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Are you looking for the best baby car seat? Here we have the best Baby Car Seat Black Friday Deals 2019 for you in our top list.

baby car seat black friday deals 2019

Baby Car Seat Black Friday Deals 2019

in vain’ car seats can be one of the most difficult products to figure out and in this video I’m going to teach you exactly what you need to know about the best infant car seats of 2019 my name is Ellie I’m a father of three a certified car seat technician for many years and I own a baby store called magic beans where I have helped thousands of customers figure out exactly what infant car seat is right for the family and I am going to help you this video is sponsored by Bugaboo Bugaboo is one of my favorite stroller brands because they’re all about making parents lives easier by increasing the mobility getting outside they make great strollers like the Fox donkey chameleon and B I’ve done reviews of all of these strollers and you can see them all in the description below and without further ado here are the best infant car seats of 2019 the first best infant car seat of 2019 is the nuna Pippa the nuna Peppa is 7.7 pounds so it’s very light now remember infant car seats come in two pieces you have the actual car seat and then you get the base now the base on the nuna Pippa is pretty innovative it has a couple of different features that I’m very excited to show you the first thing is that it’s extremely easy to install because they have these things on the end called rigid latch now rigid latch is a mechanism that enables you to easily install your base into the car now base comes included with all infant car seats you can buy extra ones but don’t worry you’re gonna get one with your infant car seat no matter what brand you get so let me show you how that latch works you just line it up and there are these lower anchors in the back of your seat really in the back of your car there are lower anchors and all you have to do is click it in like that so whether it’s you a grandparent a caregiver it’s so easy to install the other thing that the nuna Pippa has is a load leg this is another connection point which enables the car seat to sort of get slowed down in a crash it clicks right into the base so got if you’re gone for a bit in a crash you’ll see it in that load like sort of stops the motion from going that direction which make really really safe another thing about the noona PIPA that people love is the dream drape there is a secret compartment here in the canopy and this drape comes out and creates a dark environment for baby and it just magnets to the side it also makes sure that people don’t touch her baby which is you know which is maybe a good thing for you as well the nice thing about the noona PIPA is that if you go in a taxi or an uber on an airplane you can actually install this safely in the car without the base see this blue thing on the back this is called a European belt path and what that enables you to do is just take your seat belt and install it right in to the car easier without using the base it’s pretty cool does something you should know about infant car seats is that they’re very portable so one of the reasons why people get an infant car seat is because it is really convenient you can remove the car seat from the car and put it into a stroller now there’s a misnomer that you have to get the same brand stroller and car seat together you don’t there’s something called a car seat adapter and I know that car seat adapters are one of the most confusing topics for parents I know when I’m a parent and what I was trying to figure out how car seats and strollers adapt to each other it was really really hard for me so this is how it works you can remove the seat from the stroller an adapter is sometimes look like this and they click right into the stroller to remove the pipa from the base there’s this little lever right here on the actual base you lift it up you remove it and then what you do is you just line up the these little wells on the side and it clicks right in really easy and now you can push your baby around for the day in an infant car seat and if the baby falls asleep you don’t have to remove the baby from the stroller all you have to do is there’s these two buttons right on the top of the car seat you push and it removes right away just like that and then boom you click it and you put it right back in to the car seat base pretty easy now in a research you may know that there is not only a pipa but there’s something called a Pippa light I have it right here attached to a Bugaboo Donkey stroller let me show you how that works so it’s the same base with a Pippa or a Pippa light but little Pippa light is the lightest infant car seat now we know of you just pull this little lever on the back and it removes right from the stroller and you can click it right into the base it is wicked light again you remove it from the base by pulling that little leaver on the back the thing that makes the Pippa light unique is that there’s a proprietary system for making this thing and there’s something called EPP foam it’s motorcycle helmet foam lining the entire shell of this car seat which makes her really really flexible and really really safe if you want to see more about the updated nuna Pippa for 2019 check out my footage from the ABC Expo right over there so let me tell you the updates for 2019 they have all new colours the most important thing to say is that everything is flame-retardant free there are no chemicals treating these car seats in order to make them non flammable so they’re not flammable but they are fr3 they come in a bunch of different colors birch frost caviar and Granite’s those are the four colors for the regular nuna Pippa the next best in different car seat of 2019 is the all-new click link click has been making super safe super high-quality car seats convertible car seats and booster seats for the past 10 years and they finally made an infant car seat and they did not disappoint the first thing is it’s this beautiful mammoth merino wool material on the actual car seat which is gonna be very comfortable for your baby to lie on this base is really awesome it has a load leg of course it has rigid latch and you can see my full review of the collec ling over from the ABC Kids Expo let’s watch that now so you can see the most seats on in a car have a pitch and getting the right angle adjusting is can be really complicated or you’re like not really getting it right with a bubble indicator so what is innovative about this particular base is look at this you lift right here and guess what you can raise this in seven different levels now when your baby’s first born you want them at a 40 or 45 degree angle lying pretty much flat so they’re like neck doesn’t flop forward but as they get bigger what you can do is you can actually raise it up so the child when they get their neck control so that they can be more upright and more more comfortable until you convert them over to like a cleft film for a clock flow so that’s a really innovative feature that I’ve never ever seen before not only do they have this like super easy isofix rigid latch but they also have a tensioning plate so here’s what you do you open this up right here that opens right up like a secret special door this would be similar to like a tensioning plate on Arava or on a clicked ID or on a cloud cue or on Anita all these things that have these pensionary plates but nice generous path a lot of times you have to gloop and it becomes complicated but really easy blue indicators you take your seat belt you stick it right through really easy goes right through click and then all you have to do is push this closed nice hard push you can see the green to indicate that it is closed and now this is super super secure really nice extendable canopy it’s already an extended position but there is a zipper on it this is going to come in mammoth and Krypton and a jersey knit fabric so the three different types of materials that you can have I’ll show you them the options in just a second we have the nice grey jersey knit is like their basic wing and also they have your Krypton fabric over here and they have the very similar to the cloud and the Thunder that gray material the next infant carseat I’m showing for you for 2019 is the audio neato car seat this is a Carson that’s made in Italy it has some really great safety features to remove it from the base you just pull this little lever on the back remove some base really easily there’s a non refit harness and the European belt path to be able to install easily without the base just so you know but in terms of the base it includes a load leg and also an anti rebound bar now what an anti rebound bar does is that when your god forbid on a crash the car seat moves in this direction and then recoils in that direction and by having an inter rebound bar it braces the car seat against the back of the car which makes it really secure in terms of insulation you can install with a seat belt or with a latch really easily and I remember latch stands for lower anchor and tether for children it’s metal anchors that are installed in most cars after 2002 and what you do is you click in your latch connectors you take some slack out of the seatbelt but instead of tugging all you have to do is push this down and it actually secures the car seat less than an inch of movement at the base this is not installation video I’m just demonstrating this for you so you can make the best choice that you can for your family the next infant car seat I want to show you is the UPPAbaby me sever 2019 I film this footage at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas take a look so this is the other baby new stock a great car seat it’s been around for a number of years but the thing that makes this unique is that it has something called a smart secure system and what you do is you push these little orange buttons and you pull out the latch connectors and you can hear a ratcheting sound listen hear the ratcheting sound you push in there button you click in that latch you push in the button you push in that latch click and you push down and you see that little window went from red I’ll show you again see it goes from red push in to green so you know that it’s secure less than one inch of movement at the base for 2018 and they introduced this wool fabric called the Jordan color but for 2019 drumroll please they have the brace color it is a white like a grey jersey ish melange color it is so beautiful really comfortable to be cool for the child in the summer clicks right into the base just like that there is a non-return harness so as your child gets bigger the headrest comes up with it on the back here there’s a little tab you just pull it and then you’re able to raise the headrest up and down well there you have it the best infant car seats of 2019 I break it down into smaller chunks in my reviews and comparisons you can see a video here and you can see a video here so go right over there and I’ll see you in the next video

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