Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Review

You will get Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Review Black Friday Deals and latest discount prices for this range.

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Review

hey-ohh is going to guys its will here and this is a little weird for me because I’ve never actually have done a product review you know I’ve always done you know tour reviews I’ve done movie reviews or or just record a random blog I’ve never reviewed like another technology products this is a little different for me but anyways this is cut right to the chase so the other day I picked up a new a new camera I know finally all the videos that you guys have seen on this channel I normally just record them on just even this part of the video right now I just normally record on behind my phone – seven I use the front camera for an I’m on the camera I use the back camera when I’m filming tour reviews and whatnot so you get product reviews you know it’s a little different for me but anyways I picked up a new camera the other day here it is this is probably the camera that I film pretty much all the videos on now because this camera I’m not gonna lie it has impressed me so far so here it is it’s been is the canon sx 6 20 h s there we go now i believe in canon you know a lot of youtubers who i watch use canon products like Charles Trippy Roman Atwood has used canon back when Jesse and Jeana were doing daily vlogging you know prank vs. prank be at first GF when they were doing dumb daily vlogs they would use a Canon Powershot cameras as well so I definitely believe in Canon I’ve seen the quality of their products so that’s why I decided to go with one of their cameras instead of Sony so yeah this is the one that I picked up the SX 620 HS I’ve heard good things about it and what I was looking for its Wi-Fi certified that was important to me cuz this way I can just link it up G there my computer and my phone so it’s easier to send videos out so I have already in boxes I’ve spent a good amount of time with this camera just you know so I know how it works I got I’ve gotten a sense of the quality of its photos the videos audio I spent a good amount of time with it and now here I am reporting back to you guys just letting you know if this camera is worth your money too and if it’s worth even doing your videos on alright so anyways you guys let’s go and get this skin unboxed alright nope granny yes I have already on boxes camera but I had to do that I decide you can get a sense of what scammers actually like so anyways I’m still gonna do another unboxing so let’s cut right to that right now alright unboxing time like I said I’ve already opened this box so it’s not my official of real unboxing but I’m gonna show you guys the contents of what comes in this camera’s box so paperwork you get a lot of like useless stuff so yeah this weird photo album thing toss that aside you doing get a warranty card which I think it’s important just in case you like have a defective product or something happens to it the user manual now you don’t have to read this entire thing I would definitely recommend that you guys read the contents of what comes in this box ahead of time because this camera doesn’t come with everything you need in it I’ll explain that more in a minute you do get the battery charger which i think is super key it’s super key to have a battery charger because it’s why you don’t have to go out keep spending money on batteries you just go ahead and recharge them which is awesome you also do get over strap which again I think is pretty important this way you can have your camera attached to you and not risk dropping it and breaking it alright the battery does the battery it comes on the outside the camera comes its own little packaging like this I already had the battery already in my camera and here’s the camera right here comes in a bunch of little packaging all right it’s go ahead and take a look at this now alright so right here we have the camera itself you can see it’s not that big here’s my hand see literally just fits in my hand which is a good thing I like having a nice compact camera it easy to carry around so the camera itself actually I took out the other accessory the wrist strap it’s still a package because I get to figure out how it works so let’s leave that there I took the battery out so I want to show you guys how to insert the battery and I’ll show you so the battery charger you just insert the battery in like that and then literally just plugs into the wall so that’s really awesome I have to say that just look it up to get it out so that’s the battery charger and that insert the battery into the camera it’s a little door on the bottom here opens that up and insert answer in it just like that just like that mechanimal go upside down insert it this little orange thing which I think you have to move up so it goes in like that and you move this little horse thing it up puts it back out boom so that’s Barry’s in and and as you can see right above the battery is the SD card in order to get that out and you just push on it I should pop out just like that and then you put it back in make sure that part’s facing up and just push it in just like that now you close it and then you lock it just like that now the camera is also at the batteries in SD card is in one thing this camera I’m gonna flash on the screen right now does not come with the SD card it does not come with an SD card or memory cards won’t call it that you have to buy that separately and that’s on screen right now see you guys can see all right you know try it on and we are all set and ready to go I think works you have the settings up here you can play with according what size aspect ratio you want and then the quality you do Full HD which I always recommend you use 720 this did this to 720 video it’s not 1080p and VGA which you would never want to use so I just keep it at Full HD and yeah that’s pretty much how you set this camera up and operate it so now I just get a sense of what all these other buttons are for so this mr. record video this button is to see like you know your gallery stuff like that and then this button down here this is the Wi-Fi button which is probably the best thing so this thing is Wi-Fi certified this is hat so this is how you would hook it up to your phone or your computer I you see I might hooked up to my phone right now you click on that and on your phone you go to the Wi-Fi you would click on this network enter that password in and then the two are connected and from there you would download the Canyon app which I’ll show you guys in a bit and you can send images back and forth which is pretty cool that’s such an easier way to do it then having to use an SD card hook it up with a USB cable all that stuff and then right here is the Canon app that you want to download in order to connect your camera to say your phone or your computer it’s the Canon camera Connect app then once your camera and your phone are connected via Wi-Fi it’s not connected right now because I’m using the camera taxi film once they’re connected on the camera you’ll have the option to select which photo or video you want to send to your phone and then the option and send image will pop up and then the two will be in synced and your videos will transfer over which is real cool feature I’m and it makes it so much easier having it connected via Wi-Fi so that’s pretty cool so yeah I would say the form factor of this camera is really nice I love how small it is look how easy it is to carry around it’s nice easy to take it out and start vlogging with it and it’s nice it’s nice and small and go ahead fit it right in my pocket so I can take it with me anywhere so that’s really nice it’s nice and portable which is pretty important for vlogging because you won’t be able to take your cameras everywhere without having to hold this big ass noticeable thing instead this thing just nice easy to carry and silver cords pretty good quality video well one thing I forgot to mention it has a 25 times optical zoom which is pretty impressive for a camera this small and I was going to show you guys that and the photos as well as in a video so let’s go ahead and get into the test this thing out right now I’m feeling this is that right now ready so the footage that you’re about to see is all from this camera so ready one two go all right so now this part of the video I am recording you on the canon sx60 HS as you can see there is my set up my total ghetto setup right there look my tripod broke so I to use duct tape in order to keep it together so yeah this jump now we’re recording with the camera and how about we go outside test AB you know after lighting and touch that another here’s the house as well so let’s just have some fun with this camera right now ready one two let’s go outside all right so now we’re gonna be using the canon sx60 HS i’m using it as if I was just gonna record a vlog which is the main reason why I bought this camera and I’m pretty sure with the reason why a lot of you are looking into it as well so right now I’m just testing out the video quality as well as the audio and yeah as you can see we’re outside because I feel like this camera works really well especially with outdoor lighting or natural lighting or really any just really good bright lighting this camera it looks really good I feel like that can be said with for pretty much all cameras you know the better lighting you have the more it’s gonna show off the good HD video now this camera does record and 1080p which is pretty good it’s not 4k but still to 1080p that’s still Full HD video which I’m pretty impressed with the photos in this camera especially outdoor photos look really good and hope you guys can hear that but there’s a plane flying right above me so yeah so this is so right now I’m kind of standing under a tree some in the shade so I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys more direct sunlight so just give me a second let’s go find some good sunlight hopefully the stabilization on this camera is good too and I’m not gonna lie I’m used to filming with my iPhone I use their front camera of that and I do that so I can see what I’m doing this camera it doesn’t have one the screens that flip up so I can’t see what I’m doing I’m literally just talking to a lunge right now so hopefully I’m in the shots and hopefully everything looks good all right so here’s more direct sunlight up here so the guys can see what that would look like oh here’s my shirt it’s a drastic world share with the t-rex on it I love this shirt I bought at Walmart the other day all right so here’s more direct sunlight all right now I got the Sun pointing right at me and hopefully quality looks good got the cool backdrop behind me the coolest drastic park like backdrop just trying to get sensitive all right hopefully the video looks good I don’t know you haven’t seen it yet but what I’ve seen that photos photos look pretty on this camera especially like I said especially when you’re outdoors and have really good lighting all right all right here we are I’m just recording with regular indoor lighting as you guys can see I’m in my bathroom right now that’s the light that we’re using that’s it just a regular bathroom light so there’s no no trickery and flip it around so this is what I’ll be so this is suggest that guys can get a sense of would like to vlog inside your own house with this camera I’m not gonna lie this camera has impressed me in terms of its quality photos came out really well the zoom the 25 times optical zoom is pretty impressive and doesn’t degrade the quality so I was impressed by that and the audio picks up pretty well in this camera too like when we were outside filming the outdoor tests earlier and you guys heard the plane I didn’t think the camera would pick it up but you definitely definitely heard it so this camera it’s it’s impressed me I’m not gonna lie it’s definitely impressed me it’s a nice good either you start up camera it’s what I’ll say as you see I got the red model which is good because it’s a nice bright color so I won’t lose it so like seriously I lose everything all the time like my phone my phone is the matte black iPhone 7 and Islands it all all the time especially what’s just on my bed always it because it just doesn’t stand out as much as you know why iPhone would so yeah there you have it guys has been the indoor lighting vlog test I guess and then just for the fun of it I decided to come out and record just one more outdoor natural lighting video test again this is just so you guys can get a sense of what the quality of this camera is like when you’re outdoors or when you’re inside yeah I just want you guys to see what this cameras quality is like at its full potential and I got the sun point literally right out in right now so this is why were sunglasses in my videos that when I’m outside if you guys can hear all those birds behind me brought you probably do this camera picks up audio pretty good turn the camera that way well that’s even worse this sounds right at me I’ll turn back this way all right so if this was the outdoor video test number two all right hopefully it’s good to you guys hope you hope you guys are impressed with the quality of this camera just like I was alright so that concludes the video test for the kns x6 22 filling with the iPhone and now guys I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the video quality of this camera you know camera for this price that record in Full HD 1080p video in my head this is I’m pretty impressed I’m not gonna lie the even the image quality with the photos I took was pretty impressive now with the 25 times optical zoom and the photos that you guys saw that had the zoom it didn’t degrade the quality of the photo with a lot of other cameras when you go to zoom in the photo become like grainy but it happened with this camera which really surprised me I’m not gonna lie I was really impressed now we’re gonna be using the zoom for videos again like I’ve been saying it’s pretty much true with all cameras you know if you want to capture good HD video even with the good to zoom so you want to avoid the grey dienes I just gotta have really good lighting but the zoom on this camera is pretty impressive this for a camera this size to have 25 times optical zoom it’s pretty impressive a lot of other smaller canons like this only have like 10 times or 15 optical zoom so in fact this one has 25 I’m not gonna lie it’s pretty cool hey guys they’re pretty much all I have to say on this canon sx 6 28 guys for the price i’ll they can go wrong this thing’s a nice little I’m starting out vlogging camera you know this is my first vlogging camera I’m not gonna lie other than like I said I’ve been using my iphone this is my actual first vlog camera and I’m pretty impressed with this one so far don’t worry down the line I’ll probably test out some more volume cameras I would real of get my hands on the g7x or the g9x I think they’re out now because that one has the actual flip up screen so you can see what you’re doing as you’re vlogging it’s not be pretty cool to have one day but for right now then I’ll stick with the SX 620 because I am on a budget here so hey guys it’s been the review of the Canon SX 6 20 H s not a bad camera it’s sexy its impressed me I’m not gonna lie it so there you have it guys alright this has been my first-ever technology product review and I’d say I was pretty impressed with the result of this little thing alright guys I’ll see you guys in the next video oh and for my God’s little fans GFS is coming up why do you think I need a volume camera I want to make dope content at G fest alright guys I’ll see you in the next review

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