Dell Inspiron Black Friday 2019

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Dell Inspiron black friday 2019

Dell Inspiron Black Friday 2019

hey everybody its Nabil mola with you here today today I’m here to show you the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series 2 and 1 laptop this is in silver and it is model number 73 86 it features a 13.3 inch full HD touch display an optional active pen is available but that’s a separate purchase so not included in the box we’ve also got Intel eight generation I 580 265 you processor this comes with 8 gigabytes memory and 256 gigabytes solid state drive it uses integrated Intel u HD graphics and it comes loaded with Windows 10 and the trial version of McAfee lives safe I don’t like McAfee I don’t know about you but I don’t like it so let’s get out of this ugly brown box and see what we got inside first thing we get is a power cord this is a three prong power cord with the Mickey Mouse attachment for your brick next we’ve got the brick there’s the other end of the Mickey Mouse attachment and this is the end that goes into your Inspiron 13 some cardboard will save the laptop for next more cardboard all done with that bye bye and we got some paperwork so the first thing we’ve got is the Inspiron 13 7000 Quick Start Guide comes in picture form pictograph the earliest form of language that way they don’t have to do it in a thousand different languages for a worldwide company pretty smart emojis are taking us back to pictographs anyway right okay next we’ve got the warranty safety and regulatory information yep okay so that’s it there’s not a lot of accessories that come with this in the box you’ve got two pieces of paperwork power cord and the laptop itself all right so we get it out of the wrapper this is made of aluminum I think it looks pretty sharp even though it’s just plain silver aluminum it’s got the Dell logo imprinted right here and we’ve got this right here is the fan here you’ve got speakers on the sides the inspiron logo is stamped on the back along with all the serial number and stuff like that on the bottom so if we open it up you get to see it before I do how does it look and it looks like maybe quarter of an inch bezel got the webcam here there’s no cover on the webcam some of them have a physical cover like a slide that you can slide it to open it or close it we’ve got two hinges and we’ve got a fingerprint reader to log on and so this is looks like a brushed aluminum the mousepad here is is similar a similar shade of aluminum black keys here can hear the keys [Music] nice spring to them you have a removable sticker here that shows you that it’s a convertible laptop 13.3 inch full HD IPS touch display three sided narrow borders here here and here active pen support multifunction USB type-c and this has del Cinema I recently tested the HP Spectre and that is also foldable however it’s got a unique configuration to wear when you have it in tablet mode the keys are not on the bottom or where your hands are the keys actually fold inward on that one which I love I’ve never been a big fan of having the keys on the bottom while I’m using it in tablet mode it’s not a big deal I just feel like it’s kind of rough on the keys personally but again this is like a mid-range laptop not one of the higher-end so you’re not going to get the cool extra features like that this has a core i5 processor so it’s not top end as far as specs go either but again if you’re a student this is probably going to be just fine for you to be doing your research and taking notes in class and things like that so I’m going to go ahead and plug this in and try it out and I’ll let you know what I think let me just show you the ports on the sides here that’s where the power cord goes HDMI USB type-c on the other side USB headphone jack an SD card here are some additional vents in the back of the laptop here I’ll show you how the fingerprint sensor works just a button push to turn it on it’s maybe five seconds or so to turn on and just the tap of the finger and you’re in now notice down here see how this is all messed up I’ve been having things like this going on a lot lately on this computer since I’ve been testing it just a little bit concerning so I’m not really stressing it too much so I’ll go ahead and open up steam put it on the put on full screen so I’m just going to try and pull up a trailer here so you can see how it looks one thing that’s interesting to me whenever I’m on Steam and I try and make it fullscreen it only brings up this little piece right here and the rest of the screen is black and it’s not the full picture so as it’s like cropping the image that doesn’t happen on any other my laptop so I don’t know what’s going on with this so right as of right now until I figure this out if I can figure this out I can’t watch trailers on Steam on full screen so let me go to YouTube go on YouTube and try and put it on fullscreen there’s no problem so I don’t know what the deal is with what’s going on on steam one product shark says that this has three times more suction than the sharp eye on our v7 tip all right so that’s just a little bit about the picture I don’t know if you noticed that too when I exit off the screen it was sort of like a jitter not real crazy about that so this comes with as I said it comes with Windows 10 it has Cortana built in there is a microphone so you can speak to Cortana the trackpad feels really nice it’s very receptive to touch here you can get a good look at the spaces around the edge of the screen so it’s a little bit lighter on top than it is on the sides and then the bottom is a lot of wasted space down here that’s that’s Italy that’s probably inch and a half so it would be nice if they could have made better use of space not crazy about that so I’ve had a few issues with like what we saw with steam and with the windows kind of glitching up freezing up a little bit not crazy about it not having a webcam cover I like to keep that closed I usually don’t use my webcam at all so it’s rather just have it covered up for privacy reasons the extra space here down at the bottom of the screen is I mean it you’re gonna expect to have some but it seems rather large to me the fact that in tablet mode the keys are now down on the table if I was at a Starbucks and there were some crumbs on the table you know obviously I’d try and wipe that off before I put the laptop down but still you get the idea you get stuff up in the keys and sliding it around on the table can’t be the best for the keys on the HP Spectre the screen pops out and then the whole thing folds like this so the keyboard stays where it’s at on the HP Spectre this pops forward and the back sort of bends in and folds over so the screen is facing up the keyboard still facing up there’s a layer in between it really works well and you don’t have the keyboard getting the buttons all getting smashed on the table I have had a little bit of an issue at times with the fingerprint reader kind of have to put the finger on there a few times before it’ll accept my fingerprint the fan noise hasn’t been too bad it’s there but it’s not too bad it puts out some heat on the bottom so if you’ve got it sitting on your lap it’s gonna get warm after a while especially if you’re using anything that’s labor intensive for the laptop so my overall opinion of this laptop I’ve tried better but they’ve also been much more expensive we’re talking like you can’t compare a $1,200 laptop with a seven or $800 laptop and expect it to perform the same so it’s not the perfect laptop in my opinion but will it get the job done or a student or for just light work or just for light personal use yeah it will and most of the time it runs really quickly so if I had to rate this on my three chihuahua scale I’d probably rate it two out of three chihuahuas I think you may be able to get something in the same price range that you might like a little better but it does have the three positions three main position I mean really you can put it in any position you want but it has the three main positions the regular laptop position the tenth position and the tablet position so it’s got that it has that flexibility there we’ve got that again which is not who I don’t know why PowerPoint is opening I do like Dale as a company I have a Dell XPS PC is my main computer that I really like but like I said this one two out of three chihuahuas well that’s it for this video thanks a lot for watching I appreciate it I’ve got lots of other videos of other cool tech gadgets that you might want to check out you may even want to consider subscribing who knows go crazy if you wouldn’t mind I’d love it if you could click that like button and yeah subscribing is great I’m trying to get to a thousand subscribers and who knows maybe one day I’ll get there and then maybe I can I can start doing some cool giveaways on some of my other videos so again thanks a lot got any questions or comments please leave them down below and hey if you’d like this Mars Hyperloop t-shirt check that out down below as well and I’ll catch you on the next video welcome to my show you are loved yes you I’m talking to you you are a loved individual you

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