Canon 5D Mark IV Review

Here you will learn Canon 5D Mark IV Black Friday Deals 2020 and also the latest discount prices on this day.

Canon 5D Mark IV Black Friday Deals 2020

Canon 5D Mark IV Black Friday Deals 2019

Canon 5D Mark IV Review

Hi my name is tamas Telman and today i want to talk to you about the Canon 5d Mark 4 had it for about 2 months now and I’ve been waiting about two years I don’t know how many years for this camera to be released like we all have the 5d Mark 3 was extremely first how worked really well for all of us but it was starting to age and since some of the other brands were iterating quickly it was getting frustrating waiting but here it is I spent about eight weeks with it now and I want to tell you what I thought of it for context the things that I usually shoot our lifestyle and fashion which is mostly for my wife’s blog Anya B net so we travel a lot take thousands and thousands of photos every month yeah so I have some strong opinions about this I’m also the head of video over at stock c-calm so I spend a lot of time looking at footage and thinking about the quality of it and we’d all hoped that Canon would use this as a chance to bring their DSLRs back into the video world but based on the one DX we shouldn’t be surprised that they are not doing that that is not their game plan and this is not really a video camera it works great for it we’ve used it for a couple of projects me and Alan who’s a manual camera right now we shot it along with the a7 r2 which is the camera being used right now and they actually match it up pretty well the way that they looked best together was actually using HDR mode on the Canon which I haven’t seen many people talking about yet it’s so kind of weird I don’t know if we’re going to commit to using all the time but it was the only way that I could get the dynamic range that I want out of a modern DSLR using s log2 or other log formats and so many other video cameras you can get tons of dynamic range and make these small cameras look really beautiful the Canon doesn’t do that out of the box in HDR mode only works in 30 frames per second 1080 the 4k options are not options as far as I’m concerned uses a really old codec called motion JPEG and the files it creates are way too big I think I heard the other day that they’re bigger than certain red files that are raw so Canon didn’t want to make this video camera I’m sorry it’ll still work great for youtubers or for personal home videos but for filmmakers it’s just not I am holding on to some hope because some of these big problems I think can be fixed in the future the fact that there’s no peeking they could always add that and for more updates the fact that there’s no zebras that could easily be added and you know what if canon doesn’t do it magic lantern will and whatever they’re going to do with this camera is going to look amazing the hardware is great I think they just need to boost some things in software I mean shooting with the a seminar to a lot of a time lately that’s the newest camera that is shooting alongside the 5d Mark 3 and it really reminded me what the difference between professional camera and a not quite professional camera is little things like construction quality and menu systems and just general reliability are why there’s no chance that I’m going to move to the sony the sony files look better 42 megapixels the sharper a little more dynamic range lower noise but you know what that camera doesn’t work for me at all it is it crashes it completely crashes for no reason pretty often it writes way too slow there are so many problems with it deny cons are obviously an option if you already have Nikon lenses here the 750 and the 810 are really amazing probably a little bit ahead of Canon at this point but I’m already way into canon class I prefer the Canon ecosystem and I’m just glad that the 5d Mark 4 was able to catch up to the point that I’m not jealous of any of the other brands anymore it’s close enough to the same level that I’m just really happy with it let’s talk a bit about image quality so when I had the 5d Mark 3 and the a7 r2 together I compared those side by side same lens size of the same megapixels new e7 or 2 was way sharper I know the Nikon is similar the 810 and I’m really happy to say that the 5d Mark 4 now does not make me jealous of my other camera which you know usually my Sonia is for video by the way so even though it does have sharper images the difference isn’t important anymore the 5d Mark 4 is sharp enough that in all circumstances I won’t notice the difference there’s there’s no time when I’m going to wish for a little bit more of it any time in print it will look perfect the place that the mark three was really behind the other sensors wasn’t latitude especially the shadows so if you wanted to get a bit more dynamic range out of your image you could under expose and raise it so that’s what you do with the Sony’s and the Nikon’s but with the canons you’ve got all this muddy noise in the shadows and now with the 5d Mark four it is more or less caught up again it is still slightly behind is not exactly the same image quality but it’s definitely good enough and again since I love canons I’m not going to be switching for the small amount of reference that I could see there so as you already know this is a 30 megapixel camera which to me is pretty great the sony is 40 something the nikon is plus 40 and canon has the 5d s that is over 50 and you know what nobody needs that okay not nobody there are some people out there that definitely need to print things that big or crop in that much or for VFX work there are needs for more than 30 megapixels but it is not most people including for shooting for billboards and magazines 25 is pretty great 30 is a little more than I need I actually am often shooting in medium raw which unfortunately it loses a bit of dynamic range so I’m only doing that for web stuff when I need the extra quality I’ll shoot in 30 and you know what it’s perfect it’s a really great balance alright I got a list of details as well that I want to go over and these are some things that I love and don’t love so much about specifics in the camera first Wi-Fi this is really small you’d think but it’s actually a big deal to me because I shoot a lot of stuff on the road I need to upload things Moberly and something that was really fun lately as I’ve been doing Instagram stories uploading directly from Wi-Fi video and stuff like that is great I love doing it it had to happen thanks for adding a Canon GPS this isn’t on any other cameras I’ve had except my iPhone but honestly I love seeing the little points fill out in my Lightroom map and I don’t know it’s important for anything but I just like filling out all my met data really got it there I keep it on all the time auto ISO has new arithmetic to it so that it can calculate based on lens sizes and shutter speeds and combine that information to get a more accurate minimum shutter speed so you can set it to faster or slower instead of just a fixed number this means that auto ISO is just a lot more useful than it used to be because often you’d have to set it to one fixed minimum shutter speed and then let it do the rest of work and often it would make really stupid decisions adding usb3 the small detail but you know what if shoot tethered it’s not such a small detail one okay this one’s actually a bigger deal it’s negative the battery life is coarse noticeably horse cannon said it was something like 10% I feel like it’s 30% I am now going through more than a battery in need shoots like a full battery will get drained in a day of shooting whereas it used to be that I could usually just you know by the end of the day my battery’s almost dead now it is completely dead and I need to replace it before the day is over that’s too bad but you know it’s probably worth it for the other features I just mentioned also the touch screen this was something I thought would be a bit of a gimmick it wasn’t that excited about it now that it’s here I can’t go back I am touching the screen of my sony all the time which does nothing at all and another part of that is the facial tracking in live shooting so it used to be that you know if I’m going to like get low I’d have to do this and keep my knees bent the whole time now a lot of the time I’m just holding my camera lower and watching the facial tracking on the screen so I don’t even need to change focus points it is automatically tracking faces sometimes I can correct it with my thumb it’s so much better to shoot that way the only downside is this really should be a flip screen one feature that got a lot of hype is dual pixel Raw and like I said I’ve had this camera two months and I haven’t used it yet because I don’t really care this might be something important in the future this type of technology will be really influential for photography in the long run this version doesn’t seem to make a very big difference and all the tests that I’ve seen the amount of focus adjustment you can do is really minimal so I’m going to wait till somebody does it very differently before sir playing around with it a detail that jumped out at me as soon as I shot with this camera is this sound of the shutter actually checked to make sure that I didn’t have it on silent because it’s so much quieter than the 5d Mark 3 shutter there is a mechanical buffer that slows the mirror mechanism as it moves to reduce the vibration makes it a lot quieter and sounds so much better silent is just as loud as it was before but the standard shutters now much quieter and I love it I can’t go back so in the 5d mark 3 the autofocus got a lot better that was the biggest change between the 5d Mark 2 & 3 now I was ready for it to happen again there were details about how the 5d Mark through focus that really frustrated me I didn’t trust it at one point for 1.8 I often wouldn’t shoot below 2.8 just because I didn’t think it could get critical focus often it would be just slightly off even with micro adjustments now with 5d mark 4 I’m shooting below 2.8 all the time it is doing so much better it can shoot a much darker environment and still acquire focus perfectly especially if you use the center point the wider focus spread is really important and everything I was talking about earlier about tracking faces using live view is fantastic again I really wish that the screen popped up because live view is limited to where you can be standing you have to hold the camera frame your face is little below but it is much better it’s where it needs to be it’s as good as the one DX and this is a very modern autofocus system that I can trust which makes me happy so what do I think of the 5d Mark 4 well honestly this is the best camera have ever worked with for stills it’s not really video camera already said that but I think that a lot of people were kind of underwhelmed when they heard the specs on this they were hoping for another revolution in the 5d Mark one the full-frame sensor really changed what you could get in a prosumer little camera at that price range nothing else is like that the 5d mark ii they changed it again with video was it we had no idea that you could do this with the DSLR was not in the cards until canon did it so twice they’ve changed the game 5d mark 3 was pretty safe now this is definitely just a safe series and honestly I’m glad I don’t want to be worried about buying this because it may not be able to meet my needs I can trust it I know what it does I know how to use it and I’m okay with other brands doing some the innovation for a little while but it’s not going to last this might be the last generation that canon can kind of go this slowly since I got this the a99 from sony’s been announced which brings a lot of the a7r two features in to a more robust stills camera so canon could fall behind pretty quickly other cameras could end up doing all of the video and all the stills stuff so even though I’m happy with it for now for this generation I think canons gotta pick up their game a little bit but anyway in the end I’m happy I’m so happy with this camera I’m using it everyday and I’m gonna be using it for years to come thank you for watching please subscribe go to Stallman calm and follow me on twitter i’m Stallman allah’ for the internet but

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