In this post, we introduce the best Boots Black Friday Deals 2019. Here we have the top 3 best Boots for men in our list.


boots black friday deals 2019

Boots Black Friday Deals 2019

what’s up guys my name is Brock you’re watching the modest man and today we’re talking about the three best types of boots for men huge thanks to today’s video sponsor and a longtime friend of the modest man at Thursday boot company what do I say about Thursday boots I mean you know I love them you see me wearing these boots a lot you know my outfit posts and other videos you know I’ve worn more expensive boots I’ve worn alden boots that cost two or three times as much as these and honestly I think these are more comfortable so you know if you’re just looking for not only stylish boots but a lot of value a lot of bang for your buck you know you want good gear well construction I can’t recommend Thursday blues highly enough so if you haven’t checked them out yet definitely check that link down in the description all right if you’re building up your boot collection or maybe you’re buying your first pair of boots you might be wondering which type of boots should I buy it’s a good question there are a lot of different types of boots from chukkas to Chelsea’s different colors different materials and it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what is the best pair for you now obviously it depends a little bit on the person you know a business professional is gonna have slightly different requirements than a college student but I do think that these three types of boots are great choices very versatile choices for almost any guy you know any age any situation so if I were starting from scratch these are the three types of boots that I would buy first in no particular order okay number one we have the dress work boot this is a great first boot for pretty much anybody now I say dress work boot because while this is styled after a traditional work boot it’s not necessarily meant to be used for manual labor and don’t get me wrong these boots can take a beating but you know you’re probably not gonna wear these to the construction so that you’re probably gonna use them to create handsome outfits that kind of have a rugged masculine aesthetic in fact if I could think of one word to describe these boots it would be handsome personally I think that this dark brown color is a very versatile choice it’s probably a great first choice if you could only own one pair of boots I think this dark brown color would make a lot of sense but if you wear a lot of black and gray and monochromatic colors you know black might make more sense for you so dress work boots like this pair from they boot company they look great with jeans they look great with chinos you can even wear them with trousers you know if you do it correctly I probably wouldn’t wear these with like really fine wool trousers but you could definitely wear them with thicker materials like flannel or tweed corduroy stuff like that in fact the only time I wouldn’t wear these is with shorts obviously because really no boots look appropriate with shorts and I probably wouldn’t wear these with a suit yeah these are a great pair of boots I mean if I could only own one if I could just pick one I’d probably pick these okay next up we have the chocolate so chukka boots are typically ankle high boots they have open lacing and usually two or three pairs of eyelets chukka and desert boots are kind of used interchangeably these days but really desert boots are a specific type of chocolate desert boots were originally created for British soldiers to wear in northern Africa during World War two now desert boots specifically as opposed to just any chuck of boot have an unstructured upper so it’s a soft upper they have crepe soles and they’re generally made from suede now because of the soft upper and the crepe sole the desert boot is a casual chauka so there are chukka boots that are much more formal than for example these desert boots which other j.crew of McCallister’s these days the term chukka boots is usually just used to describe any ankle high boots so that’s how I’m gonna use it now obviously if you have a structured upper versus a soft upper it’s gonna be a little more formal so these are slightly more formal than the dress work boot you can definitely wear these in business casual settings but like the work boot they work really well with jeans chinos and even trousers now of course the level of formality kind of depends on the material so dark brown leather or black leather is gonna be more formal than like a colorful suede but honestly I think trucker boots are great choice for anybody they’re extremely versatile you’re gonna get a lot of wear out of them again if you could only have one pair I’d probably go for like dark brown leather or black leather depending on your you know color palette now if you do go with suede I recommend look for water resistant suede Thursday boot company uses water resistant suede because you know suede can get damaged by water it can even be ruined if it gets soaked over and over I’ve worn these both of these pairs actually in the rain and they absolutely hold up you know you can see they still look great so I think that’s that’s pretty important especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain okay and then last up we have the Chelsea boot round chelsea boots are super cool and they’re definitely trending right now but honestly they’ve been around for a long time and I don’t think they’re going anywhere according to Wikipedia Chelsea boots are close-fitting ankle high boots with an elastic side panel and they date back to the Victorian era when they were worn by men and women and they still are kind of a unisex style although you’ll typically see women’s chelsea boots with a thicker taller heel so yeah they’re trendy but they’re also classic now of these three chelsea boots are the most formal and of course it depends a little bit on the color and the material but you can definitely wear these even with the suit you know if you have like a black leather Chelsea boot you can definitely wear that with the suit and they’re just a little more formal than the dress work boot and the chukka boot so you know if you’re a working professional in a formal business environment or if you just live in a more fashion-forward city like New York City the Chelsea boot actually could be a good first choice for you if you only have one pair of boots you know the Chelsea boots could be it now I really like this light brown suede Chelsea boot I think they look awesome with a lot of different types of pants especially light wash medium wash jeans you can also wear them with dark wash jeans or black jeans you know if these were my first pair of boots I’d probably go with black leather or dark brown leather but since I already have a couple of other pairs I went with this light tan suede just to change things up a little bit and give myself some more options speaking of options since these three types of boots can it pretty much be used interchangeably for the most part I like to mix up the colors and materials for example if you only wear black and you just want all black Footwear would make sense to have you know black pair of work boots a black pair of Chelsea boots and maybe black suede choco boots for me since I don’t wear a lot of black I like to wear different colors you know I like to vary up my boot collection with different colors and materials so for example I think this is a pretty well-rounded boot collection you know we’ve got dark brown leather work boots kind of a tan suede Chelsea boot light grey suede desert boots and then this midnight blue suede chukka but you know this is just my collection I mean you could also go with like a black leather work boot a dark brown leather Chelsea and like a tan suede chukka boot but no matter what colors or materials you go with I do think that these three styles are the best styles to choose from especially when you’re first just building your boot collection you know if you could only buy one pair I think any of these would be fine my personal choice would be the dress work boot if you could buy three pairs honestly I would start with these three types of boots but I would love to hear from you you know which boots do you prefer how many pairs do you have you know do you like the work boots the chelsea boots the trucker boots let me know down in the comments and BIGBANG’s one more time to thursday food company for the continued support definitely check this brand out guys until next time stay stylish

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