Canon 6D Mark II Review

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Canon 6D Mark II Black Friday Deals 2020

Canon 6D Mark II Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon 6D Mark II Review 

Hello I’m Adam and welcome to first man photography today in the video I’m gonna be testing out this is the canon 6d mark ii so if you want to know how this performs but you just love landscape photography or the great outdoors then come with me so those of you that have been watching me for a while will know that my reviews are they’re not the typical review that you might see on YouTube I like to go out into the real world I’m not going to talk too much about stats and things like that you can find that on other great channels I like to put a camera or lens to the test in the real world and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do today we have come to the absolutely stunning Laphroaig fell in the Lake District the weather didn’t start off very well today but it’s come absolutely beautiful so we’ve got some great conditions to test this out I’m gonna do a couple of landscapes maybe a portrait as well to really put it through its paces and just see how good this canon 16 mark 2 really is the main point of a camera like this is that it’s full-frame and giving you that normally that extra dynamic range that low-light ability and sometimes higher quality because you’re getting more of the image into slightly bigger pixels and it’s just a better way of capturing the light and that’s what this camera is all about the full-frame also lets you put much better lenses on the camera as well and still give you that nice wide angle because this is a 17 to 40 millimeter lens if you put that on a crop sensor camera then that crop factor increases out to around 24 millimetres so you get the better glass at the wide angle which makes it perfect for landscape photography we’ve got a bit of a hike up the mountain all the video you see today that isn’t it doesn’t have me in it will be shot on the 60 as well so you’ll be able to see what the video quality is like as well so let’s get up until Africa fell and see what we can do with this camera okay so after being at the top there it was a little bit busy so we’ve hiked down to this little ledge it’s a place on a well I bring clients here on the workshops but it’s a spectacular location for getting this amazing view over the Frick tan and then the mountains behind and I do have a massive amount of drama behind me in the mountains here the weather front is kind of coming across as all the steam and the rain or snow whatever is is coming over the top of the mountain down into the valley but that’s still being struck by a little strand of sunlight and it’s just creating a massive amount of drama and I’m actually quite excited about it so what I’m going for with a canon 16 mark too is I’ve got the 70 to 200 lens on the front here I’ve gone in as close as I can with the digital zoom to manual focus I’m at about 100 millimetres a little bit more f11 and then about shutter speed of 130 of a second iso 100 and it’s gonna be epic I think I’m quite excited about it this is the kind of shot that you dream about is this camera capable of picking that up I know I could with the Canon 5d Mark 4 I have total confidence in that camera can I have confidence in this Canon 60 mark – let’s see let’s take that shot – second timer there we go look very very nice I’ve just come back to the studio just for a minute because did you see in that time-lapse then the flickering that was going on now people have asked me before how I avoid that flickering in my time-lapse is normally and the truth is it is a little bit reliant on the gear with any camera when you’re doing time-lapse of a series of stills like I do the way it works are the way the camera does it is just by taking shot after shot after shot after shot and you are relying on the camera to produce the same exposure every single time because that flickering comes from very my new changes in in the exposure and that happens from the see that the aperture there the aperture has to do the same thing every single time and when it’s cold and with a camera like the canon 6d market – you’re just getting tiny tiny little inaccuracies of the aperture as you can see there and the shutter speed as well so they need to be exact unlike this 5d Mark 4 which is very accurate the 60 mark – is made of plastic again unlike this one and when it’s cold conditions like that that accuracy just slides away a little bit quicker than it does with the Canon 5d Mark 4 so just something to bear in mind on that also for this video I wanted to shoot a portrait as well when I was out on the fells I really didn’t have time I ran out of time because just this son left now the Canon 6d mark 2 is excellent in low-light so it is it does naturally lend itself lend itself to doing portraits however the autofocus system is whilst it’s good and it’s accurate and it’s got good number and number of points they are all really tightly packed into the very middle of the frame what it feels like is that they’re just transferred the autofocus system from a camera like the ATD into the 60 and as that sensors then got bigger that the space in which those autofocus points cover is smaller it’s quite a bit smaller than the Canon 5d Mark for you I’ll show you the focus points here you can see how tightly packed they are in the mill in the middle so it’s not really a camera that would probably use for any kind of professional portrait work like a wedding you’re constantly going to be sort of pushing your focus point to the edge of the available focus points and then reframing more often than you would have to with a camera on my professional camera like this Canon 5d Mark 4 so just a couple of things I wanted to mention that I missed out basically when I was out on the fells because it was a lot going on but let’s go back to the fells now some imposition for my last shot of the day and because of my lack of fitness it’s taken me a little bit longer than planned to get here so I missed the best of the lighter wanted some golden light just here on this style that missed it but because that there is a little bit of color in the sky looking over lake windermere here it’s another landscape shot and what I’m doing is just using the wall behind me to lead you into the shots you’ve got that bit of interest from the rocks and the style in the foreground and then that just as Eve then have this S curve of the river or stream leading you in to the lake which is then just a beautiful scene and it should work out a really nice shot it’s a classic shot it’s not it’s one that gets shot a lot but I wanted to do that to compare the image I capture from the sixteen mark to here to others that I’ve seen in this same location I am at f11 I’m shooting between 15 seconds and 30 seconds and I might bracket those two shots together to get the image sorted and make it look really really nice it’s windy it’s cold so I’m struggling to speak a little bit now but one of the problems that I have noticed with this camera is the dynamic range especially when you are at lower ISO and iso 100 particularly it’s frustrating because the dynamic range just isn’t as good as it could be at ISO 100 it gets better as you put the ISO up and it does make this camera a really really good performer for low-light situations but the dynamic range is a problem I’ve noticed it shoot in the video throughout the day as well that sky is just blown out more than I would have liked it to be and in fact the 800 D that I’m shooting this on now has probably performs a little bit better even though that is a crop sensor camera bit disappointing but there are a lot of upsides let’s capture this shot though and see what the stunning scene here in the Lake District is going to provide us for this image beautiful scenery beautiful images stunning light at times as well a good test of the 16 mark – I’m gonna submit up in one second so my final thoughts about the canon 6d mark – it’s a really good camera I’ve had a great day using it for landscape photography it is a pretty strong camera the flip out screen makes it good for those low down landscapes particularly if you’ve got it in a stream or in low down to the ground you can start tilt it up and really use that screen to your benefit there are some downsides like I said that dynamic range just it just isn’t there in this camera this camera is quite similar to the Canon a TD but it just has a full-frame full-frame sensor I think that’s probably the best way to describe it I also wouldn’t use this camera for professional video productions like a would the Canon 5d Mark 4 but it’s still a good camera for video there’s no doubt about that you could vlog quite happily with this you could shoot your family with this it would be quite a good camera for your sort of video needs as long as they’re not professional and obviously it has the Geo pixel autofocus – all the Canon cameras now have which just makes the autofocus for video and in the live view in fact absolutely perfect and it very very rarely misses never in fact it hasn’t missed a day when I’ve been using it so there’s a lot of good things like I said it’s not a professional camera but it isn’t priced like a professional camera so you can’t really complain and that’s why I’ve really enjoyed using this at 1600 pounds and dollars in the u.s. it’s a good deal to get you into that full frame and take your photography gear to that next level and you start to enter into the realms of using really nice glass and then if you wanted to upgrade the body later to something better you could do that and I think that’s why I can’t have produced that this camera and I don’t think it’s a mistake than doing that I’ve had a great day shooting this and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too if this is the first video of mine that you’ve seen please hit the subscribe button so you get more videos I’m out in this kind of countryside a lot doing my landscape photography vlogs hit the notification bell if you are subscribed as well so you see all my videos as soon as they come out come out I’ve had a great day here it’s been immense leave a comment down below let me know if you have this camera let me know what you think of it I’d really love to hear from you I use it a fair bit now and I really like it so I’ll see you on another video very very soon I’m Adam this is first man photography in the absolutely stunning surroundings of the Lake District out

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