black friday qled tv deals 2019

black friday qled tv deals 2019

black friday qled tv deals 2019

If you are really serious about black friday then you will love this black friday qled tv deals 2019

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Xiaomi recently disturbed the Smart TV industry with me TV for ex-pro and so does Motorola line one plus let me know if you’re interested in a comparison video but meanwhile these aren’t the only Smart TV available out there so if you are under budget and looking for some good Smart TV well these are your option gave an HD ready Smart TV me-tv foresee LG Smart TV running webOS ifalcon Smart TV Samsung Smart TV series 4 HD running Tizen OS now when it comes to Smart TV I particularly look for two feature first is of course the Audion we do quality that’s the most important part and second are smart features such as screen mirroring web browsing and third-party app support and with Kevin well I have mixed feelings first impression the TV super light and packs with 1366 by 768 HD LCD display with reasonable amount of bezels on the back it has all the standard poles like AV port to HDMI to USB 2.0 headphone jack and rj45 jack pretty standard stuff however this is the only TV that comes with basic media control buttons at the back and a wall mount other than that all the AC series are similar in all the TVs in the list however things get a bit dicey when it comes to software sure it’s an Android TV running audio take a look at it doesn’t it feel great I mean it’s heavy skin which has its own pros and cons while we were not able to find Google Play Store it does have its own app store and even app dot store pre-installed so you can easily install applications like Netflix prime videos and plates etc and on top of that it not only has screen mirroring but we were even able to host airplay server on it using an iPhone but underneath all these features there are lot of gimmicks for instance it uses Netflix mobile app which is not optimized for bigger screen here’s a side by side comparison and navigating on this Netflix mobile app it’s just weird also the App Store is filled with lots of Chinese bloatware like UC browser ES File Explorer Ram booster but my biggest shortcoming is the remote it feels cheap and the mobile app issue isn’t great either and the funny part is even though we were not able to find hdmi cec in this TV it still responds to the LG Smart Remote overall for the price it’s a good TV to have yes the screen split washed off the audio is not that clear and smart features well they are just gimmicky however if you’re looking for a budget smart TV that can do Netflix prime videos youtube etcetera and not particularly looking for an android TV then this might work for you so next up we have the Samsung Smart TV which is the most expensive one in the list now I was quite skeptical but after using it my opinion completely changed on the hardware front it’s same as any Smart TV but with a slightly better display but on the software side it comes with Samson proprietary Tizen OS which is kind of similar to the multitask bar at the bottom of the screen that you get in LG verbose but a lot more polished I mean look at the interface it’s sleek fluid and gives you an overall vibe of Apple TV the best part about the Smart TV is the attention to detail if you go to the web browser and say you’re entering website name it will pop up suggestion like you can delete a character directly without going all the way to the delete button and not just that it understand that when you type dot-com you are most likely to press the done button it’s little things like this that makes it so special and I can see them everywhere on this TV it also has its own app store which is nowhere as big as Google Play Store but still you will be able to find most of the popular applications like Netflix or star prime videos and even Apple TV there a few games but those are better suited for five-year-old but what it lacks in number of apps it makes a for it in software hardware optimization in our testing Samsung Smart TV perform consistently better against all the other it’s almost four times faster than the Android TV okay so the software is smooth and the performance is fast but my favorite feature about this Smart TV is the seamless integration with Samsung ecosystem check out this private listening without your TV audio to phone over Wi-Fi so if you don’t want to disturb order you can still enjoy your shows with your earphones plugged into the phone I just love this feature and of course Samsung being the king of display the talks are better than the other well Kevin produce some host of images and meeting event overboard with saturation the only caveat with the Smart TV is the sound and in our testing it sounded significantly weaker even when we have turned on the sound amplifier but the shouldn’t matter if the room is small or insulated so the Samsung Smart TV justify its price with superior software great performance and better display so figures in the market and can spend a little bit extra for a smart TV definitely go for this one however it still lacks gaming as well as third-party app support which is where me-tv 4c comes in okay so the crowds favorite me-tv 4c which turns both pure Android as well as patch fault I’m not a fan of that but I have to say it deserves to be the best Android TV under budget here’s why first up it has a Bluetooth remote which looks exactly like the me box remote – the Netflix button yeah me TV doesn’t come with Netflix as of now so you will have to sideload it but xiaomi has promised an update that will fix this later this year moving on I would still recommend you buy this air mouse which also comes with a keyboard I mean here’s a side by side comparison of searching something on YouTube with the mirror mode and air mouse unlike the old me TV for a which only offers patch was this me TV for C also comes with pure Android experience but one of the biggest reason to get me TV over others is the amazing gaming experience yes you can connect your Bluetooth controller kind of lighting Motorola Smart TV and use it to play some high-end games like this one all the do keep in mind the storage is around 4gb so you won’t be able to download many games now talking about that display well that colors a puncher compared to Samson that being said this mini TV was able to downscale a 4k video on YouTube so theoretically the video quality on YouTube should be better than other Smart TVs the only problem I had with me TV 4c is that it’s quite slow now of course you are not gonna feel it if you’re running it standalone but in our testing it took a lot of time to open application compared to other smart TV check this out I guess it’s not the media fault though we tested it with me boxes and both were equally slow [Music] next up we have another popular smart TV in the market from ifalcon which also happens to run Android now the unit that we have is 40 inch full HD TV but there’s also 32 inch model which is exactly same as me TV on the software front both runs pure Android TV version so pretty much anything that you were able to do on me-tv or any other Android TV box you can do it on this TV as well like playing games side loading application and much more my favorite thing to do is to pair my airports with this TV and get deep private listening feature just like you get in Samson although unlike my TV this one has Netflix officially but no prime videos nonetheless you can side load them easily and they will be coming soon anyway another major difference between me TV and ifalcon is remote this ifalcon comes with two remote one that’s premium and sleek looking Bluetooth remote and the other one just looks like a sword but overall we didn’t find any big difference between ifalcon and me TV 4c other than the remote and slightly better display in ifalcon [Music] and finally we have the LG Smart TV running webOS 3.5 and I had been using it for more than a year and has a TLD tableau version I don’t recommend it but why well the applications are less yet the prices are high and it doesn’t offer any significant benefit over other Smart TV for instance the menu is similar to Samsung Tizen which only occupies the bottom half of the screen and you can easily remove them by long pressing on it but it isn’t that smart like although you can create a shortcut of our website on your home screen which saves you a lot of time but the browser and the keyboard isn’t as smart as Samson it almost looks like a college project similarly it takes a lot of time to switch between multiple application but if you remove all these quirks it has all the standard options like connecting to go to speaker bluetooth earphone screen mirroring cetera they’re all there so finally which one should you buy well if you’re looking for a budget smart TV and you’re comfortable with the skinned version of Android then given is a good option although I can’t stand the skinny version of that for most users I can easily recommend me TV for C it has a good hardware good software and decent performance and comes with lot of Android application and gaming if you are into Samsung ecosystem and don’t mind paying a little bit extra for the Polish interface then Samsung Smart TV makes sense all the do keep in mind you are gonna miss on lot of application as well as gaming and finally LG TV well I don’t recommend LG Smart TV to anyone the webOS well it’s too behind that being said let me know which Smart TV black friday qled tv deals 2019 ( LIVE )

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