we’re not really sitting around in the camper unless it’s a rainy day watching TV or anything so the device has the touch screen it locks you can go into the settings and you can configure all the settings on it the the other way to configure this device is through the web and so there is you kind of once you log in to connect to the Wi-Fi with your laptop you can then configure it same way you would a router through the browser and I found that to be the easiest way and I did all my configuration before I left on the trip got it all set up the way I wanted without that there’s only a limited amount you can do through the interface but overall I think it’s gonna work I’ll do a review probably in a year or so after we’ve had a couple more options of working with it as well as cranking up and cranking down the the plan you know to kind of meet our needs as we travel and see how that works so don’t forget to check out the blog in the link below for more details on the setup and to find some links to some information on how to get the most out of your freedompop account thank you very much for watching the video and I hope you have a great day

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