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camping gear black friday deals 2019

Camping Gear Black Friday Deals 2019

the Petzl acted core headlamp is built for mountaineering running cycling hiking and backpacking powerful and lightweight the active core is easily rechargeable with its micro USB cable the hybrid concept of the active core allows you to choose the power source the best fits your activity delivered with the Petzl core a chargeable battery the active core can also be powered by three standard triple-a batteries without the need for an adapter the core a chargeable battery will power your headlamp time and time again reducing the waste of up to 900 batteries from entering the landfills this multi beam headlamp offers various lighting options the diffused wide beam lights of your surroundings while the powerful focused beam lights of distant objects ahead of them the red beam is used to preserve night vision and the red strobe acts as a safety statement the active core features a reflective headband that increases nighttime visibility and includes a 100 decibel safety whistle for emergency situations used with the Petzl knock delight your active core can act as a lantern diffusing the light in multiple directions for lighting up a pen car or picnic table in the dark the Petzl acted core is built before lighting up your adventures wherever they might lead the new wildlife XP is Steiners best optic for observing nature and wildlife ultra-high-definition optics ground from fluoride glass produce extraordinary detail and light transmission throughout the entire visible spectrum the optical system produces an exceptionally wide field of view and true color fidelity for breathtaking views of birds and wildlife in their natural habitat the combination of HD optics compact urban ah mukhda zine wide field of view and low-light performance makes it ideal for naturalist and birders [Music] available in compact midsize and full-size models the end to injection system seals 14 psi pressurized dry nitrogen into the optic for fog proof clarity in any condition textured rubber arm ring and soft techno gel thumb pads reduce end fatigue over long periods of viewing experience an unmatched level of light transmission in color with Steiners wildlife XP line of binoculars Steiner nothing escapes you introducing tread the first multi-tool that lets you be the one who gets it done anywhere tread is 25 hard-working tools you wear on your wrist including Phillips and flathead screwdrivers techs and box wrenches even a cutting hook and a bottle opener so regardless of the job the right tool is always at hand tread features 11 interchangeable links each crafted from injection molded 17 for stainless steel there’s an optional Swiss made timepiece water resistant to 200 meters with a shock resistant sapphire crystal and it all comes with a choice of two rugged finishes [Music] tread the go to go anywhere to from leather the original American multi-tool [Music] the katadyn be free one liter collapsible filter is the perfect smash – and go water filter for on-the-go lifestyles for the adventure traveler who packs for weight savings while abroad the be free one liter will become a staple in your luggage and your most innovative companion whether refilling at the airport or at the stream near your final destination with the be free filter you no longer have to worry about where your next drink will come from carry and filter fresh water as you go the bee free filter uses katadyn easy clean filter technology to remove protozoa and bacteria even in the most challenging water conditions the bee free filter is designed to last longer than other filters without the hassle of back flushing or carrying clumsy tools it is the only micro filter that cleans easily with a shaker a swish through your water source to remove dirt and debris free flow channels provide sophisticated clean drinking water at a rate of two liters per minute with a simple squeeze the b-free filters water measurements allow you to easily measure and refill companion bottles and cooker wash dishes at camp smash stash and go with the be free for every outdoor and travel adventure the be free easily packs down into your day pack jacket pocket and travel luggage the V free one liter filter is the ideal size for a variety of front and back country travel hikers runners cyclists travelers and campers love the be free for its ability to hydrate users no matter [Music] hi I’m tor Brown mountain category director at Black Diamond I’m here to show you our Z pole technology which is featured in both our distance and Alpine series trekking poles z pole technology is an easy-to-use rapid deployment system that simplifies your on trail pole use the fast and simple system creates poles that are extremely compact keeping your pack efficient to lengthen Z poles require one pole deployment simply grab the grip and first shaft section and pull them away from each other the pole snap into place and lock constructed with speed cone technology a tech benefit inspired by black diamonds Avalanche probe designs Z poles transformed from folded to extended quick and efficiently each speed cone guides a shaft section into place and stiffens the joints when the pole is locked into place a concealed inner Kevlar cord is protected at the joints by a flexible tube to collapse the pull push the button slide the uppermost shaft downward then pull each joint apart in both series we offer flick lock versions of the Z pole which provides additional length adjustment integrated into our Alpine and distance Series Z pole technology provides rapid efficient and reliable pole deployment [Music] take it easy with Conklin’s line of rest ready hammocks the only thing easier than lying in a cog lens hammock is setting one up [Music] available in a range of colors and options to fit your lifestyle and built to last with quality nylon ready to rechart learn more at cog lens comm the sunny bag leaf plus designed to stay independent it will charge your devices directly with more than 6 watts of solar power to achieve this we combine two breakthrough solar technologies and one hybrid solar panel it can’t be destroyed because it’s flexible and it fits perfectly on top of your backpack our new connector supports every lightning and micro USB device and the complete system weighs less than 200 grams if it starts raining don’t worry about it it’s also weatherproof stop thinking about empty batteries when you’re outdoors and keep your phone’s cameras and wearables charged with the power of the Sun

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