Dell Chromebook 11 Black Friday 2019

Are you looking for the best Dell laptop? Here we have the best laptop Dell Chromebook 11 Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

Dell ChromeBook 11 black friday 2019

Dell Chromebook 11 Black Friday 2019

I felt probably pain with chroma Inbox coming at you today with a full review of the Dell Chromebook 11 now this device has an interesting history it actually began as just an education device it was it was gear completely towards schools then they said okay you know it seems like pretty good device and it seems to be quite a bit of interest in it let’s go and make it public facing and allow the general consumer to get a hold of it they did so demand was overwhelming so they pulled it back off and so the only way they can hold one still technically through Dale is to have a Dell representative get one for you and so most of us including myself don’t have one of those or don’t know anybody that has one as well so I ended up buying it through somebody else selling it on Amazon that kind of thing and kind of would I land on this device after reading a lot of reviews deciding okay for the time being probably for the next few months at least until a Broadwell processor processing Chromebook comes out I’m probably going to be sticking with as well and so I like something’s a little more mobile than the HP 14 I just want something different I’ve had the HP 14 for almost eight years I sold it to a friend he’s rocking out Linux and he’s got steam doing all kinds of cool stuff with it so he’s enjoying that and I’m really enjoying this Dell I really am but before we move on that’s uh this is my work device and doing all my work from at this point so it is holding its own it around the sides here we’ve got SuperSpeed ports are not blue but the idea of the SS of a 3.0 combo Jack here full size HDMI nice large charging port which I like they feel more robust I don’t have to worry about them breaking SD card slot it fits pretty flush and uh here we go kind of see it sticks out just a little bit just enough and so I don’t know if that would bother much to you but doesn’t bother me at all and a wide hinge back here then we have the fan vents screws into large feet instead of little nubs so an interesting tape really industrial looking design going on here so you kind of have this the sharp corners kind of coming around here and instead of the rounded stuff so you kind of a break there does the speaker’s bearing that kind of tilted up section there so it does project pretty well again they’re mediocre I haven’t seen a Chromebook other than the pixel in the HP 11 that has speakers that are any worth any note whatsoever however this device does have a very nice higher end I don’t want to use the word premium premium to me is Chromebook pixel this MacBook Air you know that kind of thing it’s not quite there but it’s very solid no creaking it feels good it is a little on the thick side and on the heavy side but it’s not something that you know you couldn’t grab take with you throw in a backpack it’s definitely that size of device so for me most times I’m plugged into a 24 inch 1080p monitor and I don’t use it but every once in a while I want to open this thing up have it as a secondary monitor and sometimes I’d like to take it home and be able to do some computing from the couch and maybe work not at a desk every once in a while not very often and so that’s why I kind of thought well the 11 inch form factor gives me a little bit more versatility plus I’ve read glowing reviews of this device and a lot of people saying of all Chromebooks it’s it’s the best one out there right now so I really want to give it a try like I said kind of went all in because I didn’t buy it straight from Amazon so a return is not going to be easy it’s actually going to be difficult so the question then becomes well what I think about it because internally it’s not doing anything different so we have the HP 14 with 4 gigs of ram ago that HFC 720 that has 4 gigs of ram that it’s not doing anything different it’s a has world class Celeron processor 4 gigs of ram blah blah blah 29.95 you’ve heard it a thousand times and so we’re in that’s that same hardware malaise that we’ve been in for a while we kind of have this this whole slew of Celeron processor Chromebooks come out now we’re kind of that bait roll mode I’m not a fan out of it all with a little bit of Tegra k1 sprinkled in there for good measure and that’s it that’s kind of what we got to choose from so for me right now we’ll still top dog when we’re talking about normal consumer class Chromebooks the obviously with the pixel excluded from that and so day to day operation I’m not going to go through showing you what it does go look at the HP 14 for me go look at the C 720 review that it’s the same thing chromeboxes they all run the same into our hardware so it’s going to do all the same things all the same ways so what sets this thing apart what makes this thing different what makes it better or worse in my opinion I will start off with the screen I like the fact that it’s not matte it’s not an anti-glare screen you can see reflection in it some people think that’s good some people think that’s bad I tend to think it’s good I think screen looks clearer through clear plastic I also don’t like the grit that anti-glare puts on on the screen I think it takes a low resolution it makes it look even more crummy and so that it’s not the case of this device I don’t care for the huge vessels I think they almost could have put a 12 inch monitor in this a 12 inch display in this and easily gotten away with it no problem these pencils are huge and so that seems a little bit wasteful makes it look a little cheap I’m not a huge fan of that but I’ve done a few days of work with this in my lap no problem again it’s no better or worse necessarily than any other Chromebook on the market the colors are washed out the viewing angles are terrible it’s a TN panel there’s just nothing to say for them they’re terrible terrible eyes and so I’m not a fan of the things it’s gloss here and here but it’s not glossy plastic like an extra piece here it’s actually one solid piece all the way across almost as if it were going to have a touchscreen it does not the keyboard is fantastic typing on this thing and just you know holding it it’s it’s solid when you hold it from the corner doesn’t create bend and twist and all that kind of stuff and typing on keyboard the keys travel well quiet they feel great Dell did a great job there again you have even a small form-factor a nice large trackpad all five fingers for the cross it it’s about as big as coldest and over here is the much larger 13 inch Acer Chromebook 13 it’s actually the most exact same sized trackpad and so they they crammed a large trackpad in here which is really awesome actually let me back up I bring this over so you have basically the same size trackpad that’s in the Acer Chromebook 13 so they did a good job in framing a large trackpad into a small device and so those two things coupled together when we talk about input it’s as good of an experience that I’ve had on a Chromebook it really is an enjoyable experience to type is you can kind of see the keys are nice and well spaced they didn’t waste a lot of room on the sides you have a decent decent size over here in this inside here is like a rubberized kind of plastic so it feels really good on the hands the trackpad is slightly textured but moves really well it’s very responsive and has a nice quiet click so the whole thing input lines feels great again I’m not a fan of the screen I mean there aren’t haven’t been too many Chromebooks where I am a fan on screen so I’m not really surprised by that and I did before I got this I I think when I did the unboxing I mentioned this I really thought there was a chance I was going to be able to turn this open the screen up and actually replace it with the HP 11 IPS panel I’ve since found out they use a different pin format and there is a thing that could possibly convert it but I have no clue how that would fit in there and I’m not really a fan of open this stuff up and maybe breaking something and not going back together and blah blah blah all that stuff I’d like to be able to sell it because I really feel like when Bay trial processors come out I’m going to go with a Chromebook as an IPS display in a beige for armed up a trail Broadwell processor in and so that’s kind of my hope that summer early in the year we’re going to see something like that for right now I’ve got you know I’ve got two blue two with no running on it in here just fine but I’ll say that I think my battery might have just died perhaps you I’m sure what I just did I likely have upset it because I had it plugged into an external monitor while Linux was open so I’ve done this a couple times where I’ve yanked the HDMI cable out before taking the time to shutdown Linux in the background you’re asking Chromebook to do quite a bit there but I do have Linux with a boo to 1404 running in the background and it does so flawlessly no problems I mean obviously if I do something silly like what I just did we run into issues but I will show you that up and running real quick bring this back in here so that for those of you have not taken the dive and done this yet you only have to do all this kind of command stuff upon restart start be boo boo to environment up but 1404 runs just fine I had any issues with it and no it’s actually pretty nice to the operating system so I’ve actually got google chrome ring over here as well and it’s nice and quick and it does just fine and so we could switch environments just like that that’s nice and quick again I’m we’re not going to sit and get stuck on how things run but we see things moving back forth really quickly and groan all these ones need to put stuff in there you gotta be happy so we can balance back and forth between environments nice and quick which is pretty awesome and so overall the the experience of this thing I have to agree with most years is very nice they’ve done a good job of making a very solid feeling Chromebook is impressive in most ways and in in all the ways that you would expect it to be with the same internals as they HP 1480 6720 it’s it’s as good as performance is going to get right now that being said I still am waiting for the Chromebook that’s really going to make me feel like I’m not sacrificing something and I was so excited when I saw the Toshiba Chromebook 2 coming with an IPS panel and and then I saw it was going to be bait rail and eventually I think we’re going to get one that ticks all the boxes hopefully fantastic display something in that 12 to 13 inch range great keyboard trackpad a little bit more memory maybe a 32 gig hard drive at least four gigs of RAM in all the connectivity that we’re looking for hopefully we’ll see that in a package I can’t imagine they can’t pull that together for around 400 bucks I just it I can’t imagine that’s not possible maybe 450 and so I think there’s a lot of people that would gladly pay especially as chrome is starting to be able to run the Android apps and we’re starting to see more and more functionality to and day out from Chrome OS it is becoming a legitimate alternative to other operating systems people are making the switch I’ve got lots of people my family that are doing immigrant I’m a huge Chromebook trumpeter but people in my office I’m lending them Chromebooks and letting them try them in and they’re more my impressed each and every time chrome gets better and better and better and faster over time and it’s just so unlike most operating systems and so while adele is a great computer and I would dare say I like it better than HP because that’s 1366 by 768 resolution over 14 inches on the HP 14 it was always worrisome to me and the screen was terrible this screens a little better and at least when we crunch the pixels and lo it looks a little sharper but overall the performance is the same and I like the HP 14s keyboard trackpad I like these better this is probably one of the best input experiences I’ve ever had feels really good typing on it and obviously everyone’s really well with with this processor though hopefully in the next few months we’re going to start finally seeing the next generation of Chromebooks really I think Bay Trail is kind of I don’t know stopgap kind of a filler kind of thing and I think Bajor has a place those processors I think can can fill that 200 250 dollar thing I’ve had something on the on the couch around the house but for those people that really want to start using Chrome OS to do a lot more stuff myself included I think there is a market for one that doesn’t sacrifice anything really that’s in that four to five hundred dollar range that again you could spend four to five hundred dollars probably on a comparable PC but now we’re finally starting to get to the place where we start having the conversation about I choose Chrome OS because I like the way to operates not because I can get into device and so hopefully we’re going to see some of those things start to take for our search take hold some of that fruit come in the next six months especially with Broadwell processors coming down soon and so if you have any other questions feel free to put them in the comments as I’ve said in the last couple videos I apologize if I haven’t gotten back to some of you all in a timely manner I’ve just been incredibly busy with work even here notifications going off right now I’ve just been really really swamped with work so even just getting these videos done is pushing it for me and so I will try to get back to your questions and comments I enjoy the fact that people comment back and forth to each other down beneath them a lot of a lot of you guys just as knowledgeable as I am about this stuff and so you can answer some of those questions and it’s awesome if you like this video give me a thumbs up appreciate it subscribe to the channel the more subscriptions hopefully the more Chromebooks I’ll start seeing some Chromebooks without having to pay for them that will just help me do more reviews and help me get more stuff to you guys more often so appreciate you all for watching and until next time have a good one

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