Epson Perfection V600 Black Friday 2019

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Epson Perfection V600 black friday 2019

hi guys and welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to compare the XVII 600 and DX and V 800 which has been so widely requested video and I’ve been getting a lot of comments under the scanning video because of course this is a and pass this version there’s not much information on the internet about comparing the FD 600 which is the less expensive model to the XV 800 which is the more expensive model I’m going to split this video up into three parts the first part or the first video will be a mobile and more general comparison between the two scanners so I’m going to fit into more of the technical stuff and also what is included in the box and also what do the scanners look like and all of that in the second part of the video I’m actually going to go ahead and compare scanning 35 millimeter film on both scanner so I’m going to go to some test screens and I’m going to experiment a little bit on how much you can really get out of this game or the differences are in scanning speed scanning quality and also the handling overall in the third part of the video I’m going to go ahead and compare scanning 120 film scanning 120 film in the medium format film is a very common thing using these aspect scanners because most people use a lot of people and tend to use dedicated 35 millimeter scanners for their first – similar negatives but getting dedicated 120 scanners is quite expensive and they’re not as widely available available and also because the film types were bigger of course on the medium format film the scanner especially the set bed scanner do a lot better competitive gaming 35 millimeter film so those are the three videos you can expect this is the first video and where I will compare more technical data between the two screens so just a touch on the XV 600 the S movie 600 is the less expensive air companion of the FMV 800 there’s also the SMD 550 this is a little bit of a different version compared to the SMD 600 but in terms of the technical data and also what you can out get what you can get out of the scanner they are pretty similar the only difference is that the FD 600 comes with the importance of element software where the SMD 5 50 subs not here we have the two scanners and direct comparison on the left hand side we got the FMV 600 and on the right hand side we have the xmv 800 the SV 600 is more the entry level slash budget choice for gaming and your film it is available for only 200 bucks which makes this game a very affordable the SPV 800 in comparison cost over 470 bucks more it is available right now for six hundred and seventy five bucks which makes the scanner quite a lot more expensive than the FMV 600 of course we’re going to it or wanting to find out in this video if the price difference is justified by the data scan results or if there’s a negative no difference in both of these scanners the SVD 600 comes with f ckin’ so also that’s the SMD 800 of course yes music hundred in comparison comes with Photoshop Elements so if you need that and it is pretty handy for the fpv 600 and what’s more dedicated for like people getting started in aging the photos and getting their photos so this is very handy that they included the Photoshop Elements whereas I guess with the HD 800 they thought that the people who are going to spend this much money is gonna already own or already at subscribe to the Photoshop I am created close so therefore it didn’t include it in the SB 800 where’s the FMV h3 800 comes with the pure heart software so this is also very handy so you can get into the silver past software but this is not default pro version with all of these features it’s just more of a demo version in that sense so really you have to spend where you have to upgrade software which is the richest but which is cheaper than going ahead and buying the software at the beginning the full version but you also have to upgrade the am version that is included with the X can be 800 to get all of the features with the silverhawks software both of these ganas makes out at 6400 dpi which means a resolution of 6400 by 9600 pixels this is not very realistic in terms of the real output in my test in other words people say is that the XV 600 makes it out of around 2400 to 2800 dpi and the SOC 800 maybe a little bit higher and by this mod release this is more the more resisting resolution you can get out of the scanners and really expectable and weirdest place to get out of the scanner so all in all the scanners seem very similar at a first glance we’re both gonna smack Auto 6400 dpi the SD 802 the v600 integrated dual lens system which means there are two lenses filled in into the scanner one for a certain type of range in terms of the DPI and another one for the higher range and epi so therefore it has it promises more optimal resolution at each dpi but we’re going to see if we’re really going to see a difference in the later on screen now we’ve covered more of the technical data I really want to show you what is included in the box both of these scanners of course come with a USB 2 table and also with a wall plug other than that of film holders are quite different so I’m going to show you that now now we’ve covered the technical aspect as promised I’m going to show you different holders that are included on the right hand side you can see the holders at the XV 600 include and on the left hand side right here you can see the four holders at the Xfinity 800 include I’m going to start with the XV 600 holders the SV 650 have twice featured holder on the one hand side you can insert up to fourth mounted light on the other hand you have space for and you’re stripped of negatives you can put in up to six separate up to just a strip of six negatives into the total so you can put up to 12 negatives at the same time into this holder the holder itself is a little bit slinky so it’s a little bit weak and a little bit soft plastic so don’t expect the best quality from these holders it’s a real shame that everything didn’t really and go the extra mile and put in good plastic into these holders the fcd 800 holders a lot more a lot more a lot better compared to bf2 z8 every 600 folders which are really really soft especially right here in the middle it’s not really great in any sense but I mean what if you’ve got an s enjoyed and they offer because there’s a lot of options on the concerning market anymore on the other hand the absolutely 600 also includes this medium format holder this I’m most only one strip of negatives and hinging on the format will hold the negatives it has paid up to at least 18 centimeters in that region don’t fill me down on that I only able to get in up to three 6×6 negatives into this holder so this is position expect from this holder of qualitative shooting six five four point five you will get in I think around four negatives into this holder and that’s pretty much it on the other hand we have to hold up into the 800 in close for the V 800 include four holders it includes this holder which is only dedicated to words and can mount it sliced wandering senses which is wonderful which is a really key distance between the holder is that the SD 800 holders are hate adjustable for your help is not on each side on all of the four sides on the edges which you can adjust that also the standard marking for where is the standard height for the scanner itself to recognize but you can also adjust it and each corner individually the hate of the scanning insert itself this holder ideas again dedicated again mounted slides you can scan up to an 12 mounted slides with this holder also the planting a lot more sturdy compared to these and v600 folders on the other side we also have the medium format holder so here we get into a real difference into a real state difference between the holder CB 600 in the V 800 I don’t know to contain it on camera but the v600 does not have any glass inside the holder itself wesley be 800 third so if you actually open that up you can see that this enables a glass place and was gaining your negatives then last play aims to do one thing the cloud state is meant to reduce nutrients and also just letting all the negatives on the surface itself but the glass plate has one big big disadvantage they attract that the creating it’s really not a big fun using these glass holders because no matter how much you use the rocket air or compressed air they will always be dust on these nasties glass plates and they affect so much stuff so insect I’ve been getting out in buying a different 35 millimeter holder for the 8800 but I’m going to talk about that when I wanna talk about the butterfat millimeter holder but just to touch on the medium format holder this is also a little bit of a missed design by X the if you insert a 120 negative into this 120 holder it doesn’t really fit the whole surface so the edges need to bend a little bit I’ve also been contacting asking about this issue and also some reports on listeners about it but excellent claims that the distress meant to be this way that is too narrow for negative itself which is quite ironic so you have to place the negatives really in the middle and push that down and good in it and it will bend the negative a little bit so I’m not really a big fan of this medium format holder I think acting headings view done a great job in comparison also to the v700 holders which didn’t have the glass plate and enables you to scan tool clips of 120 negatives at the same time which was really handy and also it didn’t have the glass plate and also no issue with the two knurled sizes so if you can see the dimensions itself are very similar the SMD 600 has a little bit of more space for film but you can also scan three six five six negatives at the same time with the FMV 800 folders this holder right here is a holder for four by five in sheet film I have just been wrested holder for the very first time so I’ve never used it it also has the glass plate and also made out of a master leo materials all of these holders are and it’s a very tight fit really here to augment very precisely and you can insert one forward five inch negatives into this holder itself so this is very handy that edson include clip for the FC d800 also available is a fluid mount in which you can insert also your negatives purposes also or only available separately and so this is the FV 800 film holder for 35 millimeter it indicates scanning up to three negatives at the same time also maximum capacity of six negatives so this is very similar in terms of the size of the exes II 600 holder it also theta just as well as all of the SV 800 holders are and also incorporates both glass plates that I kind of really hate because they just eject so much stuff they are really impossible to clean and also issue is to get scratches on those glass plates I already have one right here from King negative so sometimes you come across the glass plate and you scratch the glass paper is also not very handy in that sense what I really did is I went out and forth the XV 700 holder which is kind of ironic and also if you notice you click it up it’s more similar and in terms of the plastic to the Epson d600 is more in between and those two scanners in terms of the plastic quality but this holder right here is for 35 millimeter as you can see it enables you to scan up to and forth of those negatives with the newer holder from the SMD 600 only enables to the skin three strips of negatives at the same time due to the am glass plates which take up a little bit more space and also Nick’s the earliest left it to really keep flat so here again is the s 2700 holder this is not hate adjustable sizing this and do a good job with incorporating the hate adjustable one but with this hole that you can scan 24 negatives at the same time so if you’re shooting 24 negative drawer you can scan the whole roll at the same time or it’s also a lot faster compared to scanning with the other holder because you can scan one more through both negatives at the same time those holders are fairly affordable I think mine was around 25 and euro in that region and so that was really handy for me picking that up because now I can leave easily flow of the duct on both sides and put it in the scanner and also it works but also the automatic recognition from the XV 600 recognizes the XV 700 holders come home I don’t really know how because also the thumbnails and verses are available with these holders but all in all I think it’s really worth getting going out and finding the X e 700 holders for us we hate 3 800 which sounds kind of ironic and if I were to shoot more medium format film I also would go ahead and buy the medium format holder but I’m having to give back here the hazard but unfortunately so don’t really need that in the future but neighbors I’m going to go out and buy a medium format camera someday I’m going to get the different folder so now that us finish those things differences in the holders I simply want to go ahead and some words about the HCDA 50 the essence 850 is one step up from the xev 800 so there’s a more expensive model it comes with two of each of existing film holders from total of 8 film holders this is meant for you to prepare the film holder already when it scanner is scanning so therefore you can take some time and also the basicity incorporates a different lens which aims to be or which promises to be higher quality I’m not really sure of that I mean there should be some difference but I don’t really think that difference justifies the price difference in those two scanners not a lot compared to scanners themselves and also the film holders actually want to go ahead and compare the scanners themselves I mean of course the define difference is very apparent also the FGB 600 as you can tell a little bit smaller compared to the X and V 800 so first of all I’m willing to open up the FDD 600 for you to see so the FCC 600 has a space right here for a up to a4 size or you can scan your printer or document with it and just cancel your always have to remove the upper plate right here which enables you to scan the fill because of course you need light to pass through the film itself this lies in it right here and enables you to scan the film this – in comparison to the V 800 which you will see in a second it’s all all only this piece right here the FPV 800 has the lighting is all over this top plate so you can also scan large the negatives then 120 film with it and also more than one strip at the same time so if you can see right here with the FV 600 you cannot use any other holder and then the ones who have the strip in the middle and also you cannot scan and bigger size film then the top unit itself because we need light to shine through the negatives can already see how the d600 looks from the inside we’re going to go ahead and I’m going to show you how the SMD 800 looks the FD 800 is one big difference compared to the XVII 600 in there is text that is and the whole top plate right here is covered with glass and this enables you to scan bigger negatives and also enables you to scan more negative at the same time because you can lay laughter hold us onto the lower plate and the whole top plate can be illuminated whereas here on the FV 600 it only is a very narrow strip at the very top whereas again this is the whole glass plate itself besides that there’s not too much interesting and things to compare the XV 610 design off switch on the left-hand side right here where’s the SPD 800 heads or the Thrones right here let’s not let some really very interesting and stuff so all in all those this is the basic comparison between the two scanners in the following videos in the next following videos video I’m actually going to go ahead and scan 30 centimeter film with both of these scanners to really compare the output in the scanning Russian resolution of these two together and then in the third last video I’m going to go ahead and scan 120 filled with both of these scanners to really compare how they also compare in the 120 film and format which is also very important on these perspex Gunners because a lot of people use this vector space canis especially for getting 120 film because there are a lot of dedicated 31st millimeter scanners available which promise or has better quality than the scp-804 scanning 35 millimeter or also PET scanners for scanning 35 millimeter where it’s 120 film scanners dedicated 120 film scanners are not very easy to very hard to find and then not a lot of them available and also they are very very expensive this brings us to the end of this video I hope you enjoyed the initial comparison between the X and d600 in DX d800 and you’re very much looking forward to the new videos that are coming so as I said Canon 35-millimeter which will be the next video hopefully in the next so in the next few weeks and then also scanning 120 film negatives as a and last video on this comparison series if you want to get any of these containers or any other scanners make sure to use the links which one is cooking down below to the positive channel in support me making more of these videos thank you so much for your support and thank you so much for watching this video make sure to leave a like also to subscribe to the channel to keep updated with further often has mostly around and proper federal difficulty but mostly around to photography so thanks again for tuning in and have a nice day see you bye

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