black friday smart tv deals 2019

black friday smart tv deals 2019

black friday smart tv deals 2019

If you are really serious about black friday then you will love this black friday smart TV deals 2019

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chances are you’re in the market for a new TV that or your TV enthusiast already and you just want to tell me about how wrong I am either way I’m good with that welcome let’s talk about the best TVs you can buy in 2019 and even a little bit of 2020 hey everyone I’m Caleb Denison and if you were hoping to hear about 8k TVs today I’ve got news for you there are no 8k TVs on this list look the fact of the matter is this is first gen technology I’ve only reviewed one of them and I never recommend people go into first gen tech let the mistakes get worked out and then maybe consider the second generation also they are wildly expensive so even if I did tell you they were the cat’s pajamas I don’t think you’d run out and buy one so unless you’re super rich and you just want the best and you don’t care about money I’d say you want to be looking at a 4k TV which is what we’re gonna focus in on today these are the best 4k TVs you can buy and we’re going to start with the Vizio P series quantum X so the 65 inch version of this TV goes for $1,400 the 75 inch monstrosity is just $2,200 now that’s still a chunk of change but what you get for that money is absolutely astounding now I’m not a huge fan of the Smart cast system I said that in my review and it is improving it now has Apple AirPlay – and apple homekit it also has better Siri integration as well as Alexa and the Google assistant even though those things aren’t baked right in but look just because I’m not a huge fan of smart cast does not mean you should not buy this TV you can work around this stuff the picture quality is too good to pass up the black levels are very respectable the anti glare on the screen is great for bright rooms the brightness intensity is just incredible this TV does HDR very well so you get a very colorful and vibrant picture to put the picture quality in perspective you’re basically getting flagship picture quality at budget price and in fact you would have to spend twice as much with Samsung to get the same level of picture quality which provides for a very nice segue because the next TV on our list is a samsung q 90 are also known as just the Q 90 [Music] yes it’s a pricey TV the 65 inch model is about 2,800 bucks right now but I’m not kidding you this is the most feature-rich TV on the market in my opinion and definitely the best LED LCD TV you can buy right now other TVs get close in the picture quality department but Samsung just kind of knocks it out of the park but aside from the picture quality it’s the user experience that I think really puts this TV over the top you can use your smart phone to set it up it automatically detects your devices so that you can control them instantly with the remote and when you turn on a game console it knows it it goes into game mode it has low latency very low input lag and it also supports free sync for variable refresh rate so if you’re a gamer this TV is fantastic oh and then there’s the one connect box with the one cable which is virtually invisible which makes installing this TV a snap for anyone you don’t even have to call a professional so if you want the best LED LCD TV that money can buy right now check out the Samsung q90 R you’ll pay a premium but it’s absolutely worth it okay so we’re gonna get to some more budget-friendly stuff in a minute but right now I want to focus in on the next pick which is the LG c9 OLED [Applause] [Music] the cool thing about the LG c9 OLED is that it has the same picture quality as any of the more expensive o LEDs that LG makes it just has a more basic design and I’m totally fine with that anything that makes OLED more affordable so that it can go into more homes is just fine by me now if you’re not already a fan of OLED the great thing about OLED is that it’s the best display technology that we have at least right now it offers perfect black levels very good brightness excellent color and I’m telling you with those perfect black levels the contrast is just off the charts this is the best HDR experience that you can buy right now and LG makes it more affordable than ever with the c9 OLED next up is the TCL 6 series this is a TV that has absolutely no business looking as good as it does especially for the price the 55 inch model of this TV currently sells for just five hundred and thirty dollars the 65 inch is going for about seven hundred and thirty dollars and the monstrous 75 inch is right at fourteen hundred bucks which I’ll remind you is the same price as the Vizio P series quantum X at just 65 inches the picture quality here is just remarkable especially for the price you’re gonna pay that little amount of money and that get blown away at what you receive when you get it in your home also it’s a Roku TV which makes it very approachable for tech novices anybody can use this television seriously if you find your budget is stretched a little bit thin but it’s time to get a new TV definitely look at the TCL six series you will not be disappointed [Music] finally and I saved the best for last is the TV that you see right behind me that would be the sony a 9g OLED and I am calling it the best TV of the year now I know that there’s some debate around that there’s some folks that feel that the LG c9 OLED is actually the better TV overall but when I look at the sony a 9 G OLED what I see is premium features premium feel for yes a very premium price I love the stand it sits right above the media console so it almost seems like it’s just floating it’s also a very sleek TV but aesthetics aside I’m a big fan of Sony’s processing I always have been I just prefer how their TVs look I think they take a very cinematic approach to processing the image it’s also very clean so you can play low bitrate content from sites like YouTube and Hulu and it’s going to look better than on any other TV and then of course there’s all the advantages of OLED perfect black levels excellent contrast and I think Sony does a better job of keeping some detail in the bright highlights than some of its competition right out of the box the settings are fantastic with this TV you’re not going to need to hire a calibrator necessarily though you could and get slightly better performance also the TV screen is the speaker system there’s a couple actuators back behind the panel along with the subwoofer that creates really compelling sound so you don’t necessarily have to get a sound bar or an elaborate home theater system to get sound quality that matches up with the excellent picture quality again with the Sony a 9g OLED it’s the total package for me you do pay a premium price I think you get every cents worth out of the a9 G and frankly it’s just my favorite TV this year there are a lot of great TVs out there for pretty much every budget I picked these televisions because I think they represent the pinnacle of TV technology today no matter which one you pick I think you’re going to be absolutely thrilled as always everyone thank you so much for watching please like subscribe hit that notification bell so you know when I’m coming out with a new video also hit me up in the comments which TV do you think should have been on this list that wasn’t also you’ll find plenty of reviews in the description down below that you can click on but for now go check out this video for the LG c9 OLED review black friday smart tv deals 2019 ( LIVE )

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