Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Black Friday 2019

Are you looking for the best tablet for your kids? Here we have the best Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition black friday 2019

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Black Friday 2019

hey guys what’s up welcome back to my channel I’m Jenna and this little toddler over here is Kalia so for today’s video we will be unboxing and reviewing the Amazon Fire HD eight kits edition so we just picked this up today and we are going to be going on a little plane ride in a near-future so I thought it’d be great to just take this and test it out um yeah so what I’m really excited about this product is I chose it actually over the iPad mainly because of her age because she is only one and this was supposed to be a lot more kiss family than the iPad so I’m really excited to test it out and unbox it and yeah I’m just super stoked about it as you can tell I probably second like 30 times by now but yeah let’s get right into it so at the top just to open it there’s just this little whatever you want a little sticky so once you open the box of three generic there’s no like cardboard like extra cardboard or anything in it so the charger is just a regular standard USB block and just a regular standard um what do you call this a regular standard like Android charger basically that’s all that is so the actual tablet comes in case already so I chose the pink one for her so it just comes in a clear little plastic so that’s what this looks like so we are going to open it so here it is right now it is turning on and it’s just loading so right here you can pick the font size so I think I want to make it medium no maybe large nope let’s go with medium so now we are just going to connect to my Wi-Fi okay so we just connect it to my Wi-Fi for the set up my Amazon number and then for that administrative account it’ll automatically be whatever Amazon account you use will be linked there so here in the profile you have home books videos apps web characters so in the home these are just stuff that I have already downloaded the books and the apps you can use offline the only content you can add from videos that you can play offline is stuff that you purchased on on Amazon so you can download stuff though and watch it offline but it would have to be on the parent profile or you would have to switch it to your computer the way it works is you click one so we’ll click that one and it’s gonna download it that’s what’s happening right now and then when that download is ready like there you see it move right now it’ll pop up and then you can just play it alright so the nice thing about this too so if you can see it just like swipes it’s really easy and very kid-friendly so I’m just gonna give that to her we’re gonna check out one of the videos right now so we’re gonna go to the main screen and we’re gonna click videos whoops so you can go to videos one of two ways you can do the videos one and it’ll do it that way or you can actually go to characters whoops she wants it already so at the top right there all we did was click videos and we’re gonna load one of the episodes to check them out go ahead pick one what do you want to watch going onto Bubble Guppies so it’s really nice it looks like it’s HD see how cute is that what’s really nice about this thing is that with an iPad she used to always click that bottom home screen all the time but this one there is no real bottom home screen so if she like touches the top or whatever like that it won’t like automatically kick click out it’ll just go to that pause screen which is nice so and all you’re gonna do so how are you gonna do to change the volume to is so she will not let me change this for anything so all you’re gonna do it’s all you’re gonna do for the bottom to change the volume is all you do is you click the screen and then you click the little volume button at the top and you can make it louder or shorter so then if you click these three little dots you can zoom or you can exit the playback and on this obviously will be for captions and subtitles oh that’s the same thing so it’ll be free subtitles and if there’s another version like in Spanish or something so we’re just gonna click that so that’s what they look like so we’re just gonna exit out of that so anyways so you can also do web so web it restricts let me show you so it restricts them from going to certain sites so I’m trying to go to Google right now oops I’m trying to go and also tracks what they try to send so if they try to go to a certain site it won’t let them because it’s a children’s profile you can go ahead and add my websites if you wanted to I didn’t and in here these are just shortcut links to like YouTube videos and stuff like that so let’s say we wanted to go to this carebears one see and then all it does is it just loads right away and then you can make it fullscreen and that’s it and then over here you have characters so this one’s really cool so like let’s say Barbie you click it and it will do all the books and then videos and app step they have for Barbie so right now barbie doesn’t have any observe videos but if we go to Nickelodeon Nickelodeon has some apps and these are all the videos and then here’s a third one we’ll just do Disney so Disney has all these books and then if we keep scrolling so Disney has all the books and then these are the apps and at the way bottom it’ll save videos but they don’t have any videos for Disney so that’s really it over here they can click this until enabled the camera so that’s really nice so it’ll enable the camera for you and then you just go home and then the search button will search whatever you want so I tested it out earlier and put like Max and Ruby so it’ll pop up whatever like books after shows that it has and then it’ll also search in your library stuff if you connected it to this account so I didn’t connect any so all these results are just from the free time and then we’re just gonna go home so if you have a Kindle already or an Android you pretty much already know how to use the parent profile it’s set up just like a regular tablet that you can go through so that’s really it all right you guys now that I’m done with the demonstration on this product I am going to give you my final thoughts on it there are a ton of pros for this product right here and the main one being just how user-friendly it is so the kids profile it just looks it just looks great it’s so easy to maneuver and go through and your kids can’t really like get stuck and all these different apps that you can get into if you had a regular Kindle or if you had like an iPad so parental controls only go so far on and iPad in my opinion and I feel like that’s for a lot of older kids kids that are more younger especially like toddlers they need something simple quick and easy and not just a bunch of stuff that they can click around and get into an app that they don’t necessarily need so that’s really what I love about it it’s light very durable I would recommend getting a screen protector but that’s just for any tablet or electronic in general so I definitely need to pick a screen protector for this one but I’m not too concerned right now just because the case is on with it the biggest pro about this product is definitely the cost it’s so insanely affordable that you’re kind of it’s a deal even when it’s not on sale you’re getting a case for it on top of the tablet for only 129 plus tax and I think that’s just I think that’s great I don’t think you can beat that whatsoever so what some people are getting confused with is the fact that it’s a kid’s Kindle so because it’s a kid’s Kindle they think there’s like they can’t access any other profile or it’s basically stuck stuck it’s basically stuck on this screen which is not the case whatsoever because as you can tell you can do parent profiles and you can switch it like I showed in the demonstration and out pops a regular what do you call it a regular Kindle interface so it’s just like any other regular tablet you just have that extra profile and linkage between linkage you have that extra profile and link between the two to be able to control it better another Pro for this product would be the battery life it’s supposed to last eight hours so that is also great on top of everything else if this tablet breaks compared to like if I got her an iPad and this tablet breaks I I’m not gonna say I’m not concerned whatsoever but I’m not gonna go cry about it just because of the cost so if I spent five or six hundred dollars total on like an iPad Mini or one or an iPad period and she broke it or water damage and I would be devastated like completely devastated but with this one you know if she breaks it which I don’t really see how she would break it other than throwing a bunch of water on it which I really don’t see happening because most of the time she drinks from a sippy cup anyways or if she’s using like a straw or something I’m like next to her watching her so the odds of her throwing this in the toilet or in a pool without me knowing and really unaware of what she’s doing would be really slim in my opinion at least otherwise I clearly wasn’t watching my daughter so the good thing about this in my opinion is the amount of parental controls that you have available to you which is really great so of course you have the generic like daily goals and time limit stuff that a lot of other tablets and places have so then you also have the Smart Filters which is Smart Filters it’s pretty genius in my opinion for whoever designed it because you’re basically catering to more than one child obviously with many different age groups so the fact that you can manipulate it to your child’s specific age group for content related to that age I just I don’t know I thought that was really cool and then in addition to that you have you know the websites with videos you can add certain content you can take certain content away you can disable app purchasing just the amount of like I said parental controls is just really what I like about the whole thing and what I also like is if there’s a Content not available in there like in their profile you can go into your pop that you can go into your profile and essentially like add whatever you want and just give it to their profile all right so enough with the pros and now it’s time to get to the cons the stuff that really really bothers me so the main thing that bothers me is how dirty and easily the screen gets so I don’t even have a screen protector on it yet and I literally have only been playing with it too for this review and the screen is so dirty already it just is kind of just driving me insane how just dirty looks and I didn’t even eat on it or anything like that so you can only imagine if kids are actually eating playing and then rubbing their hands like eating a snack and rubbing their hands all over that it’s just probably gonna get really disgusting so another con I’m not too thrilled about if you go into your video and then you go into your video library you can only put videos that you’ve either purchased or transferred from your computer which that I’m not too happy about so what I would appreciate is that the stuff that you actually can download from Amazon Prime if that stuff could be included in the video library and then transfer to the kids profile that would have been like the cherry on top for me at least that’s really what I wanted I mean it’s not a big deal for me to go into my profile so she can watch these shows so that was really the main thing that bothered me all right you guys well that is it for my con so that’s it for this video I’m honestly super excited to finish setting this up kind of like nitty gritty personalized personal that I don’t even know what I’m saying personalizing it a lot more just with like pictures and some videos and stuff so if you guys haven’t already please don’t react to like comment and subscribe down below for more videos and yeah I hope to catch you guys in the next one bye

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