Canon Powershot G9 X Review

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Canon Powershot G9 X Black Friday Deals 2020

Canon Powershot G9 X Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon Powershot G9 X Review

what’s up everybody welcome back to the art of photography my name is Ted Forbes and this video we’re going to take a look at the latest compact offering from canon this is the canon g9x i have always been a big fan of point shoot cameras in the last couple years the quality on most these cameras has been just outstanding and I can get really good results with something that’s always with me just slips into my pocket I don’t always have to carry around a heavy DSLR with lenses and it’s going to give me better quality than what I get on my cell phone and I’ve always been a big fan of what Canon has to offer in this as well traditionally the top-of-the-line Canon point and shoots have been in the ass lineup that they’ve done and I think the first one I had was the s 95 the last one I had was the s 110 which I broke recently and the s 120 you can still get and interestingly enough they moved this model up into this GX line of cameras which includes the G 1 X 2 G 3 X the 5 X the 7 X and now the 9 X across that lineup they all have updated sensors they’re all one-inch sensors now so they’re slightly bigger than they’ve been in the past the idea is that you’re going to get better low-light performance and they are all are updated to the latest digit 6 processor and so I was really excited when Canon announced this although Canon also developed a reputation of not giving a lot of innovation into their products like there really was excited to see what was going to happen with this anyways so what I want to do is go up and close on this first we’ll look at some images and I’ll give you some of my thoughts of using the g9x so far so this is the Canon G 9x which as you can see is very compact in fact I upgraded from the Canon s110 which I felt was small but this is even smaller thinner and noticeably lighter than that camera is and so if you are used to Canon compacts you’re going to notice a big size difference here which is very cool if you want to go with a smaller camera it is available in two finishes this is the black finish obviously it is also available in a silver finish that has a beige fake plastic leatherette on the front personally if I’m shooting on a point-and-shoot camera I want to be a stealth as possible particularly when I’m doing video work so for that reason I just went with the standard black finish the lens is in 35 millimeter equivalents it’s a 28 to 80 millimeter lens that has an f-stop range of 2.0 to 4.9 which is not exceptional it’s okay and I would have liked to have seen an improvement there however the lens does get good results but I do want to note that when you start zooming out it goes to F 4 and F 4 point 9 pretty quickly in the focal range so f 2 is really only available on the widest setting but this will have you covered if you’re doing landscape architecture interiors and then if you want to zoom out and do head shots it’s got you covered for most of that and it does the job on the top the layout is fairly conventional you have your flash over on the left and the flash release and the flash is nothing too special to write home about it is there if you need it you can’t angle it to bounce but you do have it if you are in a pinch you have the mode selector for playback if you want to watch the videos or look at still images your microphone is in the middle one note I want to make about the microphone is is a major improvement in fact there’s several things that aren’t real high on the spec sheets necessarily but the microphone was greatly improved which you will like if you do video work I’ll show you an example in a minute and the image stabilization is really good as well which I will show you you have your on and off switch your shutter release and your zoom toggle and then finally your mode selector over on the far right and on the back of the camera it’s pretty conventional as well but you will notice that there is the absence of any kind of dial anymore on this camera you have a record button you have your quick settings your menu and your info buttons but everything else is done via the touch screen and I do want to say that this was very surprising I wasn’t sure that the touch screen was going to be something that I was going to really like and I take that back I liked it quite a bit you do have to get used to if you’re shot on canons in the past of reaching for a dial when you want to change an f-stop setting or something you’re going to do all of it from the touch screen interface now but it is really nice I can just click simply on what I want to focus on and it will do focus tracking so you can see as I move it around and the focus tracking works extremely well in fact the folks tracking is exceptional as is the image stabilization which you can already see on here there is very little shake and I believe there’s five internal modes that the camera will use depending on whether you’re autumn mode or whether you’re selecting them manually but you do have a lot of versatility and I think canon it’s just my opinion but I think they’ve always excelled and had the best image stabilization that you’re going to find out their operation on the camera for i nstance if I going to aperture priority mode you change the aperture simply by touching the back of the screen and I can swipe to change the aperture there or the other way of doing it is just to grab the collar on the lens and turn that and you can also even set this for manual focus and things one thing I don’t like is this just feels weird and if you’ve shot on Canon compacts you know exactly what I’m talking about but they’re clicky and I don’t really like the clicky feel personally I would rather that just be smooth but that’s a Canon thing and they’re all like that another feature that I really like on here and it’s always accessible from this back screen is this touch shutter release and so if I toggle it by touching it over there and so what this does is what I’m going to touch the screen it will not only get you in focus but it will take the picture at the same time and I really like this feature I didn’t think it would be something I would use but this is exceptionally useful if you’re shooting something that moves quickly like children or sports or something like that it really is nice to have both the focus and the shutter release all happen with one touch and I didn’t think that that was going to be something that I really liked but it really is the only other complaint the only complaints really I have on this camera there’s some really weird manual omissions that are on here for instance if I have any of the auto mode selected like the scene mode or the auto mode it doesn’t let me shoot raw in fact if I go there now I’ll show you how this works move over to the auto mode here you’re going to see that when I go into the menu settings that as far as the image quality here it only gives you JPEG options and not that that’s a huge deal because I really don’t shoot in these modes very often but I think it’s a curious omission as to why you couldn’t shoot RAW in any mode across the board the other thing I found a little bit frustrating is when shooting video you don’t have a lot of manual control and I think that’s unfortunate on my Sony rx100 Mark 4 I have full manual control over everything from shutter speed the aperture to ISO settings when I am in video mode I can control the ISO but that’s about it you can shoot video from any of the modes and you can set it up an aperture priority so if you want it all the way at F 2.0 but I have noticed that once you turn the camera on to record it will readjust so really the only thing you have is I’m using the down the front to do it but you have exposure compensation compensation in video mode which is nice but if it’s super hyper critical situation for performance this camera will not do what you want it to do and for that if you’re doing a lot of video you’re probably going to prefer the rx100 mark for over this which I know is a Sony and it’s completely different manufacturer but I think this is kind of where Canon fall a little bit short it feels to me like there’s just when you have things that are missing or too much changes between modes I kind of wonder why I mean I realize that they make cameras for everybody from soccer moms all the way down to professional photographers and they try to make a camera that’s going to be appealing to everybody and I don’t know why there’s stuff missing I just think that’s a slightly strange but I’ve been shooting on this camera for about two weeks and the image quality is fantastic the noise is actually very good at higher ISO s which is something that is a big upgrade from the s 110 that I was previously using the s 110 excelled if you shot at its lowest ISO setting but you tended to lose something in terms of contrast and also the introduction of noise at every setting above that and the g9x performs exceptionally well you do notice noise when you get above 6400 but the processor handles it well and images certainly are usable depending on the situation that you’re in so to give you an idea of video performance on this camera switched over to the g9 X now and I’m just hand holding it and one thing I think Canon has always done well with and this is my opinion but I think they have the best image stabilization particularly for doing video work that you’re going to find in fact I believe there are five or six image stabilization modes in here that you can go in and manually select but it really does have that covered very well and I’m hand-holding this right now and of course I’m standing still but this is particularly nice not only for video but also for stills if you’re shooting in really low light with a slow shutter speed you’re shooting macro or if you’re shooting telephoto there’s a lot of factors that come into the image quality in the mouth shape that you’re going to have and I think Canon have always been extremely good at this and I think the g9x is no exception the other reason I wanted to actually move over and film with this cameras I want you to notice I have not treated the audio at all except matched the volume level with the rest of the video and the microphone on is greatly improved if you watch my show often you know that I moved recently you know one of the biggest challenges that I have right now is being in this new house I have not really set it up for doing video work in here yet and so I’m having to make do and I do have problems with the sound being very echoey because I’m in a much smaller room and I do have lighting issues and but the sound is the one I wanted to talk about because the sound on this camera is exceptionally good I think for just a microphone on a point-and-shoot I want to take a second give a shout-out to our sponsor today who are the awesome folks over at if you’re not familiar with Squarespace it is an all-in-one solution for building beautiful websites it’s a template based system so you pick a template as a starting point but then everything is customizable so you don’t run the risk of looking like another website it is a drag-and-drop interface and could not be easier to use so if you want to build a gallery of images literally you take a folder of images drag and drop them under the browser and then click and drag to sort the order and you’re done it couldn’t be easier to use I’m actually using Squarespace right now as part of the show with a project called contrast which is an online magazine that I’m going to be doing that we’ll be launching in the next month or so here we’re a little late but I’m excited about it and one of the things that I love so much about using Squarespace for this project is that I don’t have to think about it all I have to worry about is making great content I worry about writing and I worry about images and I worry about people and getting involved I don’t worry about code and I don’t have to mess with browser compatibility Squarespace handles all of that for me and so anyway I highly recommend you guys go check them out you sign up for a free trial in fact there’s no reason not to they don’t even take a credit card for the free trial you just sign up and then try it and work on building a website and see how easy it is to use if you do decide it’s something you want to use I can save you some money off your initial order what you want to do is use an offer code on checkout and that offer code is a opie it stands for the art of photography offer code ao P will save you 10% on your initial order with Squarespace and I want to give an extra special shout out once again to the folks at for sponsoring another episode of the art of photography so those are my initial impressions on the Canon g9x and I’ve been using this camera for about two weeks now and I really do like it I love the form factor I love the size it’s very small the touch screen works exceptionally well image quality is very good you don’t have quite the manual control and options for customization that you do have with the Sony rx100 mark for but that’s a really different type of camera anyway and at a much higher price point one of the problems that I have with this camera though then this is a major con and I think this is going to be a big turn-off in a deal-breaker for some people and that is the price point I think this camera is too expensive Canon have a reputation for lately not innovating as much as somebody like Sony I don’t think that’s the problem I think that this is a nice camera and it’s a nice evolution for Canon in their point-and-shoot range but I just think the price jump is just way too high when you consider especially if you already own a Canon point-and-shoot one of the S line cameras or even one of the older you know like the 300 HS or something like that which were great cameras when you consider what you’re going to upgrade to and get out of this particularly from like let’s say the S series I had a 70 s 110 and I think the performance is a little bit better on this the image quality is significantly better it’s updated but is it more than twice the price better and that’s the problem I have with it the retail on this camera is five hundred and twenty nine dollars I believe so that means the street price depending on when or where you get is probably going to be between 450 and maybe $500 and I think $500 for this type of point-and-shoot is just a little high and I’m not sure what canons thinking on that was probably putting this model in the GX lineup along with the g7 X and the 5x and all those probably with some of the thinking behind it but I just think that the price point is just a little too high that’s the only problem I have with it if you don’t have a Canon point-and-shoot and you’re interested in this then it probably is worth the investment to get into but if you already have something like the s 110 I don’t know that the upgrade is substantial enough to want to spend the extra money to do it anyway those are my thoughts on it other than that I do like the camera I just wish Canon could do something about that price and so it’ll be interesting to see what happens of course if they don’t sell the price will drop but anyway those are my initial thoughts and if you have some experience with this camera I want to hear what you guys have to say as well so leave your comment below and until next time this has been another episode of the art of photography I’ll see you guys in the next video later

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