black friday 55 inch tv deals 2019

black friday 55 inch tv deals 2019

black friday 55 inch tv deals 2019

Let’s have a look at these deals to see what is the right price for you in this  black friday 55 inch tv deals 2019

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4k OLED TV is a technology I’ve been waiting for for quite a while OLED is able to deliver those deep solid blacks with those bright vivid colors and because this is an Ultra HD or 4k TV we have a resolution of 3840 by 26 10 which is able to deliver really sharp video now this will upscale your content to this resolution but using Web OS 2.0 you can actually stream 4k content directly to your TV using services that support it like Netflix and YouTube this TV also has really impressive sound design thanks to Harman Kardon audio so you don’t necessarily need to add speakers if you want to avoid it now this is a smart TV with a host of features powered by webOS 2.0 and a quad-core processor we also use something called a magic remote control to interact with the interface which we’ll demonstrate in this video and of course you do have voice search in here as well and although I’m unboxing this TV myself you probably should get somebody else to help you so the first thing I want to do here is remove the box I’m gonna cut the tape along the side because the TV itself is actually sitting in a tray that’s at the bottom of the box so once I lift that out of the way you can see the TV now it’s facing in the wrong direction for me here so you can see the back of the TV so I’m gonna do is flip it around so we can face it forward now the first thing I’m gonna do here is pull out the TV stand which again is wrapped in lots of styrofoam and plastic the TV stand is quite heavy I think it’s about 30 pounds or so and this is of course a base to stabilize the TV once it’s installed TV also has a see-through sort of Plexiglas stand so it looks like the TV is floating once it’s on the stand also included is the accessory box so that includes our remote controller this is called a Magic Remote which includes a set of batteries and we’ll take a close look at that in just a minute we also get some analog adapters for component and RCA we also get a wire strap for some cable management and we also get a set of screws for installing the stand this is also a 3d TV so we get a set of passive 3d glasses along with a set of clip on so in theory you could have up to 4 users and we also got a set up cleaning cloths for cleaning those lenses so getting back to the TV itself what I need to do is lay it down self reinstalled the styrofoam which came up with a box and I’m gonna reinforce the box so I can lay it flat on the box I need to do this in order to install the stand so with a TV laying flat I can get access to the bottom of the TV first thing I need to do here is remove all the packaging that’s protecting it now the mounting points for the stand are actually covered up with a piece of plastic trim which is basically held on with Velcro and you can pop this off and you can see the mounting points for the four brackets once that’s lined up I can go ahead and use the screws to secure it into place so once the stand is installed I can go ahead and reinstall the back panel to keep it all nice and covered up now you can mount this on the wall there is a standard V is a mount here so if you prefer to do that you can do that as well now before I get the TV upright let’s take a look at some of the ports which would otherwise be hard to see so we have some down facing ports which includes an Internet LAN port we also have our analog input so again those work with the adapters we also have our digital optical output so if you want to connect this to an AV receiver for full 7.1 surround sound you can do that we also have our antenna in so if you want to connect to either a terrestrial antenna or your cable service you can plug it in here we also have our side port so we have three HDMI ports which are 4k but only HDMI one and to work with 4k deep color we also have three USB ports one of them is USB 3.0 the other two are USB 2.0 and we have our standard audio out for headphones so lifting up the styrofoam there we have at the 4k OLED TV with that really deep black display which is very anti reflective so it really mitigates glare the great thing about OLED TVs is that you have infinite off access viewing angles without Distortion so because we have this curved design that works especially well in this case so you see really no off excess distortion with the TV so along the back you can see the TV is entirely white with half of it sort of bumped out to house all the electronics along with your speakers but the upper half is razor thin and really stunning to look at there’s actually a texture back here that sort of itched into the pearlescent finish but again you don’t really see it if it’s facing the wall but again this is a really nice detailing you can tell this is a premium TV now take a look at the remote controller this is called the magic remote so it looks like a standard remote controller but we have voice and we have motion so this has an accelerometer which responds to motion so that’s how you mouse around on the interface we also have a standard of control such as our number pan in addition to volume up volume down channel buns mutes in addition to our home button which allows us to bring up the on-screen interface we have back and exit in addition to our Settings button as well as the 3d button for activating the 3d feature and of course you have your voice button for activating the voice commands we also have a different type of deep pan instead of just an OK button toward the center we also have a click wheel which allows you to scroll through the interface of course surrounding that we have a d-pad and because this is a universal remote we also have this on-screen remote bun so this allows us to bring up an on-screen representation of the bun for the corresponding component so for example for your cable box you’ll actually see the on-screen representation of the remote that comes with that cable box or your blu-ray player or your AV receiver or that sort of thing so in terms of picture quality there really is nothing like an OLED display it really solves many of the problems that an LCD or LED backlit TV has which includes uneven backlighting because we don’t have a backlight here the pixels light themselves it also means we get true blacks so unless the pixel is lit the display is completely black which is really stunning now the LG display here is using red green blue and white pixels instead of the standard RGB pixels so it’s able to produce really stunning colors in a wide color gamut and the other stunning attribute of OLED is that we have no off excess viewing Distortion so no matter how you look at the display you see the same color vibrancy as you would if you’re sitting right in front of it so that looks especially impressive on this curved panel next up let’s walk through the web os interface and there’s a lot going on here so right now I’m watching my broadcast TV or my comcast services so if I press the home button you can see brings up my launcher with this low cursor that I can hover around using the remote controller works really well I don’t have to hover my hand in the middle of thin air I can actually just twist my wrist while it’s resting comfortably so we have our launcher which includes our recent apps so I was just watching Netflix and I’m tuned in to my Comcast service up here so you can see while I’m watching right now and you can see I’ve today which features content I may want to tune into we have my channel so I can customize the channels that I can quickly tune into here so I can select history discovery or more so if I’m the tune into the history channel this will actually send a I our code to my cable box to tune into that channel so while I’m watching live TV I can actually go over to the right here with my cursor and I can see my channel guide pop-up right here so populates my channel guide then tells me what what those channels are broadcasting right now so if I want to tune in to that I can just tap on it and again it will tune that cable box to that channel so it works really well here we also have recommended so based on the content you’re watching or the time of day this will recommend some other titles you can watch right now or in the future now if I go back to the home screen here I can also see my recent app so anything I’ve recently access which includes my lg content store Amazon Netflix and etc that’s all to the left so it’s always ready to go so if you jump between different services everything is basically in standby which is very helpful now of course we have lots of apps down here so we have Netflix and it does support 4k video streaming so if you have 4k titles down here you will be able to see it on this TV which is really nice here but of course one of my favorite shows is Star Trek The Next Generation I can go ahead and resume where I last left off you can see it’s ready to go right away this is a really fast interface here so I can scrub to what I want to watch in the scene click Play and it jumps right to it we can go them more here and there’s a lot of other options here so again we have a web browser so this is a full-blown web browser it does have some limitations of course does not flash and it’s not a terribly fast web browser but we can open up tab set bookmarks and that sort of thing here so here we are on 9 to 5 Google because we have this 4k display text is actually really sharp and readable here so I can navigate using the scroll wheel on the remote controller to navigate up and down I can also enter in the URL up here so if I bring it up you can see brings up the keyboard and again that works really nicely with this hovering cursor so we have other things like a user guide we have our device connector so this TV can control devices connected to it such as blu-ray players home theaters sound bars game consoles even a smartphone so for example if you want to use a smart phone to control your TV this will tell you how to do that so we have things like screen sharing content sharing and TV control so if you select it this will give you instructions on how to set that up we also have smarts here this is a way of sharing photos videos and music between devices so right now you can see some stuff is actually loaded on this TV but you can also connect other things like the lg camera or the LG photo editor to edit images from that LED camera but again you can see photos videos and music loaded on this TV we also have something called screen share this allows us to mirror devices to this TV so for example Android devices which work with miracast you can mirror it to this TV we can also mirror our PC and again this will actually show you how to do it we also have our TV guides if you want to see your TV listings and bypass the one that comes with your cable box you have that option so this is actually generated by the TV this is not done on the Xfinity box itself we also have a scheduler so you can set reminders for certain programs using the guides so I’ve already set two reminders here and I can edit these or change them or I can go ahead and add new ones so you can either do this from the guide or you can add new ones from within this interface I can go to a channel here I can scroll to a specific time and let’s go ahead with this wild China so we’re gonna set the reminder click done and if there’s a conflict it will let you know and you can’t set a conflicting reminder here so you can see there’s a little pop-up here so we can jump right to it to see our entire listing we also have the LG content store so this is where you can purchase or rent content or download apps so again this is sort of a cross-platform one-stop location for everything it’s a really nice way of accessing content and sorted by category so we have TV shows movies premium content 3d apps games and my page so for example if we go to TV shows here so as you can see we have top picks for me based on my viewing habits so for example I can go and select helix so I can see everything about this TV series and if I go to this drop-down menu this will actually take me back to other search options if I wants I can go back to movies etc or go back to the main screen so if I will watch this now you can see there are multiple services in which this is available so I can go to Amazon or Vudu so again the cross-platform search here so if I go to Amazon I can see whether this is available through Amazon Prime so in this case you can see it’s launched me into the Amazon app which allows me to buy it for 199 or $2.99 for HD and I can see more episodes more seasons etc now this is a 3d TV so we do have some 3d services here so we do have some free content we can preview such as a 3d trailer so if I want to go to the inside out trailer I can actually watch it in 3d and use the passive 3d glasses that come included actually works really well and as you can see I get a pop-up that says 3d signal detected 3d is now on and course we have an apps and game store and there’s actually quite a bit here so we have three Diigo which is basically a 3d rental service so if you want to rent 3d content you have an app for it which is really nice we have Pandora Sirius XM crackle and quite a few others if you want to download any one of these just click on it so let me go ahead and download Pandora click install now from here I can launch the app or I can go back to my menu and see it in the launcher so I see Pandora right here so I can launch it if I want or if I want to delete it or uninstall it or just move it just happen hold on it and I can move it around or I can go up to delete it we also have our notification so this is where we can see all of our notifications such as application updates or scheduling reminders or software updates and that sort of thing now at the very end here I have my HDMI inputs again I have three inputs one this program for a game console one is open and one is my cable box I can quickly jump to them right here now we can also interact with a TV three voice search place star trek into darkness so searches for star trek into darkness and I can limit by movies YouTube or the internet so if I click movies here I can go and select one of these I can watch now or I can see one of these featurettes down you’re using a scroll wheel to navigate through it so that’s going to click watch now and you can see it search several apps and found it under several apps here so Amazon is one of them so let me jump right to Amazon I have to do is click resume or play from beginning and if I want and there we go we’re watching star trek into darkness and I can quickly scrub through the timeline here just by using the cursor and jumping right to that point on the timeline again it’s really responsive now voice search is pretty sophisticated here so we can do things like note5 unboxing x’ on youtube so again that quickly finds note5 unboxing specifically on youtube and i can jump right to mind if i want so there we go we have one of my 4k videos playing on this TV and it looks absolutely fantastic it’s definitely the best my videos have ever looked on any display here with its huge OLED display at 4k resolution is really stunning show me for those of a yorkie so in this case has done a cross-platform search for your key so I can see YouTube videos on your keys or I can go to the internet for images on your keys TV shows etc so if I go to Internet this will do a Bing search for images your key so I can click images if I want and again this is where that browser really comes into handy you can also answer questions how tall is the New World Trade Center now although it doesn’t give you a specific answer again you can go to the Internet to perform the search and there we go what’s the weather like today so in this case we get an information card brought to you by AccuWeather which shows you the current conditions for today Thursday and Friday you can also quickly switch inputs by going to the upper right corner here you get to your input selector and here you can see live TV Comcast I’m on right now game console HDMI 3 are all inputs now I can go to all inputs you can actually browse them so for example I want to take a look at my game console which is on right now and then I have another console here which is the Xbox so that’s the ps4 and that’s the Xbox and I can name these if I want so I can rename them so I can go to edit and I can input the text or I can just select one of the predetermined icons and names we can also quickly access our quick settings so if we go to our quick settings we have our picture profile sound profile aspect ratio sleep timer and parental locks so under picture we have vivid standard which is what I prefer we also have a ps4 power saving mode cinema which softens the details mix a little darker sports game photo expert one and expert two we two can customize we also have our sound profile for standard cinema news sports and music as well as game we also have our aspect ratio for 16 by 9 just scans it by program four by three zoom or cinema zoom level one we have our sleep timer so we have off 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes one hour an hour and a half two hours three hours and four hours and we can also input a parental lock now we also have Advanced Settings and they are really advanced there’s a lot to take a look at here but I’ll try to be brief so we have our picture settings so you can highly customize your picture settings so we can change our picture mode here so we can change the ol LED light contrast brightness sharpness color tint color temperature advance controls so this allows you to adjust settings for individual modes picture options to adjust the detail settings to further optimize the picture or you can reset to factory what else have sounds so we have smart sound mode which will automatically optimize sound based on the content type I’m gonna leave that off because I prefer to be set to standard at all times we also have sound effects of well so you can customize the audio effects if you click on this I guess you have some options here all trysts around on or off a clear voice – so enhances voice qualities who can hear voices better in your movies or TV shows we have several equalizers so you can customize the EQ if you want so you have to turn that on we also have sound output so you can select which device or what sound output you’re getting so you can do audio output over HDMI LG sound sync through optical LG sound seeing through Wireless audio out through line out wired headphones you can also go to your internal speakers plus audio output or internal speakers plus wired headphones we have other things like AV sync adjustments sound optimizer and you can do a sound test well sever network so you can change the name of the TV on the network and you can see we have wired or Wi-Fi connection and I’m using a wired connection in my case we have SEF Wi-Fi direct and LG connected apps under Journal we have language location date time timers account management in addition to the brightness of the LG logo light so you can turn this off if you don’t want it but when the TV is turned off you’ll see the LG light light up we also have home store emotes you can enable that power saving mode advertising cookies you can turn that on and off live plus so if you want to know what that is this will tell you what it is mobile TV on this enables other devices and apps to turn on your TV remotely we also have simply which will actually allow LG devices connected to your TV to be controlled by the TV or vice versa you can also reset to initial settings or check about this TV to see if you have the latest software updates so in terms of TVs this really is a major leap forward with a stunning 4k OLED panel which really kills just about any display you’ve seen before from plasma to LCD to LED backlit LCD we also get one of the best interfaces I’ve seen on a TV thanks to web OS and it’s magic remote controller I really like this combination and voice command works extremely well and the universal remote basically controls all your a/v equipment and included with the software is access to all your favorite streaming services which work extremely well from Netflix to Hulu to Amazon and you have lots of four key options which can actually use this display already guys black friday 55 inch tv deals 2019 ( LIVE )

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