black friday oled tv deals 2019

black friday oled tv deals 2019

black friday oled tv deals 2019

If you are really serious about black friday then you will love this black friday oled tv deals 2019

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the top 5 best TVs in 2019 I made this list based on my personal opinion and are trying to list them based on their price quality durability and more to find out more information about these TVs you can check out the description below if you’d like to win one of these products make sure you watch the whole video click the like button and call it the hidden word found in this video at the par 5 it’s the samsung q 9fn samsung q LED TVs have been a consistent presence in the brands TV lineup since they’ve been launched but in recent years they’ve struggled to become as prominent in the high-end TV market as the OLED TVs but with the introduction of the Samsung q9 f-n it’s all changed it provides phenomenal performance available in both 65 inch and 75 inch the q 9fn provides amazingly deep blacks while also coming so close to o LED lighting precision without making you compromise the samsung q light FN is a backlit model with full array local dimming as the all ledge lit models backfired but it works pretty well achieving 2,000 nits of brightness in the process the backlit systems are very proficient in their job but they add some thickness to the TV making this model 3 centimeters at its thickest part and 2 centimeters at its thinnest so if you’re not concerned about the thickness too much it won’t be an issue Samsung has chosen the most premium of materials when building this TV it includes lots of metal but it’s not flashy it is a kind of matte finish and it’s extremely stylish it has also found a good solution for handling cable clusters with the one connect system that uses the same cable to provide handle and data at the same time samsung q9f n is about 500 dimming zones with 4k ultra-high definition resolution and a 10 bit panel and support for high dynamic range thanks to its HDR 10 and hybrid log gamma in my own watching tests I’ve had an amazing experience through movies a very pleasant experience everything was perfect for movies and it provides the best cinematic experience that you can find with its bright light and impressive blacks it’s worth mentioning that you won’t find a brighter TV or as much color by Sunday soccer on this TV and was delighted with its brightness and colors of the kits were popping in contrast to the bright green grass with amazing sound this is clearly one of the best TVs that you can find in the market for movies and sports at no.4 it’s the samsung kunai orq LED TV we have another Samsung q LED masterpiece in our list the q9 orq LED TV it was done a fantastic job of eliminating some of the flaws that the former TV in the series had by delivering better brightness of the q LED TV and impressive blacks offered by OLED TVs it is definitely one of the best displays in the high-end market like the aforementioned Q LED model from Samsung the Q line o RQ LED uses full array local dimming backlight technology for a more accurate HDR experience and larger contrast while making it thicker in the process compared to its edge lit appears it’s built from a high-quality black textured plastic and a clean-looking t stand for support it looks pretty cool and it’ll smoothly blend into your rooms design it’s 62 millimeters thick and its thickest point and is substantially heavy 25.2 kilograms also it doesn’t have a separate one connect box feature and these are pretty much all the drawbacks that this excellent TV has it uses Tizen OS platform to support its smart features that are designed conveniently and as pleasant to use and a very user friendly it’s worth mentioning its two-tier layout makes for very clean and tidy navigation through its menus and supports all your favorite streaming services the ultra viewing angle feature utilizes extra layers and the display to reduce light leakage and spread it uniformly from wherever you look at it the same experience and colors will be there the deep blacks were awesome with its 500 dimming zones and 2000 nits of brightness the 4k Ultra HD content was perfect this TV supports HDR 10 that’s pretty common but with hlg and dynamic metadata enabled HDR 10 plus you can use in hours and prime video and blu-ray but with updates coming to other platforms as well in the near future overall the Samsung q9 orq LED TV offers very deep blacks that are pretty consistent throughout with minimal blooming it also has a huge amount of detail and sharpness while still having amazing color range supported by HDR 10 that’s awesome for movies sports and even for gaming clearly today Samsung has put a lot of thought into this a level-3 it’s the TCL 65 our six one seven coming in at the cheapest option on our list the TCL 65 our six one seven offers the best value for the money that you can find for a TV in today’s market coming in at 55 inches 65 and 75 inch sizes it’s bigger and better than its predecessor that was also a great TV the TCL 65 our six one seven has great design and awesome image quality with Dolby vision support takes the spot as the TV that provides the most value for 2019 this model looks and feels more luxurious compared to last year’s model it’s updated look has refreshed things and gives it a premium vibe it has a very stylish metal trim on the edges and it’s slim bezels on its bottom bezel has put the power button on the front and it’s put it to good use for looks and for general use as it has tons of functions that you can complete from the button the back of the TV is a glossy plastic that has a finish making it look like brushed metal it’s relatively thin for a TV this cheap with a 1.2 inch thickness on most part but it’s three inches thick because it houses various components needed the TCL 65 r61 7 has almost everything that you’ll need from a TV with a big screen that supports 65 hertz refresh rate and has 4k resolution that also supports high dynamic range content both the standard HD r10 and the amazing dolby vision it really doesn’t get any cheaper than this you won’t even find these features in TVs double its price sometimes manufacturers put in features just to fill spec lists but in this case every spec is put to use as it provides an amazing picture while managing to reproduce 99.9 6% to the rec 709 color specification with this picture it easily competes with pricier models Conor accuracy was better than average as well supporting amazing contrast with decently deep blacks and exceptional backlight that puts the full array lighting to full use to conclude I’d like to state that this is a great mid-range TV that offers the best value in the market at number two it’s the LG OLED b8p since LG has finally found a way to make its only TV substantially cheaper it’s designed the LG OLED b8p that sits at just the beginning in the high-end price range but provides more value than most other high-end TVs with it’s amazing alpha 7 chip that provides amazing picture quality and exceptional design in terms of looks the LG OLED BHP is the best with its sleek and perfectly built metal rear impressive 3 millimeter outer edges a smooth flat screen and near turn on bezels this TV will be the centerpiece of your living room it looks very luxurious thanks to its impressive design and build quality it stand has an angled metal sheet design that keeps the device stable overall this TV has a better design that its price would suggest LG has the best Smart TV implementation thanks to its webOS platform that makes it very easy to use thanks to user-friendly interface and features it runs very smoothly and is very easy to read its content you and even customize the layout to your liking but even in its default form it’s very slick and convenient it’s attractive compared to other platforms and works seamlessly with LG’s Magic Remote that’s very useful for selecting controls settings and in-app functions it provides an image that you cannot find in other similarly priced TVs as it provides an immersive experience while watch a I notice that it brings better detail and sharpness with more colors that are equally accurate thanks to his next generation processor that keeps things running it provided an awesome picture even with non HDR content it showed that it can provide perfect sharpness and brightness in those situations as well the brightness was pretty good and offers the same image quality even in well-lit rooms the new and improved shading and richer colors are the results of its new technologies this in turn makes everything look more realistic and deep to conclude I’d like to say that the LG OLED p8p is one of the best high-end TVs that brings the OLED technology to a more affordable place with its refined features and performance it’s worth considering and at number one it’s the sony bravia a 9f OLED on the top of our list is a TV that will lead every enthusiast that appreciates picture quality just panting for it it’s the new extra ultimate image processor and the equally new Android reo TV OS combined with the improved acoustic surface audio technology that provides better experience visually and in the sound Department and it makes this TV better than anything else you can find on the market sony has utilized the same lean back design as in the former model but there are some slight changes made to the kick back stand as it can’t mean as far back and it can be wall mounted to setting the bravia a 9 F OLED is very easy and is done in just under a minute you simply release the fastener from the back of the display and just attach their heavy counterweight and it’s all done it’s worth mentioning that the sony bravia a 9f o LEDs biggest improvement is in its sound tech the acoustic surface audio Plus implements another on-screen actuator that in turn creates a different channel in the center on top of that it includes a second base driver and all this translates into an effective 3.2 sound system with three actuators that are added into the kickback stand and the twin base drivers it’s simply the best audio you can find on a TV as for the other models in our list to get a better audio experience you’ll have to get a sound bar with a new update the Android smart TV OS and the Oreo it’s all done the upgrades and refinements to make the best TV operating system platform and the fastest to the sony bravia a 9f OLED has a 65 inch OLED screen that offers the best 4k viewing experience with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 the picture processor x1 ultimate runs the show pretty smoothly and is top of the line it does amazing video processing and optimizing tricks to give the triluminos display a wider color palette and it also uses the pixel contrast booster to provide amazing contrast and perfect blacks its colors were equally if not more impressive managing to produce 130 point 8 percent of the rec 709 car gamut definitely the best TV on the market the sony bravia a 9 F OLED has raised the bar sky high for its competitors

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