black friday samsung curved tv deals 2019

black friday samsung curved tv deals 2019

black friday samsung curved tv deals 2019

Let’s have a look at these deals to see what is the right price for you in this  black friday samsung curved tv deals 2019

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75 inches cost $3,300 and might just change your life it’s a dumb question it’s not even a riddle but you know what I’m just trying to figure out a clever way to get into this x9 50 G from Sony so let’s cut the chitchat and get right into it damn this thing is big so you pop the top of the box like it shows here and this is what you find which is not much to be honest with you outside of this setup guide is a bunch of literature you’re probably not going to look at some genuine sony batteries for the remote not bec sole four screws and hey look at this a new remote at least it looks a little bit different it’s got this sort of faux brush metal on the top but I like the new look I was really sick of the old Sony style remote and then we have these two massive things and you know what this means it means this sucker is going to have a large footprint it also means you definitely want to look at the QuickStart guide so you can figure out how to put these legs on and it also means that you’re gonna want to have some help around because this is definitely a two-person job lower a little tab slide out some foam and that exposes the area where the legs go on and these legs actually attach really simply you just put them in slide them up that locks leg down and then you can set the TV down and then we get to screwing today we have a TV set up and that really wasn’t all that difficult to be honest with you the TV does not weigh as much as I thought it would anyway so on the bag not a ton to see here very kind of plain looking back with a nice little glossy strip that you’ll never look at because it faces the back of the wall but we do have a couple of recessed base here for our inputs I think the only thing you really need to know here there are four HDMI inputs none of them are HDMI 2.1 sorry this TV does not support any of those HDMI 2.1 features like ER or variable refresh rate if you want to learn more about hdmi 2.1 click the link above and then we’ve got some you know nice sturdy legs with a little bit of cable management opportunity you can route them down through here to hide them if you want to oh and dad don’t forget to plug it in oh hey one more thing almost missed this here’s your onboard controls wrapped way around the back of the TV not particularly helpful so don’t lose the remote all right now we’re getting somewhere we’ve got the X 950 G facing forward on our big and beautiful BDI corridor media entertainment stand and thank goodness we have a big entertainment stand because the footprint for this TV as I inferred earlier is massive yeah I get it it’s a 75 inch TV it’s probably gonna have something of a big footprint but this seems a little bit extreme we’re talking about 56 inches from the left to the right edges and then about 14 inches over a foot in total depth so you really need to have a lot of space if you’re going to stand mount it I also am thinking this is enough to accommodate most sound bars although it’s a little bit low slung so really I’m thinking a TV like this you’re gonna put out the bucks maybe you put out the bucks to get it professionally wall-mounted as well it is a big TV it’s got a little bit of weight I’m sure you could do it yourself but overall I think wall-mounting better for this TV than stand mounting the other thing I’m noticing right out of the box is pretty decent anti glare or anti reflective coating on this it’s not quite as good as the Samsung q90 that we recently reviewed and it’s about on par with what we’re seeing from the LG c9 and other OLED Series television so it’s going to do a decent job in a room that’s got some light pouring into it okay so you power on the TV you expect a little bit of a setup process you can do it manually using your remote or you can pull out your Android phone and use the Google app to pair to the television and carry out the process you basically have to agree to a bunch of stuff why did I agree to ads anyway you know after pressing a few buttons and a couple of security codes it sets the TV up with your Google Account information and it’ll even get it connected to the Internet if you’re not hardwired like we are then a few more accepting that you’re going to tell Google everything about yourself and your viewing habits and then you scan for channels and we’re almost off to the races now I give Android TV a hard time but I gotta say I kind of enjoyed this setup process alright so now we’re digging into Android TV and earnest and you know it’s way less laggy than it has been in the past I think Sony up to the power of the chip that actually handles this interface you know it’s not really Sony’s fault that Android TV has been sucking it’s really about the fact that Android TV tends to be kind of resource intensive I like this layout though I mean I’ve got some sling TV and HBO now off on the left rail here Netflix and YouTube up top I’m presuming you can reorder this we’ll check that out for the full review but yeah you know this works unfortunately though it doesn’t log you into your app so just because you’re logged into Netflix and HBO now on your phone doesn’t mean you’re gonna be logged in once you connect to the TV with the Google app that’s just getting you into your Google account I suppose all right so let’s get into the settings now Sony did make some changes this year to the names of the picture presets that they have so by default it’s gonna be in the standard mode we’re gonna change that you basically get vivid standard cinema and custom where you can go in and make some of your own settings adjustments I’m going to recommend cinema as the starting point because that’s going to be the most accurate setting outside of the box let’s pop into advanced settings and I’m just gonna go straight down to motion by default motion flow is set to a custom mode where you’ve got barely any influence on the smoothing of the picture at all you can turn this off entirely or you can leave it on in auto mode tend to like to turn it off but I will say that if you turn it on and you keep these settings low you’ll avoid most instances of soap-opera effect you may also want to pop into the clarity section here don’t mess with the sharpness it’s fine where it’s at juicing it up it’ll actually introduce noise as for the reality creation it’s on auto by default you can choose manual or turn it off entirely it’s for fineness and noise for realistic picture it says I’m gonna dig into this deeper for the full review and find out just how valuable it is so 75 inch TV you’d expect it to be fairly expensive I mean they’re way less than they used to be but still sony is charging a five to nine hundred dollar premium against competing models to the x9 50 G so what’s inside is really going to matter all that processing we’ll take a look at that in the full review for this unboxing a basic setup I gotta say I’m really impressed with the strides that Sony is making with the user interface that’s been a major pain point in the past and it’s getting better and better by running Android TV the way it ought to be run with a really powerful processor also this remote I’m diggin it the more I’m using it it’s got this sort of a cool texture on the back so I’m getting a nice feel from the TV in general I think it’s very beautiful to look at and I know the picture quality is going to be outstanding the question really is how’s it going to compete against other TVs some of which cost even less well we’ll find out when we come back for the full review for now know that I’m very excited about this TV and I can’t wait to share more with you everyone thanks for watching come hang out with me in the comments section below let me know what you think of this TV versus what we’ve seen so far this year black friday samsung curved tv deals 2019 ( LIVE )

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