Canon EOS 6D Review

Here you will learn Canon EOS 6D Black Friday Deals 2020 and also the latest discount prices.

Canon EOS 6D Review Black Friday Deals 2020

Canon EOS 6D Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon EOS 6D Review

Wow so here we are you can read a title the canon 6d has come in time for christmas they’ve all come here to see it history boring us online you can see it online let’s go straight straight over there 60 oh wow that’s a 60 in there in a under the curtain under wraps I’ve got the Canon 60 look at the cute I was one we saw just now they’re really queuing up oh look at that that’s a 13 minute estimated waiting time just to go look at 16 in the dark it’s a shame I already got it if you look at challenge convention of naming oil they’re dslr’s this is the sixty and then 5d mark 3 this in very is just very very similar to the 5d Mark II one digit difference now of course it’s got a full frames engine I know 5d Mark 3 it’s got the same 63 zone IFC l metering system and if you squint a little bit looks like Heidi but is quite clearly 16 it’s a 66 60 I’ve got a 60 here 60 I don’t have Q up it’s a caravan enthusiasts the full-frame sensor will appeal to those who might get bit OCD about having a crop censored Cameron working out the equivalent focal length and one three five format terms Oh 15 millimetres not a 15 millimeter sounds bit like me actually now this of course is filled with more plastic it’s just like a lot of tip of things in life electronics goods and Kim Kardashian still got magnesium and I’ll always chassis it’s just that investigate if you feel the plastic the top cover here and I mean is really like over hundred grams lighter than the body mark three that was not as Weber resistant as the 5d but how nice splash dust resistant splash show up on a splash the RP is around 2,000 bucks around 1,700 quid for UK thieves the price is a stretch further than 60 in the SEM D but not an excellent established 5 D series the 5d has been a full-frame camera for amateurs and pros that hasn’t made full frame for everyone the 60 could be it but of course you get less for less money anyway while as I say in the screen we point to into the private my peers is smaller this is a three inch but it’s got the same moment onto taemin 40k dots all on the same well not same thing most going to same amount of dots on it 1040 K the thing is the cover on this is plastic it’s a glass of the 5d mark 3 my tipping well neither are scratch proof anyway are they but glass feels a bit more solid another thing worth noting is that there’s no auto brightness control in the 60s screen anyway there’s one less customize user settings here c1 c2 by the monkeys got three I suppose if you f 6d 5d that’s one digit they are taking loved ones they’ve taken the console out there’s only one SD card slot I don’t mean to complain but two cards to fill it’s always better than one slot Slipslop keep the war file size of being 25 megabytes on average for file you’ll get 650 shots on the 16 gig card once that fills up you have to open the flap and put another one in not too bad but once you start shooting video it all gets a bit flap happy annoying it’s like a skate I sneaked past the scourge guards that’s a security guard over one balloon the buttons on the back are nicely laid out for one-armed bandits they’re laid out for just you right hand use it all on this side here so you can shoot and playback all with one hand of course if you want to use a menu stop to use your left hand but unfortunately buttons are more like the 60d and they are 5d mark 3 this control wheel is right off the 60d and the set the fun pad here unfortunately there’s not much feel to it a little bit spongy like a 6d kind of feels like you’ve sat in your hand to make it feel numb just so that somebody else is touching it that’s what it feels like with this with this numpad if you use it to set autofocus points because there’s no joystick up here mas without this joystick here to change the air point shifter you come down from what should have been this position here with the 5d mark 3 we’ve got your joystick cool actually not too much like the 60d I mean the feel of the 60 buttons it’s just the set we’re really that’s 60 others feel a little bit better as opposed this canons a me to say that the feel is quite similar to the 5d it’s not just the things that you can touch that different sort of the things that you can see well you probably can’t see it it’s just three percent difference with the 5d Mark 3 viewfinder is 100 percent accuracy but this is just 97% just the difference only really matters to geeks like us it has to be hundred percent it doesn’t make a huge difference when you’re framing one thing about is that you can actually change folks and screens on this unlike the 5d mark 3 ways fixed apparently is too difficult 100% accuracy viewfinders that means you can pick a focusing screen that’s better for manual focusing on Friday trouble use of 5d3 screen is made to be brighter Oslo lenses and the consequence of doubt is that you don’t actually see the actual depth of field and viewfinder will get larger than at 2.5 aperture so with a changeable screens to 60s seem you better to use for manual focusing fast lenses in a way one thing they have gone cheap on is AF system there’s only 11 AF point sir guess how many costs type there are you might need a mass degree for this I was complaining about having to use this to adjust the AF points no point is only 11 numbers sound crap 11 AF points to more than a truly affordable 650d but has 8 less cross-type points in the 650d let’s not even think about nickels d600 can walk well but what the hell does it matter how many points it has if it folks as well and it does a fairly decent job so wallet wall-e where’s Holly it’s the wall-e tracking moving subjects is just alright but overall 260 is more than decent enough for street shooting accurate enough and you get the same ability to make micro adjustments with focus as the 5d 3 the sensitive centre AF point is nice but the out points are unsurprisingly not always great in places with low lines our bollocks Hiddleston focus and want to benefit one advantage this has able to find your not fear stuff that the center point is more sensitive for annoyed down to three easy versus two of them privy mark very good who’s only got one cost life anyway that failed creepy runners over here on the right side of the green filly if you want to use your way and trying to lick a bean to use your left hand uncle doing a dance there Gangnam style eh sexy lady what the hell that’s a bum hole Oh have nightmares but it’s are you thinking about the scent the transvestite Santa a cross-dressing Center before we move on I feel like we have to mention the birthrate 4.5 FPS which is not really worth mentioning any ways that you can move on also focus is decent enough doesn’t seem as quick as finding mark 3 just try novel ends trusty 2417 oh this is good blindingly quick it’s not 1dx what you kind of expected to be the best in a range anyway of course it’s not one DX or even 5d mark 3 but it’s still good better than the 5d mark ii obviously miles better than at USM as well as been getting control a ripple illumination that’s already lively shop display well it’s quite real yeah it’s like it’s one of those toys which the head wobble it’s got full-frame sensor that’s the whole point of it isn’t it and there’s not many megapixels load applied in microwave 20 megapixels 20.2 to be exact the images from the 60 are quite pleasing some of these shots were taken with quite a large contrast between shadows and highlights the dynamic range is pretty good with the transition to the highlight being quite smooth has also got a digit 5 plus processor which is noises and zits I’ll come back to the church where a lot got kicked out last time see if we get kicked out again I said I see our wine is quite madness was not climb out that’s quiet noise is not too prevalent at all only coming out in the mid tones at ISO 6400 details start getting blocked here ISO 12800 above that the blotchiness has taken to a new level blotchiness one little core addition to the 60s that is got Wi-Fi and GPS you’ve got Wi-Fi option in the spanner menu here let’s enable it you can send your pictures through the Wi-Fi we can do this really cool thing where you connect it to your smart phone you use this as a remote now what the hell does that mean oh it says access all right one it provides easy connection yes please and then you can see my camera here it’s a little bit fiddly but they know once camera image viewing or remote shooting oh look at that that’s cool it’s weird I’m tilting the phone to go with the camera is fantastic you can change the settings as well with an aperture value exposure calm all right so you can actually use these ones do this and then the exposure changes you can even have a bit of fun with this there you go I’ll be the director just go over there just take a picture of him that guy he’s on the phone it’s on the phone oh wow this is just it’s made you seasick no no no right a bit yeah and then you’ve got a camera image viewer the same app so what the photos were taken that delete it forward it save image to smartphone also of course as a cannon is not moving function got the quick access which there you’ve got the mic input the HDMI under that flap there’s no headphone jack that’s a shame you definitely don’t want to use the internal mic is a shitty little mono mic you can see the audio levels there it’s clipping a little bit unfortunately is no way of changing the audio levels made sure stairways better than the d600 where you have to turn off a live view just to change the aperture and change aperture we’d shoot here one thing with this is that you can use it Wi-Fi that would have been really cool the 60 is a camera dare first seems to be disappointing since it was announced at the same time as Nick on announced at d600 and on paper seems like it offers less it does that doesn’t make it less of a camera for photography or video it feels and shoes like a decent DSLR shooters should the things that are considered inferior are hardly huge downfalls if there’s anything stopping you from gang one is the back-to-basics AF one card slot and the fact that there is a 5d Mark 3 but if you’re thinking that’s supposed to be just like the 5d Mark 3 then you’d be completely wrong to do so if it’s not good enough for you then you just have to pay more don’t you

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