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In this post, I will show you the best generator Champion Generator Black Friday Deals 2019 for you let,s get started.

Champion Generator Black Friday Deals 2019

Champion Generator Black Friday Deals 2019

alright guys I am back with the champion 9000 watt duel fuel and the way that this generator works here is you have the option of propane which is this little forty to forty pound Worthington tank heerd aluminum tank I use this one here or you have gasoline so I have gasoline over here and stay bill now about ninety percent of the people that’s going to buy one of these generators are going to put gas in it when they get it the thing they’re not going to put in it is stay bill now the other 10% that by a generator they’re going to be running it and they’re going to run it pretty consistent so they don’t need to put stay bill in it but from the first time you fire this generator up and fill its tank the first thing you need to do is go ahead and treat it with stable which I’ll cut I will cut the video do and gasoline now I use 91 octane and stay bill when I first set a generator up because I might not use it for again I might not burn that tank of fuel for a while and that’s not a good thing to do is just fill it full of a tank of fuel and then test it out and yeah it works great and then go Park it and let’s set that doesn’t help you so you want to make sure you protect your gasoline in it here’s the items that come with it here’s the big dual outlet power power plug that comes with it and it’s got outlets on both sides and I believe that the way that it’s designed is they’re all 120 volt now I’m bring with me a multimeter of course there’s oil that came with it I have a pair of pump pliers to be able to put on the propane line there and with this little unit you have the little charger and I’ll show you how that goes in so what you have here is you have a startup instructions that will come with your generator it’s a little weather proof paper and tag however it gives you the detail what the generator can run and if you look over here on one side of the generator near the engine which is a 439 cc engine pretty good size single cylinder it also has all that same information right over here they only have it in French and English and that’s what you have to work with so this will be here this air cleaner unlike most brands this air cleaner is metal it’s not plastic and that’s actually a very good upgrade if you consider most of them are plastic and any heat near them they’ll wor fall out and they won’t seal correct and this one here is metal so let’s see take that so you’ll hear it not plastic and the process for starting these is generally you can take the choke and you can move to the halfway point and these engines will start really easy up there if it’s real cold you might want to push it all the way over that is in my case all the way over so if you look up in here you want to see what is all working that is the propane system that is the regulator that is reduces fuel for the purpose of you know regulating the engine speed same way a carburetor works and it’s lines run over here and it feeds the intake of the air and just absent of gasoline of course it runs the engine so now I’m going to fill this thing up I’m going to take five gallons of gas and that stay bill is one ounce for every two and a half gallons don’t think you’re going to by adding extra stay bill you’re making it stay bill longer you’re not it’ll actually cause a caking inside the top of your tank so don’t go beyond the instructions on how many ounces to add per gallon all right all right we’ll cut to that and there is a electric heater it will be used for the sole purpose of setting this generator up with its initial load alright guys be right back alright the generator is now full of gas I put in a little over five and a half gallons and just a little over two and two ounces of stable now like most people ninety percent of people are not going to take and run this every day they’re going to buy one they’re going to test it out they’re going to fill it full of fuel they’re going to run it a little bit and then they’re going to park it and even if they use it for an RV it’s not going to run all the time so I recommend when you buy a generator go ahead and get your stable or whatever fuel preservative you choose and fill your tank put that in and then you’re good to go otherwise you’re going to be complaining in six months this expensive generator you bought doesn’t run right now propane of course as you saw before or as you saw earlier is hooked up the propane valve is on on the tank here and I check for leaks by listening carefully you can hear them if they’re leaks and in general if you think you have a leak or you smell propane go ahead and get you a small little paintbrush and some dish soap and wipe all the joints and everywhere on here look for bubbles it’ll make bubbles if it leaks it’ll very low pressure now all my other equipment is laying there to get ready for this all my other items including a multimeter because I want to test this cords outlets and everything on it before I trust it to plug it into something but we are ready to fire up after you’ve turned the battery on you’re going to go over here and make sure that your gas is on so my gas is on and you’re going to turn power on to the generator you might hear a mild click in there that’s it that’s I believe I was a Cilla note or something and then you’re going to it since its new it might take a second to start take a look at the voltage is putting out see what the voltage is 246 volts shows zero hours of operation sixty one point eight sixty one point nine Hertz that’s actually a very good rich rich voltage all right 246 volts and this is a computer safe generator so I don’t know how well you can hear it it’s fairly loud I would say it’s a decibel rating is probably accurate I’m going to cut this video while I hook up the cord and do a test on the voltage all right I’ve determined that the voltage is correct and now we’re going to after it’s been running now for about three minutes we’re going to turn on a heat load that thing barely noticed that that’s twelve hundred and fifty watts on low turned it on up to 1500 watts you can’t even notice this generator didn’t even bog down now the 247 volts is the top reading but this output of this generator on this cord is made for RVs and other things that run on 120 volts you will need you a 240 volt cord for the sole purpose of 240 volts if you need that for your house all right well this is a run currently being done on gasoline you can see the heater is under full load and I’m going to turn it off and you can that you can sound for yourself listen to the sound yourself determine if it even makes a load to put 1500 watts into this very little all right now the process are shutting one of these down is you want to unplug your load technically my load is unplug because it switched off and then you want to take and shut off the gas and let it die on its own when you’re gonna put these in storage be sure to allow all gasoline to burn out of the engine by shutting the gas off while it’s running starving it up gasoline all right this is the gasoline startup I’ll do a propane startup very short to add to this and hopefully that helps you guys out when your trip figuring out what to buy all right shut the engine off after doing that test oh you couldn’t hear what I was saying we ran a 1500 watt load on this generator for a few minutes time lapse it was about seven minutes and I showed a test where the outlets on this line that they provide with the generator in this case they might not provide it with every one of them show that the outlets are 120 volt both on both sides and you will need a 240 volt cable if you so decide to use that 240 cable on this side over here is an l5 30 this side over here is an L 1430 30 amp now this one is made for your typical RV hookup right here so it’s 30 amps straight out of that at 120 volts this one has a 120 240 option so I’ll disconnect this and show you that if it didn’t have this one over here it would be 120 okay so when it’s adding this leg to it it adds the double legs to it and add this put this back on and don’t give it a little twist lock it and of course you have your standard 20 amp outlets and you see that little slice in your plug right there same as these down here you see that little dash that’s on the side of the plug that that’s showing you that it’s a 20 amp not a 15 amp duplex outlet so same thing with these and they have resets on them so these are 20 amp also and of course you can reset your to 20 amps and reset your to 30 amps that are right here all right which is kind of this already has the GFCI ground fault interrupted circuit and it adds that in addition strange enough now we’re back over here we’re on propane let’s go ahead and move it over on propane and do not use channel locks plyers wrenches you know super granny’s hands or whatever on this it just takes you to make this make up there is a spring in here that I put the pressure against the seal and seal after you’ve hooked up over here do not use pipe dope another type of wraps and materials on it no teflon its supposed to be a standard metal to metal fitting put that together just put a little light wrench on it crack your propane check and check for leaks and everything on it now we’re over here on propane I’ve switched that over I’m going to turn this straight up which is for propane see that’s for propane now you can’t move that back to go to gasoline now that we’re back over on that I’m going to turn power back on to the battery remember it always will turn these off when you’re not using it power back on to the generator I’m gonna give it a little bit of a choke there and make sure my gas is on over there now that tank right there and she actually sounds a little quieter voltage is the same at two forty two forty six there and now we’re going to turn on this heat load I will start first with twelve hundred and fifty watts all gallon just barely bog down at twelve hundred and fifty and now I’ll run her up to fifteen hundred that’s only another two hundred and fifty seem to make a difference okay now this generator to run on this out here solely on propane as you can see right there over and she is running off a pro thing that’s about probably 10 years old that bottle runs good alright this has been my champion dual-fuel 9000 watt setting it up and getting it ready I’m going over there next to the house where there’s outlet inside or a Firefox on the other side of the wall and this champion is going in with a generator switch and we’ll be done with it it my

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