In this post, we introduce the best Basketball Black Friday Deals 2019. Here we have the top best basket balls for you on our list.

basketball black friday deals 2019

Basketball Black Friday Deals 2019

yo what it was done seemingly here we are the soul brothers about to be breaking your balls over talking basketballs indoor basketballs outdoor basketballs is a whole different beast indoor there’s a lot of good basketballs there’s also a lot of like cheap cheap shitty ones and those will do but like if you’re really trying to hoop and spend some money you’re gonna want to get a good ball you know so you know the little noob like $20 Costco Costco balls like just don’t even go there and I mean and the other thing is write your name on your ball when you get it because people be stealing yeah but let’s take a look where this is a 2.0 we did this video before quite a while ago but some new balls have come out the rules yeah so we’re gonna compare these with with everything and kind of break down some of the best in our opinion and kind of say what our favorites are as far as indoor basketballs yes let me start with like an old one sure yeah it’s pretty old sort of done alright so here is the Wilson evolution we just call it the Evo this is the official official basketball for 24-hour fitness and this is certified n-c-double-a so it says on Dick’s Sporting Goods rule yes I guess in then CW I don’t think they use it in any I call it Pink’s that’s more of a high school ball yeah alright it feels super nice very soft and just yeah the feeling is just super soft that’s why I feel like a lot of people like it’s not rough it’s pretty grippy no it when it gets wet though it does slip a little bit you know you’re going sweating and so you do have to wipe off that sweat before you start dribbling again but other than that yeah feels super nice our durability wise I had this ball for like a couple years yes they’re pretty durable pretty durable it’s pretty hotel yeah but it is pretty I mean we put ours on these but another thing is is you do need to break it in some way I mean it’s it’s good out the box but like you know you still need some hours in it to get the full softness of this composite leather yeah you don’t I mean it goes in at what 60 bucks yeah well you can get them cheaper like 40 bucks maybe fifty bucks on Amazon at times Walmart yeah so but this is a classic ball it’s great you cannot go wrong the weight of the ball is 21 ounces 21 point zero nine all right moving on yeah let’s take a look at another old ball this is the official NCAA ball okay there’s there’s another there’s a lot of different versions they downgrade and it’s like a it’s like a knockoff version of their own ball yeah you usually know if you’re getting a high quality ball by the price they’re usually upwards of 40 50 $60 this one is about 50 or 60 money close to 70 yeah yeah this is well as expensive I mean this is the official the official game ball you know official college game ball in most scenarios so it doesn’t feel it’s like soon I mean feels okay but I feel like the evil it’s like soft it has a nice feeling it is that the difference here is is so this is called the solution the Wilson solution the difference here is it’s very very very sticky when you get it out the box it’s super sticky like another ball we’re gonna talk about a minute but the other advantage of this ball is it absorbs sweat really well really well and you know you’re not gonna start slip in when you know wouldn’t get sweaty and you go to how’s that traction yes 10 out of town and so that’s the deal with this but the one of the downsides of this is it’s the durability is not great really you see this it’s just like dirty and it starts to get dusty and I feel like I put more hours on an Evo and it’s and they hold up it in better shape you know what I mean but it’s a very good ball it is a little bit expensive moving on to the next ball of course is Justin Nike Championship air lock elite ball and I’ve had this for a long-ass time it just it feels nice it’s not the softest but it gets the job done it’s pretty grippy but yeah how much how much is the n-c-double-a way 21.2 Oh twenty-one point two oh this isn’t this feels the heaviest one playing it feels big and it feels heavy yes let’s see if we’re tripping – when you one point six to Algiers a little over there like point five ounces yeah but you know I another thing I like about this ball is the air lock system where I never have I I don’t remember ever pumping yeah ever you know in my evo do you want to see my evo you see wants to have flat dishes I have to pump this up like every single day I said no not every day but like a lot this one I never pump up it just it retains the air and feels very bouncy you know it doesn’t get flat or anything like that so this one’s also about sixty bucks right I think it’s like 80 bucks yeah I might even be 70 sounds like 70 80 bucks but there’s not a bad ball let’s take a look at the most expensive ball here actually it’s not the most expensive all we have here but this is a this is the gold standard be sure in basketball this is the official NBA game ball Spalding hundred percent genuine leather you know so shitty deep yeah feels like I remember when Donny boy bought this and then we’re like over this play and stuff like that in there there were people you know people are like see this ball sorry you didn’t do yeah it almost feels like yeah it’s what it’s weird but um so when you first get it it’s super rough and you have to break it in for a while okay and takes I mean weeks to break it in it depends on what you play it could take a month but once you break it in it does get a lot nicer the thing about this ball is it does feel a little big it’s also very hard and there’s also not a lot of like rip well there’s not a lot of like bomb you don’t mean it’s not like puffy and there’s not a lot of lip right here in in the groove so I don’t know obviously MBA people love it a lot of people love this ball there’s something definitely good about it but it’s a very very high level ball another thing about this ball is it is the best ball here in regards to sweat the more sweat the more grippy it gets that’s why the u MV players lick there exactly disgusting yeah but yeah I’m gonna do it you gotta do Steve Nash I mean I was doing that all game ass he used to you know but um so that’s another reason why this ball is really really good if the durability is also not great you see it just looks like yeah I feel like it especially if you play on more of a dusty court the dust starts to get on it it starts to really wear on the leather and it does reach a point that it’s kind of but one thing is that also when dust gets on it its yeah starts to get slippery for sure you need to keep it wet which kind of sucks but yet the MBE ball is 20.7 for you know it actually feels a little light but it’s kind of big top alright girl man ball boom yeah do the next one is my favorite ball out of all of these and because it’s so grippy no matter how dusty it is it’s your you’re not going to lose any grip and even if it’s sweaty or if it gets wet you’re not really gonna lose any grip and it’s just khaki it does come in at 65 bucks um I feel you can get some sales or discounts pretty a little bit cheaper but that is the price and so it’s fairly new so um but yeah this is my favorite ball to play with another couple balls to talk about this ball was sent to us this is the buy season this is the creator and it’s a very nice ball hanging that very similar to the Evo very similar and just a just overall good ball also how it’s cool looks there’s different colors you can do price on that is what 80 bucks they expect very comfortable to the Evo and but just has a kind of different feel feels a little heavier little harder obviously depending on how much you inflate it but the weight on these is twenty-one point one six for the elite or the pipe really yeah Creator is twenty point seven for another ball we have here is this Wilson connect ball feel the shittiest yeah there’s definitely the is out of out of these it’s also the most expensive but the reason for that is it has you know technology inside it connects to your phone so it can track shots and it’s really cool cuz it knows when you make the shot yeah I’m really crazy so it keeps track of your percentage you know your shooting percentage in the free throw you can do threes one thing it doesn’t have which I wish it did was like you know tracking arc tracking backspin you know to mean maybe giving you pointers on your shot where you’re making mistakes release point maybe that’s a little bit too crazy I don’t know but you know for that price it’s just keeping track of your size 200 like to our bucks but and in the ball itself it slightly not super nice he was like a twenty dollar ball yeah to be honest you know like it’s not like super balanced here anything like that it’s just a shooting ball I feel like yeah um so for that purpose it’s good but for like just playing and stuff I wouldn’t really recommend it doesn’t feel too good but in doubt endure everyday use our favorite balls are mine probably still as the Evo I need more time with this Nike but see I like to e go because it’s just the 24 hour ball so you just everyone if you just practice with it you know when you go to play games the same ball you know if the switch balls always it’s always nice well I’ve been playing with this one everyone’s like dude I love it yeah so the grip on this is insane so probably the best this one and of course the Evo another shout out to annex creators not bad either another shout out to this ball it’s a this is one of my favorite balls actually too but it has a very short not very short life but of you know there’s a certain point in its life that it’s just incredible you know not right out of the box you got a break just a little bit and then once you break it in its beautiful super sticky absorbs sweat but then it starts to lose that a little bit and then I feel like the Wilson evil lasts a little bit longer and this is probably gonna last longer – yeah so that’s a quick breakdown not too quick actually but in-depth breakdown of the best indoor basketball’s hope we helped you guys out let us know your favorite ball the hoop in there’s also the TF 1000 I made in multi molten or whatever yeah there’s the molten the Euroleague balls we’ve tried most of those I bet I’ve tried all the molten balls – those are super nice as well very soft but uh we just don’t need all the balls I mean yeah but anyway that’s it hope you don’t you guys don’t want to see you guys next Lou

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