black friday sony tv deals 2019

black friday sony tv deals 2019

black friday sony tv deals 2019

If you are really serious about black friday then you will love this black friday sony tv deals 2019

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best 4k TVs that money can buy you came to the right place in today’s video we will be looking at the top 10 best 4k TVs of this year as always links to all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description and in the pink comment down below without any more delay let’s get straight into the point in number 10 we recommend you the TCL 6 series 4k UHD TV TCL’s new 6 series didn’t have to change much to be one of this year’s best affordable 4k TV the company did the right improvements however it doesn’t look like a budget TV anymore the HDR color range and brightness have seen minor improvements and Netflix streaming and gaming is still a wonderful set if you are looking for a budget 4k TV it is a competition between TCL and vizio it is difficult to argue that the sixth series is not a great choice and it is definitely worth a look if you’re in a budget [Music] [Applause] [Music] in number 9 on our best 4k TV list we have the Samsung send you 8000 premium smart 4k UHD TV the Samsung and you a thousand is a versatile 4k LED TV with good picture quality and HDR support loaded with features the Nu 8000 has advanced smart browsing with voice control which finds your shows easily stunning depth of hdr+ more colors than HD TVs create a breathtaking 4k picture [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] in number eight we have for you as the VCO SP series quantum 4k HDR smart TV simply put this TV is incredible and what Vizio has achieved is astounding the quantum competes with and even excels beyond some of the priciest TVs we’ve seen this year though it’s not the best TV we’ve seen this year but it comes damn close all at a reasonable price [Music] [Music] in seventh number on our list we have for you as the LG C 7 oled 4k HDR smart TV the stupendous image quality superb sound and cracking gaming performance the C sevens all black bezel and more stable tabletop stand make it still one of the best 4k TVs to buy from brilliant bright studious darks LG OLED TV offers the ultimate expression of high dynamic range unlike some other 4k televisions LG OLED TVs support dolby vision optimizing the picture scene by scene as well as the new h LG HDR standard so viewers get more options for premium content [Music] you [Music] [Music] in number six we have for you as Sony’s marvelous bravia 1e 4k ultra HD smart LED TV the Sony a 1e OLED is very well future-proofed from a tech standpoint the TV is built with the latest high-end processors supports multiple HDR formats like HDR 10 and Dolby vision and features Smart TV apps that will stream the best 4k HDR content available well into the future [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] in fifth number on our best 4k TV picks we recommend you the premium 4k Ultra HD TV from Panasonic the FX 800 incredible picture quality stunning design and its large beautiful screen make this TV truly impressive packed with innovative TV technologies and capabilities designed to enhance your viewing experience watch your favorite movies like never before panasonic’s FX 800 is a premium ultra stylish art glass design LED LCD television delivering Hollywood tuned pictures in a stylish and sophisticated design the FX 800 features 4k Pro HDR technology with the same powerful HDX processor used in our o LEDs driving it’s picture quality it features HDR 10 plus compatibility but active or dynamic HDR it is a super bright panel with a wide viewing angle and a 200 Hertz motion refresh rate and Panasonic’s local dimming Pro delivers extraordinary contrast the stylish art glass design with a thin glass bezel smart cable management system and a slim stainless-steel foot pedestal combined for a stylish and modern television stream or watch live TV content directly to your device anywhere in the world with Panasonic’s unique TV anytime voice assist compatibility with Google assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as twin HD tuners round out this premium offering from Panasonic the FX 800 is available in both 55 and 65 inch panel sizes in number four we have for you as the Samsungs q9f and cue LED smart 4k uhdtv this samsung q LED TV offers strong picture quality great audio and a mostly excellent smart TV experience it is truly in a league of its own Samsung’s proprietary quantum technology provides class-leading color and contrast deeper blacks more detailed shadows and brighter whites all make for a brilliant and immersive viewing experience [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] in number three on our list we have for you as the LG’s 4k HDR OLED TV EA t’ with a I thank you if the best possible 4k / HDR picture quality is what you’re after LG z8 series is an excellent choice while it comes with a very premium price you’re getting ìletís most impressive picture quality 4k / HDR 10 / Dolby vision support a unique design and an upgraded iteration of the webOS platform to be honest when I first heard of the concept TV meets glass material I wondered why this was so unique in groundbreaking when I finally saw the LG OLED TV 8 I was convinced it was definitely a unique and new way of using glass in designing a television [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] in second number on our best 4k TV list we have the new Sony’s amazing a9f master series 2160p smart 4k uhdtv with HDR the 8 9 F is unquestionably Sony’s best whole at offering to date and arguably a strong contender for a high-end screen of the year when it comes to image quality and audio performance it’s deliciously impressive a stunning cinematic experience in your home an integrated visual and audio experience that surrounds understands with the creator’s intent the promise of x1 ultimate delivers true to life realism that can almost be felt [Music] rich luxuriant blacks and colors that reveal the secrets of the heart [Music] enjoy the immersive theater like sound experience of acoustic surface audio plus [Music] with the television acting as the center speaker combined with a multi-channel own theater system you’ll feel as if you are at the movies a television that faithfully reproduces the creator’s intent in number one on our list we recommend you the best overall 4k TV from LG the c8 4k HDR smart OLED TV with a imq an ultra bright beautiful 4k TV with stunningly vivid gaming and movie performance the brand-new c8 is not a giant leap forward for LG’s OLED instead it has improved on last year’s models in a number of ways the upshot is an image that’s brighter punchier and more detailed while maintaining the black depth and naturalism that everyone loved it’s truly an exceptional 4k TV that money can buy highly recommended this is the brand new 2018 oled TV from LG this is the CH series and it comes in either a 77 inch 65 inch or 55 inch models like the one I have here pioneered and established by LG OLED TVs deliver a wider range of color definition given you images that are more vibrant and more lifelike than you’ve ever seen before you get perfect color representation throughout the screen thanks to an extra white sub pixel for every pixel in the screen delivering ultra fine areas of illumination to create a far more true to life color pattern and with the removal of the backlight from the panel you get perfect blacks that are much deeper and richer than anything possible on any LCD display the c8 features a picture on metal design where the screen is bonded to a single metal sheet delivering an incredibly stunning razor thin finish while still being rigid enough to be wall-mounted producing beautiful lifelike 4k resolutions and stunning dynamic HDR visuals all on a screen that’s thinner than your phone finished with this stunning streamline Alpine stand and black and brilliant silver engineered to fund the tv’s auto directly at the viewer like this enhances the viewing experience and completes the stunning look of a beautifully designed television now on the rear the ch series features everything you’ll need to get your whole entertainment center working together through one device which includes four HDMI 2.0 B ports perfect for connecting any 4k ready devices such as your blu-ray player or games console so you can enjoy native 4k content and a higher color depth and width frame rates without any stuttering buffering issues this model comes with built-in Wi-Fi and bluetooth 4.2 and a wired Ethernet port which is perfect for when you need to get the best network connection available for 4k streaming and gaming finally a dedicated HDMI a or C connection allowing you to pass third-party sound control through an external sound system or sign bar while keeping everything on a single remote the award-winning LG smart TV with freeview play puts you in control of the entertainment available using this smart platform you can view play and stream content from all the most popular on-demand services directly from your TV a new addition to this year’s OLED lineup is the Alpha 9 processor the C 8 series has LG’s most powerful alpha 9 processor inside which color grades and refines image content on the fly so when you are watching anything the Alpha 9 ship springs into action whether it’s native 4k or not scaling and enhancing the content up to 4k were possible which is improving color accuracy and image depth and using the quad step noise reduction tech to render extremely smooth gradations between colors reducing the blurring and the banding between frames all LG OLED models come with the brand-new 2018 magic remote now I love this piece of kit the beauty of this is that it’s part laser pointer part computer mouse and part additional TV remote and it works seamlessly together making using the Smart TV function absolutely effortless and now with the integration of the later then qai it opens up a whole new way of interacting with your TV set no more clicking or scrolling needed you can just ask for what you want simply by using your voice thin QA I will listen think and respond to you directly through the Magic Remote so you can turn the TV off change the volume change to cinema gamer sports pitcher mode pause fast-forward rewind or even open your favorite app and with Google assistant built-in this is just the tip of the iceberg of what LG Smart TVs are capable of you can do so much more than just control what you are watching for example you can be getting directions viewing Google photos even asking about local restaurant reviews all from the comfort of your sofa just your voice also these TVs are compatible with all Amazon’s Alexa devices – the LG OLED C 8 features the latest in contrast and color boosts in high dynamic range HDR technology enhancing your view and experience and shown depth of color unheard of in home entertainment systems this OLED TV supports most major HDR formats including h LG HDR 10 dolby vision and advanced HDR by Technicolor the integrated sound system support in Dolby Atmos makes it easier to experience a cinema quality sound directly from this extremely thin frame this creates a stunning virtual sign sphere that’s far more realistic than regular TV speakers if you want to really enhance that experience and the base you may want to think about adding a dedicated sound bar just to add that extra level of realism to your viewing experience 2018 LG c 8 series really is a spectacular example of OLED technology it’s very best whether or not you’re a film TV buffle sports fanatic or a dedicated console gamer the LG OLED range represents the absolute pinnacle and home entertainment system black friday sony tv deals 2019 ( LIVE )

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