In this post, we introduce the best Couches Black Friday deals. Here we have the top best Couches for you in our list.

Couches black Friday deals

Couches black Friday deals

hey guys kate here from rays nose comm and today’s video is gonna be a little different we’ve never done sofas before but today we are comparing for online sofas I feel pretty confident saying that we’ve all lived in a home with the sofa and I bet we’ve all had the misfortune of sitting on one that is super awful and uncomfortable and I think that sofas couches there is a difference by the way but I’m just gonna use those interchangeably I think they’re a staple item in every house and that they should strike a balance between something that is personal and practical like a couch should suit its space but it should also serve its purpose whether that’s hosting family hangouts or just looking pretty in your living room anyway for this video we’re gonna talk about design comfort and value for each of these couches and if you liked this video make sure you hit that thumbs up button we all work super hard here and we really appreciate your support all right let’s get to it now before we get into these sofas I just want to let you know right off the bat that I put all of the shipping and returns and warranty information in the written post so if you want to see any of that just check down below in the description and we’ll have a link there anyway the first so far we’re gonna talk about is from campaign and this is a building yourself situation like IKEA furniture so it’s gonna arrive in a few boxes and then you assemble it yourself and that’s gonna save you the hassle of trying to fit a whole sofa like through your doorway when you order a campaign sofa you get to customize it a bit there’s a standard overall design but you choose the fabric color and the legs and the covers for the cushions are removable so you can order different ones if you ever want to change things up and I count that as a plus I think if you get tired of what you have it’s nice that you can just get something different without having to get an entirely new piece of furniture as far as quality of appearance honestly it’s not super impressive it doesn’t look bad or anything but no one’s gonna think that you spent 1,500 bucks on it it just doesn’t have that kind of look it’s much more casual and simple but is it comfortable well when I first sat on the sofa I was actually surprised and I don’t like to be surprised by furniture I thought it was gonna be thicker and more cushion than is that being said once you know what to expect it is pretty comfortable I wouldn’t call it comfy though like it’s probably good for working at home or chatting with company for an hour but not ideal for a cozy movie marathon or binging Netflix when you’re home sick we do like that the back cushions allow you to sit up comfortably and the seat depth is good for average height and taller folks so not me but most other people I also think that someone could sleep on this if needed it’s not gonna be super comfortable but it’ll work if your friend is crashing for the weekend or something and I noticed that the seat cushions seem to fill out after a few days because they come compressed in plastic so that may be why they sort of felt in and uneven at first in terms of value I think this one is a little overpriced for what it is but not for a couch in general I assume that what you’re really paying for is the middle frame which has a good warranty attached to it and it does seem pretty durable plus you get the convenience of those changeable covers next up is Sven from article and this one is my favorite of the four that we tried I think it’s the highest quality and I will link the exact model that we tried down in the description now because it is a little higher quality it costs more that’s just generally how these things work so the Sven from article is priced at about 1,800 bucks and well that is the highest price on this list of sofas it’s far from outlandish in the greater world of couches this one has a sort of mid-century design it’s leather long lines I think it looks really nice but of course that totally depends on your own style it’s all very subjective I do suspect that the coloration varies a bit because ours isn’t exactly what’s in the picture and I saw some reviews that mentioned that as well I don’t count it as a negative because I like the color of ours but if you want to know precisely what color it’s going to be you really should probably shop in a store and the leather is definitely going to wear and break in quite a bit and marks increases pretty easily so if you want that vintage lived-in look you’re gonna be happy with this but if you’re not into that this probably isn’t for you when it comes to comfort yes this is a comfortable sofa its cushioned and plush and relaxing I will note though that if you’re taller you might feel that the back cushion sort of make you lean back too much also it does have a deeper seat so Jeff is average height and he finds it too deep but it’s comfortable for our taller guys and I like it because I pull my legs up on the couch anyway that deep seat though means that there is enough room for someone to sleep on it if needed I think this couch is worth the price overall but I do wish that they had better shipping policies I talked about the shipping cost in the write up so you can check that out if you want some more information and as always that’s going to be linked in the description and just a reminder that you guys can always head over to rizz nose comm to find a bunch of great deals on lots of products plus all of our reviews and write-ups are over there and you can download our app it’s free for iOS and Android so the third sofa that we ordered is from Boro and we had a handful of mix-ups with this one first our order got delayed and then because it was shipping from North Carolina and they had to deal with hurricane Florence it got delayed even further and then when we did get the sofa that I’m sitting on now we got half of one and half another but we made it work and the reason we were able to make it work is that burrow is designed so that you can add on to your couch for example we have a loveseat but if we wanted a full-size sofa we could order more pieces we can even expand it into a sectional so the two halves we received fit together perfectly they’re just different colors I think the concept of burrow is great putting them together is easy but I also trust that it’s not going to fall apart even though it’s designed to be easily taken apart so you can add other pieces I will say that oddly we noticed our grey cushions are firmer than our blue cushions so it’s hard to give any definitive description of how the sofa feels because apparently that varies by color but the shape of the seat is nice and we do like both cushions so overall it’s comfortable Burrow is about the same prices campaign and the loveseat we got was obviously cheaper but if you did get a sofa it comes to about that same price and I would say bro is more worth the money than campaign it seems to be better quality personally I think it looks a little nicer and the cushions are better right out of the box I’ll link it in the description so you can check burrow out for yourself the last one we tried is couch bed and it’s definitely different than all the others and it definitely has a different intended purpose where the other three brands we’ve talked about are supposed to be stylish and fully functional for your living room or family room couch bed knows it’s not exactly a looker it’s much more focused on functionality and practicality the name is pretty clear I think this is both a couch and bed the backrest flips down to make a mattress of sorts the thing is this isn’t a super comfortable couch or a super comfortable bed it’s not horribly uncomfortable either but the biggest selling point here is that it’s just very convenient it’s firm dense memory foam and so it doesn’t feel cushiony like you might expect a couch to feel but they were trying to find a feel that could work for a couch as well as a bed and they ended up compromising a bit on both sides couch bed comes in two sizes twin or queen we have a twin and it’s very little I do think this is perfect for a kid’s room or a playroom or something it’s just clearly not for grown people to use as a normal couch or a normal bed it’s for children to sit on and your weekend visitor to sleep on I could also see the queen size being a good addition to a college living situation these are affordable and functional which is really all you need as I’d say that if any of those describe your situation couch bed is totally worth it we should also have a discount for you in the description and I think it’s ten percent off so what’s the verdict overall I’d say the article is the highest quality borough is the best value campaign and couch bed are both totally usable it just depends on what you want to couch for and what your Dacor preferences are and that’s all we’ve got for this video I hope you guys liked it and you found it helpful if you did make sure you hit that thumbs up button leave us a comment down below subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you next time

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