Bose QuietComfort 25 Black Friday 2019

Are you looking for the best noise-canceling headphone? Here we have the best headset Bose QuietComfort 25 Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

Bose QuietComfort 25 black friday 2019

Bose QuietComfort 25 Black Friday 2019

The Bose QC 15 has always been regarded as the king of noise cancelling headphones. But the Bose QC 15 sound quality hasn’t always been so well-regarded. Well recently Bose released the QC25 and they promised not only to have improved comfort and sound quality of the QC25 over the QC15 but they also claim to improved the noise cancellation. Well I bought a pair of QC25s at JB Hi-Fi in Australia for $360. I’ve been using them for over a week now almost daily and I’ve gotta tell you honestly this has been a difficult product for me to kind of, evaluate and tell you whether or not its competitive with other portable around ear headphones. Why do I say that? Well you’re watching Lachlan Likes A Thing and let’s find out. Hey everyone, welcome to Lachlan Likes A Thing, the show where I take a thing and see whether I like it. Now the thing we’re looking at in this video is the Bose QuietComfort QC 25 active noise-cancelling headphones. Now before we begin the review I just wanna apologize if you hear any construction noise coming for through the window. It kinda makes me wish that we had active noise-cancelling in this room, but sadly these things are to be. Let’s get on with the review. First of all, let’s start with the design. So the QC25 I think nails it in terms of the design. It’s a relatively understated look for a headphone. it’s much like the Bose SoundTrue in that regard. but what I like most about this headphone is that this is a headphone that has relatively large earcups and it’s got a relatively complex folding mechanism. It folds into a more compact shape and it folds flat and it goes into this really nice included carrying case. But at the same time it’s still very lightweight and it still feels relatively robust so the fit and finish on his head phone, on all the kind of parts is really quite nice. Most of the parts seem to be plastic but they seem to be high quality composite plastics. The headphone itself weighs about 200 grams. the earpads have really nice soft supple material on them. The headband has this quite nice feeling fabric finish on the top and this foam finish on the bottom. There’s lots of little tiny nice touches. For instance there’s a soft touch rubber guard rail around the earcup so that when you fold it up the earcups don’t scratch each – don’t scratch each other – other – when they rub against each other so everything about this design more or less gave me the impression that it’s been quite well thought-out. Now there are two things that I can say about this design that I don’t like. One of them is that the headphone is so lightweight that it almost feels a little insubstantial. That can’t really be helped. I think it’s still a robust headphone and I’m pretty confident in its durability but it certainly doesn’t feel as kinda chunky and solid as something like the Audio Technica M50X. The other thing I can comment on is that the cable, that detachable cable that comes to the QC25 I don’t really like. First of all it’s a proprietary cable. The connector on the end is something like 1.5 to 2.5 millimeters and so you gonna have to go to Bose for replacements if the cable ever breaks. The other thing is that the cable is – you know, has a fair amount of memory so it tends to develop kinks up over time. It tends to tangle quite easily so not a big fan of the cable but apart from that I think its a well-designed headphone. Next up, let’s talk about comfort. The QC 25 as you can probably guess from the large earcups and the light weight of the headphone is a very comfortable headphone on the head and it’s especially more comfortable because the drivers are very steeply angled inwards on the QC25 which gives it a lot of room to breathe. So the end result is that the QC25 is one of the most comfortable around ear portable headphones that I’ve ever worn on my head. It’s the kind of headphone that you can wear for hours and hours with very little discomfort and its almost as if Bose was thinking about how to make this headphone comfortable for long-haul international flights. Surprise surprise! And that gets us into the kind of bread and butter of the QC 25. The noise cancellation on the QC 25 is amazing. It is honestly terrifying how good the noise cancellation is on the QC25. Now I don’t actually have that much experience with noise-canceling headphones. I tried the Parrot Zik on my channel and I thought that was too heavy and too expensive. I have the Beats Studio 2013 which ostensibly has noise cancellation but the noise cancellation isn’t very good and it produces a constant hissing noise which is just very frustrating. So I’ve always regarded noise cancellation as a bit of a gimmick but the QC25 has completely sold me on noise cancellation. The noise cancellation apparently was improved on the QC 25 and Bose claim that they specifically targeted low-frequency rumbling to try and improve that the noise cancellation performance in that regard and I can tell you whatever they’ve done it has worked. Because when you wear this headphone on a train or a bus or even out on the street it just blocks out so much noise to the point where it feels like this must be what it’s like to be going deaf, right? The noise cancellation is really really good and it’s not just good in terms of blocking out just only train or plane noises. It blocks out things like wind blowing across the headphone, it blocks out air conditioning noise and computer fan noise. It blocks out a lot of them environmental noise that I wasn’t even aware was present in the environment before I tried using the QC25 and so it’s really quite startling in how effective the noise cancellation is. Now it’s not perfect. The QC25 isn’t perfect at blocking out a high-frequency incidental noise so people suddenly talking, clapping noises, that kinda thing. It’s not going to block out sudden noises because the noise cancellation circuit doesn’t kind of anticipate those kind of noises. But that said it still reduces those noises somewhat so even if someone is playing music near you the QC25 will reduce that noise to a large extent. So the noise cancelling on the QC25 produces a slight hiss but it’s a very high frequency, it’s quite quiet so it’s the kind of thing that you can ignore very quickly. You can get used to a very quickly. It’s not distracting like Beats Studio 2013. The noise cancelling actually works without the cable plugged in so if you want you can wear this headphone on your head out with the noise cancelling turned on like a really high tech pair of ear muffs. The other thing about the noise cancelling is that it uses a AAA battery and it comes with and alkaline battery. It’s rated for 35 hours on alkaline batteries So… it’s also rated for 28 hours on rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries. And in the kind of week that I’ve used this headphone I haven’t noticed the battery life you know I haven’t got the the battery warning indicator any time soon so I’m pretty impressed with the kind of performance of the battery in that regard. Now you may think it’s a bit weird that it doesn’t use a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. But honestly I think that that’s actually a good thing because I think they designed this headphone so that if you would just about to board a plane flight and you realize that this headphone was running out of charge you could waltz into any convenience store and buy a triple A battery in any airport around the world so again I think thats a thoughtful decision on their part. Now the QC 25 can actually be used without the noise cancellation turned on so the head but still works even if the battery has gone flat but when you turn the battery off – sorry, when you turn the active noise-cancelling off it actually also turns off the internal and DSP and equalization and it means that the headphone sounds completely different as a result. And that brings us to the sound quality of the QC 25. I’ll put this plainly: when you turn the active noise canceling off on the QC25 the QC 25 sounds like garbage and I usually don’t use such strong language in my reviews but it sounds awful without the active EQ being applied. It sounds muffled with really anaemic bass line and the vocals have this weird sucked out feeling to it. It just feels hollow and plasticky and basically it sound so bad that I think that Bose clearly never intended for this headphone to be used without the noise cancelling being turned on. It’s just a little kinda up bonus feature that you get with the headphone that it works without the noise cancelling turned on. And it also makes me think that the acoustic design of this headphone was done in such a way that Bose prioritized getting this headphone to have the steeply angled earcups at to be super comfortable and not necessarily though about it in terms of designing this headphone to be acoustically high performance in terms of the actual physical build of this headphone. and they thought that that was okay because they could just fix tall with the active EQ and the DSP afterwards. Kind of ‘fixing it all in post’ to borrow a phrase from a completely different field. So the end result is when you turn the active noise canceling on it fixes a lot of the deficiencies of the headphone. When you turn the active noise canceling on the QC25 sounds much better. But it doesn’t sound, you know, still doesn’t sound fantastic I would have to say given the price at the headphone. It has a really mellow kind of sound particularly in sort of the midbass it has a really rounded tone in the mid-bass and there’s a bit a emphasis in the lower treble or the upper vocals that makes vocals in particular stand out. They have a sort of raw quality to it not quite to the point of sounding honky on nasal but there’s a certain emphasis in that regard. The treble is rolled off on the QC 25. So it lacks a bit of detail and texture and kind of airiness to the sound though I think that’s probably done again to ensure that you don’t get long-term listening fatigue from high-frequency sound. Overall it sounds like the Bose SoundTrue around ear in that it’s a mellow relaxed sounding headphone and you know that’s honestly not too bad. The thing that is really bad on the QC 25 is that the bass for a headphon this price that the performance on the base is really sloppy. So this headphone has more mid-bass than sub bass. It sounds kinda gummy, it sounds kinda sloppy and there’s not the kind of tightness or punch or kind of visceral rumble that you would expect And it’s not just about the quantity of the bass, it’s actually just about the kind of feeling of solidity and impact that is really lacking on the QC 25. The bass sounds a bit rubbery. If you compare the QC25 to other headphones the kind a deficiency in the bass line really makes itself apparent. So compared to the Audio Technica M50x which is a cheaper headphone the M50X sounds so much more punchy and tight than the QC25. Compared to the Beats Studio 2013 again the Studio 2013 still sounds tighter than the QC25. It’s just, you know a better more solid sound overall than the QC 25. And the problems with the bassbecome really apparent when you increase the volume. The the bass actually starts to sound very sloppy and very you know it’s just not a great sound. It’s not terrible but it’s just not up to the kind of performance level you would expect given the price of this headphone. But here’s the really funny thing about the QC25. Even though I think it doesn’t sound as good as other headphones up costing around the same amount or even half the amount on the QC25 I still think it actually sounds very good in practice when you wear this headphone because when you wear this headphone with the active noise-cancelling turned on you end up still being able to hear a lot of detail in the music that you wouldn’t be able to hear on other headphones because this headphone manages to remove so much low-frequency rumble and environmental noise that you still get a lot of… you still get a really pleasant listening experience and especially it’s a nice listening experience because you can turn down the volume on the QC 25 to very, you know, relatively low levels lower than what I would usually listen to on my headphones and you get to protect yourhearing but at the same time you get a sound which is you know, quite agreeable, it’s quite pleasant and at lower volumes the bass kind of response on the QC25 isn’t quite so distracting in terms of its poor performance. Personally I think the QC25 is a good headphone. It is super comfortable, it has a nice robust to build to it. It has that amazing noise cancellation and even though the sound quality isn’t best in class it does the job so I’d be happy to recommend this headphone to anyone who is looking for noise cancelling headphones or anyone who’s at least even vaguely curious about noise cancelling headphones. Now normally I would tell you at the end of this review, go out and try this in the in store demo and you know you can decide whether – you can decide for yourself whether or not you’ll like the QC25 but I have to say in this case that I don’t think the in-store demo is going to give you a really good sense of what it’s like to actually use this headphone around and about in the city and just what the noise cancelling will do in terms of changing the experience of wearing these headphones. What I can tell you is that Bose if you buy directly from the Bose website apparently they offer a 21-day no risk trial. So if you don’t like them at the end they give you a full refund including shipping charges and for this kind of headphone I actually think that’s an offer that’s worth taking up because you can try them for 21 days and really get an experience of how effective the noise cancellation is on this headphone. If you do try the QC25 please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you think about these headphones. If you found this review helpful please click the Like button and consider you know, just popping a tip in the Youtube fan funding tip jar. You can talk to me on Facebook at or on Twitter @lachlaikesathing. Thanks to all my regular subscribers as as always, happy listening!

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