Canon 7D Mark II Review

Here you will know Canon 7D Mark II Black Friday Deals 2019 and the latest discount prices of this day.

Canon 7D Mark II Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon 7D Mark II Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon 7D Mark II Review 

The 70 mark 2 is here speed shooting is his main purpose but it’s been a long time waiting five years and that a couple of hundred dollars short of 2k it’s not cheap as such so is the mark 2 worth the wait the 7d was one of the most successful dslr’s ever so how could they improve on that well kind of difficult which is why we’ve got the mark 2 says taken cannon5 used to present the mark tuna body that looks just like the 7b it’s still insanely rugged chunk of metal wrap of rubber and plastic II feeling stuff well that has to be said that some things can’t be changed can’t be improved because that really is the maximum they can go apparently the way of sealing is vastly improved up to the levels of 1 DX on paper hardly exciting so much so now I can’t even be Bob to do any durability test more extreme than spitting water on it that was a very good test was it burnt it last time we froze it so what’s done is new well it has 2 more megapixels 2 FPS more an added SD card slot 100k more dots on the screen and a viewfinder info display should you upgrade from the original 7d things don’t seem too tantalizing so far so it seems like the 70 mark 2 hasn’t really gone anywhere quick on this shoot we’re photographing illusions photos that are made to look better not the right way up hmm this is a 70 month to mind you maybe we can do something with a little more movement fun stuff now let me know ok it might be only 2 FPS more will you shoot with it you really do feel the difference you can’t get this kind of double-figure FPS performance with any other DSLR other than nikkolon canons flagship models and even then it’s not part of the d 4s it flaps away like a flappy bird and by Duracell actually more like a plutonium rod above your backside this yes you can watch the 10 FPS bursts like is an animation then you simply hit the frame that works best easy-peasy was such a short space of time to play with a mark to reacts quickly and precisely now this we want Yannick to look like he’s hanging off the post but the hand has to be in a way where it’s really bloody difficult he’s laughing he can only do that for just a very short amount of time so this has to be quick enough to get that shot before you can come back down again okay fantastic why is one frame gives me ten one those perfect you know the assembly mark – it’s not just about a 10 F yes it’s the buffer this thing goes on forever like over thousand JPEGs I keep doing this for about five and a half hours factually providing I’ve reached the life of the shutter bar me they’s perfect it’s like a Olympic dismount you know when you dismount yes do you dismount with one arm still holding it are you on one arm you’d be like I want to get that moment when you dismount that is just one arm there is a lot to like about the autofocusing system having it pretty much cover all the useful bits of the frame and having 65 all cross-type points it’s hard not I like doesn’t work well I’d say it works pretty bloody well nobody living living ah perfectionist yeah what how I like is that it’s got this little we’re leave it for changing all the focused loads from just 65 own cross type points choose the right mode it’s let the camera pick one thing I wasn’t too keen on was the intelligent tracking recognition face tracking thing overall pretty good performance but there were a couple shots I lost focus however that’s like some inception share there yeah Oh in this shot the tiled walls could be floor tiles with Jannik running along the wall the wall looks like the floor floor like the wall there are a couple of useful improvements when it comes to video mode for the 70 mark – first there’s that autofocus and it’s supposedly quite good then you can shoot 50 or 60 frames per second in Full HD in summary the main selling point of assembly mark twos invoved speed and accuracy how n annoys performance is better well not difficult to be better than the 7d ISO 6400 will get you some nice clean shots what do I know is some banding in the ISO 12800 shots although they still look a right not the best noise performance around but okay are these features enough to warrant an upgrade is it worth shelling out that much more to get this despite the fact that the burst and buffer are amazing and autofocus is one of the best you can get it still doesn’t really make sense as an upgrade for current 7d owners but sometimes the best things in life simply don’t make any sense at all you

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