Benq Zowie XL2411 Review

Are you looking for the best Monitor for your gaming here we have a Benq Zowie XL2411 Black Friday 2019 for you. In this article, you will know all the feature of Benq Zowie XL2411.

benq zowie xl2411 black friday 2019

Benq Zowie XL2411 Black Friday 2019

welcome to Gus tech these two monitors are pretty close to the same but not quite today we have probably the most requested video that we’ve had here on Gus tech we have the BenQ 24 11 Z the champion of the budget 144 Hertz monitor maybe not entirely budget but certainly one of the better 144 Hertz 24 inch 1080p monitors out there it’s stood the test of time it’s fantastic but asus has a very similar monitor monitor in the VG 248 QE now this guy is 144 Hertz one millisecond response time just like Ben Q price difference on these ranges between 10 to 20 bucks right now this is 250 for the Asus and 270 for the BenQ that goes up and down the Ben Koosman as low as 200 same with the Asus so you know pick your poison there when you’re going to get it but just keep that in mind these are pretty much the same price the bank you monitor we’ve done a review on this when comparing it to the 24 20 G which is the G sync equivalent essentially it has a very similar panel if not the same panel than it has the G sync engine and engrained into it now I love this monitor I think it’s great I’ve mentioned before I don’t really love the stand it looks kind of cheap and it feels kind of cheap although it does go higher than the Asus one so that’s a big deal guys huge deal huge deal so here we have Heaven benchmark we’ve also been asked that over and over when we’ve done the monitor comparisons we’re always using heaven because it’s free to open to everybody and it is a good benchmark and it’s really pretty so you guys can look at it here we’re getting very high frames out of this so it’s not going to be quite 144 Hertz across the board but pretty close a couple things to note on these two monitors again as far as panels are concerned and features that you’re going to look at right out the gate 1080p 144 Hertz one millisecond greater gray both TN panels very similar viewing angles they can both go landscape and portrait mode which in a TN panel you probably don’t want to go portrait mode in a TN panel because they are designed to be landscape that’s just how that’s just how they work but either way you can turn both them on their side if you want to it makes it easy to plug in the cables and if you’re just you know programming you don’t really care if the screen is completely true fidelity it doesn’t really matter quite as much so styling the base of the 2411 Z is uh not the prettiest it’s really bland it’s just this black you know not great I don’t know I don’t hate it it does the job really well it doesn’t take up a lot of space the square is nice because if you have a small desk it does keep it from getting you know overcoming your keyboard or whatever else but it isn’t pretty the Asus on the other hand is very pretty I mean look at this base it’s freaking awesome it’s got words that go all around it to tell you things that people who you know are interested in that are going to read it’s got 3d here and on the back it’s got your cable management in red whereas the 2411 Z doesn’t really have cable management I mean it’s like it’s weird it’s like this weird looking like Paul’s atom it’s weird either way so design element wise if I’m worried about what it looks like on my desk I’m almost wholly focused on the Asus that definitely wins the design challenge board I also really like the Reds um it’s just neat finish of the 24 11 Z is matte everything is matte no smudges very nice if you’re a fat guy like me and I know it’s made fun of all over the internet but like seriously my stuff gets grubby because I’m just kind of a greasy dude so deal with it the a sous finish is this is the same that they have on their 120 dollar monitors it looks so good out of the box give it two months and their scratches all over it micro scratches that start to show and that looks really crappy later on especially when you’re spending again you know a decent chunk of your money this is the third most expensive thing that’s going to go into your machine it is so I don’t really love the fact that it’s glossy at least this kind of crappy glossy I do like the glossy look I just wish it didn’t scratch so easily as far as panel performance we’re going to notice something right out the gate this is running in theater mode the Asus and the Ben Q is running in movie mode that those are pretty much the closest things we could get in modes you’re going to see the Ben q almost looks a little bit more washed out and honestly if you’re watching movies which you probably just you know should do the TV or an IPS panel at the very least it’s the bank use not great for that it is really good for gaming because it gives you the good contrast that you want necessarily completely faithful color representation but you really like the visibility that you get in the Ben Q as opposed to the Asus which is a bit more focused on hey we just want it to look good so if you’re more concerned about the aesthetic value Asus definitely has the win there but Ben Q wins in the fact that it’s more visible for video games so gaming monitors I think that kind of goes to the bank you hear also thank you has a host of features that Asus doesn’t thank you has their FPS mode which you can actually update online that is custom calibrated from other users awesome totally cool feature that is in all of Bank use monitors they make their stuff with the idea that you’re going to be using it to play video games maybe competitively but even casually it just it looks good and it looks easy to see on a BenQ monitor as opposed to the Asus which is a little bit more closed down it does have standard you know options on there but it doesn’t have presets like RTS fps one – like the BenQ has that make it a little bit easier to tweak your monitor without you know having to sit there and go green 7d right bank you’ve got that down for you so customizability I’m going to say Bank you wins there and especially because not only can you customize it more it’s easier to customize if you don’t we don’t want to take a bunch of time with it so both these monitors stands again they do everything you need them to do the bet the Asus has a bevel on the bottom so it can just turn about so that’s kind of cool then chooses at the top so we can do the same kind of turning place at the top of the base or the stand rather not on the bottom of the base so keep that in mind I don’t know if you really are too concerned about that overall if I’m going to compare these two monitors I’m going to say that just like their prices and their reviews show online they’re about sixes about the same I can’t really say that one is necessarily better than the other what I can say is that if you are playing games like Counter Strike the division games that are a little bit more twitch shooters mean division – a good shooter but it does definitely require you to be a little quicker on your feet and be able to see better edge – Bank you on that they definitely and they’ve all kind of always had the edge on that because that’s their focus now if you want your game to look better you want it to not only have the benefits of the high refresh rate cheaper panel and you know everything that Tien brings with it well the issues is still going to make it look good so that’s my preliminary review of these two guys a sous is prettier BenQ is probably a bit more functional for the gamers out there overall I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these monitors they both support pretty much the same everything they also both have versions of these each company has versions of basically the same monitors that are running in G sync and again you’re going to have a very similar result with the g-sync monitors as you do to these non GC monitors and freesync as well one kind of exciting thing I don’t think it’s exciting at all actually the BenQ uh does have a little you know side Jack for your audio here you know you can see it there audio jack baby um that’s cool it’s on the side I actually like that more than having it on the back like the Asus one because it’s you have to kind of get your fingers up in there and get into it so again just little tiny design differences if you’re looking either one of these monitors and you don’t really care about the things I mentioned specifically I would just go with whatever one’s cheaper because I don’t think you next necessarily go wrong with these Asus made a great monitor here with the VG 248 and Bank use 24 11 Z is you know obviously a great monitor as well so guys like the video if you liked it which I’m sure you did make sure you hit that subscribe button leave us some comments in the description or not description in the comment section because you can find both these monitors in the description below if you have any questions you have any concerns you have any really great interesting things that you want to share or even not great but sent my interesting things you’d like to share let us know in the comments because we love you guys this whole little shop here we are Gus tech it’s March Madness right now go Utes we’ll see you next time

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