In this post, we introduce the best Black Friday Backpack deals. Here we have the top 5 best Backpacks for you in our list.

Black Friday Backpack deals

Black Friday Backpack deals

we’re proud to introduce the ample smart backpack the world’s most advanced portable charging solution integrated directly into the fabric of a bag I think that it should be easier to charge your phone in your laptop wherever you are without needing to find a power outlet my life is lived on the go I can’t keep my laptop charged past noon my phone needs to be plugged in before 3:00 p.m. I must have tried every portable charging system portable battery most of them just don’t get it done what I really need is a serious charging solution that can power anything anytime anywhere but the portable charging solution that I needed didn’t exist and I wanted to build it and when I explained what I wanted to do to some engineering friends of mine they wanted to help because they needed it – we’re proud to introduce the ample smart backpack the portable charging solution that we needed and we think you might need – and we’re proud to have been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards honoree in two categories a testament to the engineering rigor that was put into the development of this product so I’ve been designing bags for over a decade and the challenge here was that the bag wasn’t just holding your devices but you are also plugging your devices into the bag for them to be charged I started to create illustration drawings where I would then send them to Tomoko and she would start engineering the housings around those pieces and then she would send them back and I would tailor the bag design around her CAD data our goal was to create a design that was truly intuitive for the user and we wanted the electronics to almost disappear into the fabrics of the bag the ample smart backpack can charge all of your devices overnight or throughout the day we integrated a powerful custom-built battery that can recharge a smartphone two to three times there’s a USB port in every pocket and you can add three expansion batteries for days that you need more power the modular batteries charge rapidly when docked into the bag but can also be removed and used separately you can stick in your coat pocket or your purse and take it to dinner with you and you don’t have to carry the bag with you to have backup power when we first thought about putting electronics into a backpack we immediately worried what happens if you drop it so we added shock absorbers and an extra layer foam all the way around and we applied a water-resistant coating to all of the exterior fabrics to help keep the rain out have you ever forgotten your backpack at a coffee shop the ample smart backpack can alert you if you do and we built a mobile app that will monitor battery levels connected devices and smart sensors in the bag or you can use the OLED display and touch sensor to monitor the vitals inside of the bag without ever opening a zipper ample is a talented team of designers and engineers with decades of experience launching new products more importantly though we’re commuters travelers coffee shop dwellers and on-the-go doers and we needed a more ample bag London Paris New York Shanghai petty theft is common in major cities around the world according to recent numbers 400,000 pickpocket incidents occur every day around the world and these are just the reported numbers in the metro a lot of commuters used this goofy way of wearing day bags in the front to outsmart the pickpockets as a solution to this the Dutch award-winning brand XD design has come up with a revolutionary zero entry anti-theft backpack different from normal bags it’s genius lies in its unique rear open structure with hidden zipper fully fitted into your back in addition to that high density and lightweight materials have been added into the fabric which protects your bag from being slashed or crushed as a powerful weapon against these it is named Bobby this backpack comes with a dozen of edge cutting features like Angie theft cut proof water-resistant weight balance night security USB external charging etc how thoughtful have you ever imagined being cuddled by a bag 12 hours a day our man spent 28 years old like many office workers he spends two hours on the Metro every day arriving at the ticket barriers he’s already way ahead of others three hidden pockets have been specially designed for quick access to small items super convenient inside the subway station he feels safe and secure the backpacks unique anti-theft feature is reflected in the design the zipper pulls to the main compartment are completely hidden against your back leaving nothing but the puzzles two thieves no wonder he appears so relaxed now it’s time for work he starts to prepare for his day impressive thanks to the multi divider structure this small bag has ample storage on the inside and so organized isn’t that cool to help you combat the uncertainties this bag is also spill and stain resistant your bag will look brand new just wipe it with a cloth the back panels are made of mash Construction evil material ergonomically designed to bring you extra comfort while you wear your bag all day since the weight leans firmly against your back weight is distributed more evenly and your back will feel 20% lighter than traditional backpacks watch out you may become addicted to it after a long day is your mobile phone running on just one bar no need to panic simply connect the phone to the external charging port no need to take out your power bank from inside so easy [Music] nowadays people leave busy and hectic lives and public security systems are not always reliable how can you feel safer came back our strive and confidence and freedom [Music] [Music] let’s talk about a perfect urban adventure it’s all about keeping the city and reach and your favorite gear at hand and secure it’s about being free mobile and having just what you need and nothing you know the vortex shield is a handmade leather masterpiece it’s made with fit and practicality in mind redesigned from the ground up to reimagine a perfect urban bag slim tough rugged made to last a lifetime vortex is a sweet spot in between large bulky airbags and small carry owls it’s designed for a day-long adventure commute or day in the town vortex shield is bomb-proof and shielded against identity theft it will keep your gear on you feeling light comfortable and above all safe with various positions for care it’s perfect high vis pockets to take with you just what you love from cameras to smart devices small tablets your favorite re-eat a flask and all the stuff you love inside you can pick and choose pockets for all your needs some are hidden some in view all beautifully designed handmade one at a time from us to you

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