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In this post, we introduce the best Box Lunch black Friday deals. Here we have the top best Box Lunch Deals for you in our list.

Box Lunch black Friday deals

Box Lunch black Friday deals

hey guys I hope you’re all having a wonderful day today for those of you who are returning back to my channel then hello and welcome back I appreciate you being here so so much and if you are new then hi my name is Katie I post new videos here on my channel every single week we talked about fandom stuff constantly uh-huh we do unboxings and hauls we talked about Harry Potter and Disney so I would love it if you guys would hit that subscribe button down below to become a part of our little corner of the Internet so can I just say having a mall that has box lunch like ten minutes away from my house is becoming a problem not becoming a problem it is oh I have found myself there every week the past couple weeks I haven’t always bought stuff but I’ve been like okay I’m gonna be really good this week I’m not gonna spend money and then I go to box lunch and spend all of the money but I actually had a really fun time this past Friday Kate from over at princess Minnie came over to my house we went shopping together and we had such a fun time we ended up getting a lot of really good deals that I will be showing you guys throughout the week you really just lucked out with our shopping so I’ll be sharing with you guys so many things that I got but I wanted to kind of break it down a little bit because I think that I have some really fun things that warrant their own videos so for today we are just gonna focus on box lunch because it’s fantastic and I got a really unique thing there that I am tentatively excited about I was on the fence about buying it I bought it and I don’t know how it’s gonna go but we’ll get to that I’ll show you guys the other things first and then we will get to that elusive surprise item that could be good or bad we shall see so the first thing that I’m showing you guys is a pin that I picked up it is or pan that they have and I’ve been loving this series I know I missed out on I think only one of them so far which I’m kind of bummed about I think they’re sold on on their website and keep checking so maybe if anyone out there has one for trade I would love it but which I will we’ll chat about it but uh it is just this mini head but it is black glitter on there with like ace with a silver bow and I really like this so I already have a rose gold one that’s similar to this the outside is rose gold and then it’s rose gold glitter rose gold bow all of the rose gold you guys know I love that so I really like this one though it’s really pretty with the black glitter and the silver it’s just very dark which you don’t tend to see with mini stuff the one that I did miss out was on the hollow one which I really liked I never saw it in our store and I generally don’t buy pins on their website because I just like to see what the pins actually look like before I purchased them but that is one that I wish I would have bought on their website and I never did and I can’t find it so if anyone out there has one that they would be willing to trade then let me know we can totally work something out and of course I will link to what I can down below to the box one box punch website if I find it on the website I will link to it the next thing I’m so excited about I have been having such great luck at fox lunch with their villains merchandise and this is something that I haven’t seen I generally don’t really look at the t-shirts all that often but we were really looking at like everything and this caught my eye and when I unfolded it it was just amazing I had to have it so I got it and it is a villains shirt but I love the characters that are on here so we have not only villains but we have sidekicks too and down at the bottom we have scar facing off against Gaston which is so fun I just love this shirt so much I was so happy to find it so then I really only picked up three things at box lunch um but the third thing that I got I am so curious about and Kate was like if you’re not buying it I’m gonna buy it I was like on the fence on the fence on the fence and so I eventually bought it and I know that Hot Topic has done this before with some of their merchandise but I’ve never seen box lunch do it the woman that works there one of the managers who I see there all the time she said that they just started doing this in their store and it is a box lunch mystery bag so it is stapled shut but they do have a theme on the bag and the theme for this bag are you ready for it is Danielle Nicole Disney bags the original cost of this bag all of the contents inside is 164 dollars and 70 cents what did I pay for this bag you asked 48 dollars and 99 cents what so there are three different bags they do list out what SKUs are in each bag and I’m not always super in love with Danielle Nicole stuff so I know that this stuff will probably be older merchandise of hers of nothing Mets like currently out on the shelves on sale is probably going to be in this bag let’s just go ahead and go into it and see what we have so I just need to get all of these staples out and they don’t have a staple remover up here so this will be interesting so give me a minute I’ll be back and then we’ll see what we have inside here okay I just ripped it apart no chill so I didn’t look in here to see what’s in here I’m like I said there are three different items that are in this bag so I’m just gonna kind of put it on the ground so that I am less inclined to actually see what I am what’s in here without spoiling it and I’m just gonna reach in and grab for one item hopefully one item we’ll see hopefully nothing sticks together okay I have one item it feels like a wristlet maybe perhaps Oh cute okay so with the purse and it is this Tinkerbell bag this is so cute so I’m actually not a really big Tinkerbell fan but I have a couple friends who are and so this was originally a $69 and 90 cent bag it was marked down on clearance for 48 . 99 and this entire bag was 48 dollars and 99 cents so I’m not sure if that’s what they’re saying is this is just that or if this is what they were selling it individually for but this is a really really cute bag though um I’m Tim I’m on the fence about this one it’s very cute I really like it again personally not a big Tinkerbell fan but I just think that this is adorable so it’s possible that I might keep this we’ll see but as I was looking down to check me bag to see what the price was I did see what the next thing was on top and it is something I will not be keeping if you guys have been watching my more recent videos then you will know I’m not a huge fan of this character but I think that I can probably find some people that will enjoy it and so I’m just gonna reach in here and grab it so that I don’t spoil whatever the last bag is um but it is the Genie bag and I will say there is something about blue glitter that is just so alluring to me but there’s also something about this bag that I’m just like I don’t really want his face just like following me around everywhere but yeah this is I mean it’s a Danielle Nicole bags so you know that it’s good quality the little zipper pull on the bag has the I don’t know figures I’m gonna even be able to see but it has the lamp on there and then this does have a gold chain so you can use it as a crossbody and I mean it’s a decent sized bag I can definitely definitely fit like my phone my keys smaller wallet some sunglasses like I don’t think that I would have a problem fitting all of that stuff in here um so yeah I mean it’s pretty don’t get me wrong but not one of my favorite characters so I’m sure I can find this guy a happy home though whether it’s a friends or a giveaway either way I’m sure I’m sure he will have a good home eventually so our last one and that’s kind of like not for nothing that’s kind of the mentality that I went into with this bag I was like even if I don’t love everything and I don’t want to necessarily keep it it’s such a great price to use as giveaway items or gift to friends so I’m not super upset about the fact that I’m not getting like bags that I would love to have myself if there is a bag out there odds are I’m probably gonna buy it or get it or ask for it in like a baby boppity-bop sore something so I’m completely fine with this it’s completely fine I just thought that it was a fantastic deal so fingers crossed let’s see what the last one is our last item here still keeping the mystery I’m gonna try to guess not that I know like everything that she has come out with so this is not a bag this is like a a like a pouch of some sort and it doesn’t have any sort of like crazy character heads or anything on there it’s like embossed I don’t know that I can really figure out who it is I’m like feeling it trying to figure out who it is but I don’t think that that’s gonna happen so let’s just see what it is at the same time ready 1 2 3 Oh Oh perfect oh ok great so this is great for me it’s actually dual dual sided so on one side you have a Snow White and on the other side you have the Evil Queen I love the Evil Queen so much she is grown on me so much lately so yeah I’ll be keeping this because of this side so hey one good thing so this one was originally 2490 it was marked down to 1799 the genie bag was originally 60 67 69 90 and it was marched down 48 99 so yeah this was a really awesome value I loved this so much this was so so fun honestly um even if not everything was a hit for me I still have fun in that the more that I look at that Tinkerbell bag the more than its growing on me like even though I’m not a big big fan of Tinkerbell like I still appreciate what she represents for you know Disney as a whole she’s such an icon of a character that I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see but definitely the genie is gonna have a new home this is staying with me for sure and I’m really pleased with that so if you have a box lunch close to you this isn’t something that they do on the website this is just something that they’re gonna be doing in store they even had like trying to remember I know Kate was trying to get me to buy this other one but they had got it was some ridiculous amount of pops I can’t remember I want to see maybe like 12 pops or something maybe it wasn’t that ridiculous but it was a lot of pops for $14 so it was like this big big bang like that size full of pops for $14 they had I think that they had like a Dragonball Z one oh they had socks they had like a soft one that had a ridiculous amount of socks that you could kid so they had a lot of really really fun ones they were in the clearance section so if you have a box lunch close to you I would totally recommend going over there and checking that out to see see what kind of bags I haven’t like I said I know that they do this at hot topic as well I’ve gotten a couple from the Hot Topic granted I haven’t been terribly excited about the ones that I got from Hot Topic they usually aren’t that great of product but you know it’s still fun and you’re still getting a ridiculously good deal on the merchandise so that was a lot of fun I hope you guys enjoyed it definitely let me know if you have any of this stuff from box lunch or just in general and let me know up to three Danielle Nicole items that I got which one was your favorite I’m just really trying to think of what I want to do with that Genie one maybe I’ll use it for my two thousand subscriber giveaway or something because I have some extra stuff around that I could probably put in there as a good giveaway so we shall see what happens anyway I hope that you guys enjoyed this video so much don’t forget to please give it a big thumbs up if you did and hit that subscribe button down below to not miss out on any of the videos that I post here on my channel and that is everything for today so I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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