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Black Friday Deals baseball gloves

Black Friday Deals baseball gloves

what’s everybody HP boy mighty go we’re back again with another in real life baseball video you guys guessed it you guys have been killing the sport lately on the IRL baseball video so we just decided to do another one we freaking love doing them make the tires in town for his last cake [Music] but don’t let the sadness distract you from the fact that we just released Brittany mighty Gohmert slinging the scripture you guys wanna go get the softest comfiest most swagalicious birch in the game go to the bio or go to the lathe and script okay I don’t know why I keep saying bio this is a freaking MySpace okay just go to like a description go buy yourself somebody go Murch again it’s cool stuff of the game yeah be on the top of the video is pretty much we went to Walmart we bought just a basic glove make if you want to show the glove this is just pure rawhide like they probably killed the cow yesterday look at that the Gold Glove co dot TM it looks cool it looks like a cool glove there’s that we’re gonna put it through a gauntlet of challenges against club am al did that Victoria 80,000 Wilson this baby this is my glove I mean I didn’t really use it that much because I played first base a lot and but yeah this club is legit a lot of you guys in the Cubs sex blow of my last video when I used in the Nocona you guys are like oh that’s let’s forget Dutch it’s an oil pit bro the glove does not suck okay I used it really though this gloves pretty good it’s like I think 300 ish I can’t really member how much it was when I bought it but we’re gonna say 300 that glove was about $20 so we obviously have an idea of what glove is gonna be better but maybe not so we got about five to thirty challenges we’re gonna put these gloves through I didn’t submit everywhere to see which one’s actually better so if you guys enjoyed the video make sure you slept like I leave a comment let us know which one you think is better alright see how we’re just gonna get loose where’s contested gloves out that gloves I have been broken in yet so I mean that kind of sucks I mean it’s like it feels like a sock so I don’t really need broken in words gotta play to catch about 45 minutes and break him in a little bit [Music] [Music] Oh since I sell them darn I bet all right so you have the first challenge we’re just gonna see how it is just you know just playing some short hop picked whatever you freakin call I can’t remember we’re gonna flip flop the gloves here every once in a while but probably like three or four each we’re gonna flip flop and see which one that’s better you know okay let’s do today reach out for kids reach out oh you guys can tell I used to be first baseman now we’re gonna flip flop none of those popped out over at the face good god easy peasy lemon squeezy ah all right so yeah there’s really not that many glove like only glove challenges and baseball live is throwing getting all that stuff so we’re gonna do the glove flip double plays okay you know how I got do you don’t got time to pull out of your glove we’re just gonna use the glove to flip it we’re gonna be like two or three with each glove see which one’s better oh jeez there’s told my radius all right I’m up now Nick freakin killed it dude he killed it my back coach gasps the frickin I can’t even see where I’m throwing the frickin ball because the gloves like this big so stupid like how is it not routine there I feel it I ran backwards to try to do a Jeter throw seriously all right so clearly this one’s pretty good the accuracy is not there when you’re flipping it but the power is the power is incredible why I’ve never seen force from a glove in my life it is a little accurate we said that but you know it’s good we’re gonna go try out the walmart glove now so you will have what’s it what’s it holy jeez I don’t know which glove was better there this one that was sick [Music] 1175 it was 12 hot beautiful beautiful [Music] Wow for 20 bucks that is incredible look at that look at that Wow alright the next test this would happen so much a baseball I don’t know why people don’t practice this at practice but we’re talking about the hard ground ball line drive right at you it gets stuck inside your glove you don’t have time to pull it out so you just freakin hook the glove over there we’re gonna see which one’s better here let’s do it we’re good the glove feel no pain alright due to errors I’m not out here trying to hurt myself okay that ball squared me up right in the freaking trachea I’m surprised I’m not just spraying blood out of my jugular vein but we’re gonna try something else what I like it baseball is hustle and one of the things I hate the most is when players just think they’re freaking amazing okay they’re whoo oh I’m played for the MLB oh I’m Mike Trout oh well guess what Mike you’re freaking human okay okay so we’re gonna test speed as to how fast you can get from inside the dugout to them out okay we’re gonna try his hardest we’re gonna see which close makes you faster this was a little heavier so we’ll see what happens well let’s do it speed violence potassium oh my god right the jury [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah if you guys thought I was lying about eyeball square me up in the neck the other yeah it’s like it actually hurts bed and the only way it’ll get better is if you by then you might ego merch link in description it’s only a couple dollars and they’re cool like all the kids in school will be like wow even though it’s summer break they’ll be like wow you’re freaking cool dude so get it for that get it for that alright so one of the final challenges we’re gonna do is in baseball there’s ups and there’s downs okay there’s victories and there’s losses there’s freaking homeruns and they’re strikeouts there’s freaking singles there’s doubles there’s freaking grass and there’s dirt umpires and coaches there’s fans and then there’s not fans there’s bleachers and then there’s parents that bring their own seats with the freaking umbrellas which some people can’t afford okay these kids blood sweat and tears for what the parents would say freaking cool I’m sick of it okay now if you want to help this cause what you can do is not one thing but to buy two mighty go t-shirts link in description really nice quality Fiat Nick feelings right but really though we’re gonna see pretty much white gloves better if you win what gloves better if you lose what gloves better you might be wondering how do you do that how do we actually oh well let’s just try it I don’t know we’ll just see what happens I see yeah nick is gonna act like he wins the World Series and that he loses a World Series with one of each glove okay we’re gonna see which one’s better alright so Nick act like you act like you win the World Series here let’s see the celebration he goes for the high toss the hat tots as well I don’t know what he was doing with his hands but not bad not bad right let’s see a celebration with the a mm all right now Nick act like Mookie Betts hit a line drive off your best friend’s face and he is now I don’t know what this is I kind of forgot what the scenario was but I understand out all right here’s my scenario make the Triads up bases loaded we’re up 1 it’s a 3-2 count if I strike him out we win the World Series this is the victory celebration Lincoln Bible well all right now we’re gonna act like Nick it’s a walk off ding-dong [Music] what [Music] well you guys might be able to tell by the video you guys just watched we kind of came out here with the intentions of making a really good video but then we realized how can you make a really good video when you’re using a $300 pro model evan longoria glove comparing to this Rawlings it’s like love should not do that especially brand new ones off the shelf so we decided to uh to just make a video that made no sense probably lose some subscribers might gain a couple yeah if you guys somehow somehow enjoyed that video slap the life be all put on Nik Detroit’s Twitter Instagram whatever in the description oh and by the way right above Nick’s Instagram will be the link for these shirts well I don’t know if we brought up in the video or not but if we did it these are new shirts we just made I’m this literally the first shirt you can be the second guy to ever buy the shirt just say so make sure you guys go check it on the bio let’s get sorry this video was just trash that’s pretty much it I just kind of here just kind of here

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