Brother SE400 Black Friday 2019

Are you looking for the best sewing machine? Here we have the best Brother SE400 Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

Brother SE400 black friday 2019

Brother SE400 Black Friday 2019

thanks for joining us for another stuffiness unboxing today we have the brother se 400 I scored this on Amazon it was an Amazon Prime day deal it was a lightning deal I was able to save $100 thanks to my friend Jen so thank you so much let’s dive into this box and see what we get and cool out of this box already like I’m like it gives you everything that you need to just get started which is super cool you just need to have fabric I believe but let’s look so first thing here you have embroidery bobbin thread and then this is your hoop it’s a it allows you to embroider a four by four area and I know there’s other hoops that you can get on Amazon that will allow you to embroid a larger area and i’ve seen a lot of other people use a larger hoops online so you should search that here is a power cable USB cable your foot pedal and I believe let’s take a look this is a cover for your machine so it’s just a simple vinyl cover it’s not a hard case cover but if you would want a hard case cover I know you can order some online I’ve seen other ones but but this is still really nice to cover from desk in this package we have the embroidery bobbin thread and one’s already threaded for you and they already have a few thread caps so if you already have a like your bobbin threaded and you don’t want them to come there’s these plastic caps that you can put on the end of them which is so let’s put that back in there what else we have this little package and oh a little package full of a lot of goodies so let’s see what we have this is your buttonhole er we have your double needle and a package of other needles for you so you know you have a variety of needles to get started one foot another foot another let’s see how many we have in here – this looks like some other type of tool I need a little brush to clean out your machine another foot this looks like another tool it’s another one and your pen and this one looks like for the embroidery portion of the machine I’ve never used an embroidery machine and this is I’m pretty much like a basic sower so a plastic thingamabob err figure out what that’s for later and a pair of scissors which is cool again I believe everything – pretty much it started and a few other pieces and so according to the image on this box we have everything here but I think I’m missing either the middle size of this so I’ll have to figure out what’s going on with that yeah peace peace check everything out and make sure I have everything here probably ones on the machine so or maybe ones in the machine so we’ll figure it out but these are a lot of pieces that you get to get started where if you have to buy them individually it probably would be more expensive so that’s a plus it’s all right next thing a big old book with warning signs all over it okay important message stop please do not do not return to store we can help all right so it’s just brother warranty you know if you have any questions you can call them Wow CD other important messages quick reference guide oh this is probably something for your embroidery portion brother compatible brother accessories for your machine yeah more ways to spend money let’s see follow procedure below select a desired language alright cool that’s probably okay so these are instructions to set up your LCD screen when you start turning on some turning on the machine and you get to use your razzle dazzle pen this I’m not sure what this is because to be honest I have never embroidered so I think when I get into it I’ll figure it out notifications this gives you instructions on how to use your drop bobbin and checking the bobbin casing and I’m really excited about this because my other machine I couldn’t see how much thread I had left in my bobbin and I would really get into sewing and then I would run right out of thread and quite frustrating so I’m really excited about that portion about this machine extra me it was yeah excuse me we have the instruction manual what else operation manual getting ready sewing basics so I think all of this will give you instructions on how to use all the different pressure pits that you have included in this package which is really really great right well let’s just get into this box where all the rest of this goodies are okay this is the embroidery portion of the machine all right and from what I’ve seen it’s just really easy to just you know you just plug it right in and it just starts working which is awesome anything that’s easy because my other machine just kind of made everything a tad more difficult and sewing was just not fun anymore like I’m just getting your sewing and then I have those nasty nests on the bottom and oh my gosh I need a workout okay whoa purple is my color to know is there anything else in this box no okay let’s clear some space all right so all right so get it okay Wow look at this machine now I have to point out some features that really attracted me to this machine which was the thread cutting portion because I just felt like a thread was getting everywhere for me I don’t know maybe I’m a missus or because I’m a basic sower so but I’m pretty much a techie so something like that really attracted me to the machine not only that it’s a computerized machine not with that feature also you have the needle up needle down feature so if you’re getting into where you needed to make sure that your when when you’re getting to take corners you need to turn that fabric around and ensure that the needle is always down it’ll make sure that your threads always tight and it always look good and I’ve seen it with other people machines when they use this so I was always a little bit jealous so I was really excited about that feature too also this button right here if you decide not to use your foot pedal you can use this button and it’ll just start sewing so you just turn it on and it’ll continue sewing you can set the speed right here so if you wanted to sew slower or a little bit faster you can just turn this knob right here and it’ll go a little bit faster for you I believe that will work as well when you are using the embroidery function of the machine so you can just a little bit like set it and forget it so if you just put the proper thread color that you need to use at that at that time and then put this on and turn it on and let it go you can go get some tea or some coffee whatever you prefer and it’ll stop when it’s ready for the next color which is quite cool and I’m excited to make some really crafty gifts for this season because that’s me and use some monograms also it has automatic threading so that’s this right here you would just push it up and down oh cool so if you decided not to use this thread cutter you can also use a thread cutter right here on the side of the machine so they still have this also what attracted me to the machine is the tension I could never get any of the tension right for any of the stitches so this machine is also going to set up the tension automatically for me depending upon which stitch I set it on so I mean really gonna be able to focus on being crafty and what designs I want instead of like all the mechanics and what I need to like set it up on before I start sewing and that was the issue with milling machine I had to do a lot of setup before I can start sewing so I’m hoping that this machine could really alleviate a lot of that is you’re reeling like you’re back stitch so when you’re ready to back stitch and ensure that that stitch is fully enclosed that’s this that’s the button you’re gonna want to push the other wall but the other machine that I had was a leaver so I’m excited to just push that button so that was the unboxing and I also found that other piece that I thought that I was missing it was right here well bugger so make sure that you subscribe because I’m gonna do a review on this machine a little bit later and a comment if you have any questions and I’ll make sure to try to answer back the best that I can as I’m kind of try to discover this machine a little bit and stay tuned okay stuff in us I think I said things I don’t even think I explained things properly today

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