Canon MX922 Black Friday 2019

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Welcome! to another article with a best all in one printer Canon MX922 Black Friday 2019. Printing quality is very good of all wireless canon printers.
Canon MX922 black friday 2019

Canon MX922 Black Friday 2019

hey YouTube team gilling mm here I recently got a canon pixma and Max 922 um a while ago I’d say about three weeks cuz my older MX 892 broke down and I just decided to do a review and overview no review sorry and demo on this one cuz I really loved it I actually think this is the best printer I’ve ever owned but I’ll get to all the details later but first we’re going to do our overview so its current so on the printers currently in sleep mode so I’m just gonna wake it up alright so let me zoom in on the touchscreen not touchscreen sorry so you have your buttons right there and over here you see you have copy fax scan my new well this is actually something newer let the added normally you’d get you’d find copy fax scan photo and then the menu off to the side this time they added the menu on to the four main panels and from the menu you can do photos and this printer does allow you to print from the USB Drive but not from an SD card so let me zoom out a little bit alright so you see your black button your color button the dots for scanning and copying faxing you know I’ll see your cancel button your free faxing buttons nice I think they’re off for boxing I never used those before on this printer or the old one so anyways as a dual panel so if I press fax all the numbers light up which is really cool then if I do scan just goes to that the menu it stays at that but let me zoom in on this this is really interesting ah there we go perfect alright so you have alright I’m trying not to be in the way I sell photo template crying I’ll show you that later that we can print stuff like calendars and paper in my paper I love you a wireless setup your web service which is like print from email Google Cloud Print I didn’t have your eco settings advanced print setup and flight setting some setup you can do maintenance device settings and your your ink levels so mine are basically full the ink is a little hard to indicate on this on this display but it’s really nice so I’m just like a copy I was even in copy mode and right now I’m going to show you how to change the ink tank so oh whoa I didn’t realise how’s that I was uh I was already zoomed in so yeah I guess that’s good well that’s better alright so this unit actually you change your cartridges a bit differently the new wood and a normal Canon model so on the I mean cannon off strip model um if you remember if you guys on my last review you would have seen that I have to pull down the tray and lift up right here to change your cartridge and there’s a giant platform would raise with this model it is easier to do it’s easier and the cartridges are bigger and believe it or not a little cheaper and this printer can also take extra large cartridges and an XXL black sorry about that I just knock something down and um so the ink can range anywhere from about $50 to about over a hundred so if you’ve got all the XL color slash photo black and XXL um black pigment black that would probably be about 110 or so but I know last a long time in the regular ink lasts a long time but anyways I realized that I spent so much time talking about it really need start going over the machine so so first down here is your paper cassette for plain paper it holds approximately half a ream of paper not see that’s about right actually maybe it’ll hold 225 and 7 250 yeah I just jammed it my bad so anyway excuse your tray for 4×6 and 5×7 photo paper if you have a letter or a legal size photo paper you load it into the bottom platform and I mean bond cassette and that’s also where you’re going to load your envelopes so anyways a house does some standard glossy photo paper right here I’m touching the back of it load it facedown and yeah this holds up um 20 to 40 sheets I think I’m not entirely sure oh and actually I forgot so if you take this out on if it can be seen on screen but I’m going to hold it onto the photo paper underneath you have this which is your CD tray so so this comes out this is your CD printing trade and put that back on for now alright now I’m going to show you how the ink gets changed and that’ll be the end of the overview and then I’ll go on to the demo then the review is going to be last so to change the ink you actually raise the flatbed scanner you are you open the paper tray as well and change the ink tank you pull up on this door right here and the machine oh gee sounds different than older Canon models here comes ink all right there we go there’s an ink as you can see it’s really not it looks really nice in there and let me just pull out one of the color cards just so you can see how long and how big it is so I’ll just pull out a cyan cartridge so I’d say this is about three to four inches long it’s pretty long pretty nice just gonna dissect carry on and that’s cyan so just to get back in there sometimes it feels a little difficult like you Jam again look she push it forward all the way first then press it down it takes a bit of getting used to I’m not you sweet yet but I haven’t really changed of cartridges these are my second set sample cartridges don’t last long of course I’m going to close it it says processing on the screen and I should use it says done we’re good to go it takes them in I think it does it cleaning – there’s what’s while it’s doing that and want to show you something yeah it’s good to do like a scanning now it’s candy crush cleaning so then just want to show you something if you want to print like legal or a4 you actually can pull this out but I’m warning you if you pull it out you must remember to close or else it won’t close and I’ll get little room on it you have to put this in and raise the trim and I’ll go back inside see it’s really easy so I’m not going to be showing you a wireless print today because I’m too far away from our Wi-Fi we have gotten new Wi-Fi but um I’m I’m on the other end of the house so we’ll it’ll go really slow still doing its then alright sounds like it’s done now it sounds like it’s done I always I can tell by the sounds when it’s done or not and how it usually still takes a minute to process and we are good so I’m now going to be doing the printing the tray opens really nicely and I’m going to show you how it opens automatically so first I’m going to print a you’ll see your what am I going to print first I’m gonna do the CD last I’m going to print out an essay a two-page essay I’m gonna do it double sided double side printing on this printer is insanely fast this is the fastest you can make it I’m just letting you know so it’s connecting it’s ready and we are good let’s go wait wait wait okay good just making sure is on standard quality so here we go sometimes it’ll go faster depending on how much is in your document since this goes to the edge of the page but you said printing process takes a bit longer let’s take a look at how came out the text is really really sharp all right so now we make a duplex copy of this so I’m going to do a duplex copy on standard quality I’m going to do two-sided to two-sided in black and white all right I’m going I’ll make two copies of it and here we go she sucked up the paper already what you know usually doesn’t do know the speeds you’ll usually expect from a standard copy taking a little long because it sucked up the paper before it needed to the second copy will go faster because starting to have the memory of the first copy in the printer this is we did usually expect to get from this printer copy speeds are not the best I will say that copying is a little slower than expected but it comes out really nice yeah I think I’ll just cancel the second one so single copy compared to the original so this is the copy original copy they look I mean you might have the old tongue in person but Amy Allen camera button person copy is a little little little lighter but other than that it’s brighter looks like it’s actually an original so let’s see here I just did the document usually after it prints I’ll go through a cleaning process if it doesn’t receive a new print job after like two minutes so I’m gonna try and print before it does that I’m going to do a photo print on plain paper right now oh I make it borderless why not and I want to do the wire can ms-20 oh there it goes great I just missed it while it’s doing that I’m just going to get my other photos ready you you know before I do this Oh before I do the photo page I mean the photo print I’m going to do a Wikipedia page that I think I’m going to do it single sided just to show you the speeds that you expect from a single sided document that has text and photo so I’m going to a single side a time I’m doing eight pages of it only cuz most of it was just useless information so and it will automatically print from the last page which I love so here we go Julie fasiq comes out really good-quality now it’s on the graphic so while while it’s printing let me just explain something this printer actually has won awards with PC Magazine it’s placed in order and this printer of 2013 won second place of every printer that was me so I think that’s pretty amazing and I’ve always loved Canon I’ve loved loved loved Canon I’m using a Canon camera right now actually and Canon is just this is something about Canon that has such good products and there’s one more page after this I know I know this is one more page after this it’s working out really intense graphic oh and now it’s done so if you look at that it’s really nice is of the USS Iowa really nice so so I’m going to do a photo front now I’m going to do a borderless I know I’m going to do a borderless print on plain paper it’s a black and white image now while doing this I’m going to get the next print weird or photo I should say it takes about one minute to print a BA I think about one minute to print it takes up to one minute should say to print a borderless photo and I just can see it’s going really really fast faster than you’d expect for most ink Jets it’s coming out great and I love this picture too and the ink dries really quick ignore mine I hate it when you pull a page out of a printer and it’s so wet this one it’s pretty much dry and it takes up it takes like two minutes before you can’t even notice it so I think it’s really amazing it looks even better in person on camera just it looks a bit weird but you know Carolee capture the beauty on camera so now we’re going to do a borderless photo print here we go and this is 4×6 just glossy paper it takes about 20 seconds so if you do three a minute you can probably do about 180 photos an hour it sounds it sounds like that printer is breaking one stepped-up the photo paper but it’s not it’s actually printing it right now it’s really quiet it’s not even in quiet mode and after this I guess I’ll do the I’ll either do the CD print or the or a scanning demo think’ll just scanning through the CD for last this isn’t the entire image because some of it was cut off but there it is and it’s really really good so as you can see this produce performing really nicely right now I’ll do the scanning and I guess all the scan and this Wikipedia page is eight page thing so I’m going to go to scan open this and this feels really nice right here by the way does in the compact PDF I just want to make sure I’m all my settings good alright it’s just gonna be a color scan it’s gonna it’s gonna scan in a compact PDF let’s give it and yeah so is it aligned I want to be sure it’s a nice little line yes sir it’s cleaning right now cuz I think it’s a cleaning or alignment or something but you know all kidding praise Ulis oh sorry oh whatever that’s good enough I’ll wait what about oh my god where isn’t one of them with other ones cuz I didn’t even put it in the stand I put it on top of it alright alright as soon as it stops we’re going to do our color scan on to my dell inspiron i can just close this for now and it does work as a standalone top here but you do need a computer to set it up alright it’s done so you just got started color if you haven’t been using the scanner it takes about 10 to 30 seconds to warm up normally takes about 20 if you’re doing a color scan black and white it’s about 5 to 10 atoms this is a wireless scan or not oh hey I think it’s doing it wirelessly I think that’s why it’s not working I have to make sure it’s sending it to the right destination that’s the problem god I better hurry up because I only have a total of ten minutes of according left yeah I said I sending it to the wrong thing well forward PC local USB that’s the problem and I’ll I’ll just do an auto scan and scan settings on on simplex I was going to do an auto scan so here we go color if this doesn’t work I’m gonna try something else or it doesn’t work I’m just going to give up cancel that’s not working so ah all right Casey oh my god was two of my pcs they don’t know why just try it going for it see if it’s doing anything yeah it’s working it is a factory in color scan that’s all fast scans doing a wirelessly so we’ll do that we’ll stop and look a bit is processing it but normally you don’t get this normally we’ll just keep going and won’t stop there we’ll just keep going through but it but I don’t feel like dealing with technical difficulties just waiting for my computer to process I’m on computer I told you we’re far away from the router but you can see the wireless logo is blinking okay right now taking a while to process so you want to process this page I should say there we go come on keep going come on yeah I think I’m just going to cancel it and we cancel it on here to cancel I’m gonna have to eject the document because in the middle of feeding see it’s currently in the feeder see right there and I have to record this in two separate videos all right yeah okay I jacked I see does this gaming speed you normally get let’s get it all right so let’s see here I think the only thing I have left to do is a CD print so all right let me get this for an upcoming movie I plan to be uploaded slash finish and 2014 and I’m gonna find a principle CD or dvd it also does blu-ray discs does blu-ray DVD and CD sorry ok I’ll just put it back to copy mode so the movies going to be called dreaded Candyland and that’s a disc label I’m planning to burn it to DVD oh my gotta go to go fast gotta go fast alright so let me just do print and then we decide yes I got the media size printable discs yes and disc tray advanced settings print quality custom can do custom oh can only do hi alright whatever well alright so I’m gonna do a print so what’s going to do it’s going to give you the directions or give me the directions on the printer sure oh yeah there we go that’s down on me and yep see now it’s giving you the direction goes there boom hot sauce and eat right out get it out so now I’m going to go like this then we got to put it and winding it up to do arrows slide up and okay now now it’s detecting the disc I’m going to have time before I end the video I’m not going to do be able to do template prints I don’t think and not all right there we go it takes about a minute I’ll do a tub template print in this upper video and connect it and the CD tray is going to pop out I hope it looks good better all right it should be almost done it’s pretty amazing that the spreader can do this and it comes out in great quality too all right it’s almost done I can tell all right it’s I can tell upon the end and there it is and as you can see ah there we go it looks great looks even better in person so I’m just gonna leave that there for now and now it doesn’t cut off when we going to duplicate I’m gonna just do a checklist on letter one sided one copy hunt this is the only template print I’m doing because I don’t have time to do another one so I’m going to give you my review Wald’s doing this I give it a 5 out of 5 stars my only con is the expensive a lot of those fast that was really fast alright there it is alright so my only con is that this expensive ink I give it a 5 out of 5 stars for sure and um yeah I really love it and I really think you guys should get this if you’re looking for a new ink jet printer so peace out

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