ATN X Sight Black Friday 2020

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ATN X Sight black friday 2019

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Are you looking for the best rifle scope? Here we have the best rifle scope  ATN X Sight Black Friday 2019 for you in our top list.

ATN X Sight Black Friday 2020

hey what’s up guys thanks for checking out the bullet points it is bitterly cold out here in Central Texas right now middle of December so we’re going to grit and bear and take the cold so that we can get you guys some cool reviews what we’ve got today is a TNS nu X site – they make this in two models this is the 3 to 14 and they’ve got the big brother here which is the 5 to 20 now if you’re not familiar with this scope is pretty bitchin it’s not your typical glass scope it’s actually a screen so it operates similar to like thermal where you’re actually watching an image projected rather than you know looking through a glass and the really neat thing about this is that it’s night vision as well so with this scope here you can click this on any rifle you can plug in ballistic calculations you put in your bullet weight you put in the muzzle velocity and all sorts of things like that and it will actually do the calculations and move the reticle where it needs to be for bullet drop things of that nature so pretty innovative pretty cool and very reasonably priced I think these are coming in about 500 bucks and the Big Brother’s coming around 600 bucks you’ll have to check my math on that but I think that’s about what they’re retailing for very very cool because again it’s multi you know you have a multitude of magnification so you can zoom in with the screen you can zoom out with the screen one of my favorite parts about it is that it’s Wi-Fi compatible with your phone so you can actually get this thing to connect with your phone via Wi-Fi and someone can be watching what you’re seeing through the scope on a phone or tablet or laptop there’s a plug on the side for a micro USB as well and mini SD cards or micro SD cards so you can plug it in and record what you’re actually seeing through the scope another neat feature about it is that it’s got what’s called recoil activated recording so it’s constantly recording through the time the Scopes on and when you fire a shot it recognizes the recoil and keeps the recording from you know four six eight seconds back before your shot to as long as you want forward of it and you can change all those in the settings so pretty neat if you’re out on a trophy hunt or you know you want to show your buddies a shot you made or something like that you can record it all and you’ve got proof of how good your shot was so they’re not relying on your fish stories pretty bitchin setup here works again night vision is is one of my favorite features about it I’m just starting to get in night vision and hunting at night and it is pretty awesome to be able to see something several hundred yards out that you know otherwise it’s a flashlight or any other ambient why you couldn’t see it does have a infrared light that clips on the side here and from what I’ve played with so far it actually casts a really really good light so you can see this thing for you know a couple hundred yards out we’ve got range behind us we’ve got a target set out at about 100 yards another neat thing about it it’s got a rangefinder built in it so you essentially put your reticle on the top you put it on the rangefinder setting you put your reticle on the top of the animal or the target or whatever pin it and then bring your reticle down to the bottom pin it again and it’ll it’ll basically figure out the distance for you so you can either do it by inches and say I know my target is 20 inches which the one out here is we can pin the top pin the bottom it’ll recognize that 20 inches is you know so far away and it’ll do the calculations for you or it’s got pre-programmed settings to where you can look at like your average whitetail pin the top pin the bottom and it’ll figure out the range for you hagh is another set in coyotes another setting and then you can build custom ones as well another cool thing about it and this is especially true for when you’re firing a distance is you can actually program a variety of bullets in here so if you have this on you know your 16-inch AR two to three and you’re running you know 55 grain you know hollow points or whatever or soft tips and you want to set that as a setting in here you can save it and then you can pull this off put it on your AR 10 put on your bolt rifle whatever else and then program in a different set of ballistic calculations muzzle velocity you know you know your waiting your bowl at things like that and it will also make those calculations and save them for you so you just have to go to your most recent profile or whichever profile you’re going to be using and it’ll do everything for you so I’m I’m really thrilled with that because I hate math and you know the dope charts of old are kind of getting antiquated I know that you know nothing is as accurate as going that route but they’ve made leaps and bounds technology advancements with the polisky calculations so very very excited to plug this thing in and get it to get firing with our a our here it runs on four double A batteries so great you can go to Costco and buy a whole pack of those it does go through battery life pretty quickly but you know double A’s are cheap and you can buy them in bulk so it’s not that big of a deal just carry extras with you and then the IR light on the side takes us cr123 s two of them and I’ve tried fitting 18 650 in there but unfortunately there’s like a little sleeve in there I don’t know if it comes out or not I’m going to try and play at that a little bit later and see if I can pull that sleeve out and be able to fit in 18 650 as opposed to two one two threes you’ve got all your you know buttons here on the top pretty easy to access you know if you’re if you’re on the scope you can just reach up with your off hand and kind of feel around you can zoom in from there you can take a picture from there you can change settings from there you know basically make any changes you want to while you’re down on the rifle so you don’t have to pull your head up and you know make any changes also if you’ve got your phone plugged into it you can have the rifle just set down and you can make any of those changes from your phone so rather than having to bench rest the gun and have your cheek on the you know cheek riser or whatever and try and figure it out while you’re looking through this tiny little hole here on you can do it straight from your smartphone tablet or laptop so pretty awesome setup the host gun that we’ve got today is one that we built here at the bullet points it’s a spikes tactical lower spikes tactical upper this is there be a r-13 we’ve got some Magpul flip ups we’ve got the BCM bolt or mod 44 charging handle a couple other little goodies on here you know your Mac you know angle forward grip and then land tack dragon which is one of my favorite brakes we’re actually going to be pulling that off a little bit later and running it suppress and see if we have much of a difference with bullet drop or calculations or anything but solid gun here I’ve had a lot of fun with this one and you know spikes makes a really really good rifle they make really good parts as well so I haven’t had any issues with this I don’t anticipate that were going to have any tonight which is why I used it as kind of one of the more consistent house guns also you can get all the stuff that’s this thing’s dressed out with gear you need calm so cruise over and check out the store if we can help you with any of your AR needs so we’re going to go ahead and bolt this thing on we’re going to use the little one today just because it’s lighter and my hands are freaking freezing I’m going to put the small one on it’s a little bit lighter it’s going to complement the gun a little bit better and we’ll go ahead and pick back up when we get some shots downrange so we are set up here on a bench with the target that’s pasted off at 100 yards so I’m going to go ahead and use the range finder feature on this where again we plug in the manual setting of that’s a 20 inch target so we put 1.6 feet kind of rounding a little bit but 1.6 feet I’m going to in the top I’m going to pin the bottom and then tell you what it comes back with as far as a range so we hit the main menu and then scroll over a little bit then we pin the top the target and then the bottom the target 242 yards so not terribly off on again I didn’t I didn’t use a laser rangefinder or anything I just pasted it off so it could be fairly close let’s go ahead and run some rounds downrange there’s what’s called a one shot zero with this so you place one round on the target and then you put the reticle where are you originally fired and then it brings up another reticle that you can move using the arrow keys to where your shot placement was you go ahead and hit save and there it’ll save all the calculations there so kind of cool it’s like you know true you know one shot zero we’ll see how it works so let me go ahead and plug in the ballistic calculations of this we’re running 2,400 ft/s muzzle velocity out of a 55 Green 2 2 3 so I’m gonna go ahead and plug that into the setting and then we’ll go from there [Music] okay we just went ahead and plugged in the ballistic coefficient the bullet weight and the muzzle velocity into a profile so we’ve got a profile created for this particular round in this particular gun it’s got us ranged out to 247 yards let’s go ahead and see if we go ahead and take a shot and see if it’s on steel and then we can dial it in from there and thanks to silence or shot we don’t have to wear ears today because we’ve got the Griffin alpha on the end here this completely I’m going to take a shot in the dirt in back of it and see if we can kind of dial it in closer definitely had dirt there we go all right so I end to the right of the target and we hit it low center so now I get to go to the settings to the zero select current and then we go to zero reticle and now I put the red reticle on the shot and the white reticle where I was aiming so we choose up and down arrows to kind of get us there except to the main screen and then I notice the reticle moved on the screen so let’s take another shot and see if we’re on target oh man ah exactly where I was aiming actually let’s see if we can pull this up here all right and now let’s take one more shot I’m gonna make this one a head shot so you can go score in the center what you look at that exactly exactly where I was aiming this this one shot zero is really impressive I mean you can zoom in and make like my new changes to it but with what one two three rounds not counting the one in the dirt with three rounds I was able to get on target at 100 yards and I’m betting you that I could shoot a you know probably a two or three inch group off of how its set right now I I think that you could do even better if you had some match grade ammo and you’re really taking your time put on like a LED slide or something like that but this thing is bad ass man so to play around a little bit more let’s go with lights out so this is looking at the phone and from here you can change the reticle styles you can change the color of the reticle you can go back to profiles scroll through system menu we’re going to turn on night mode fingers are too cold to work so now we’re on night vision and hopefully you guys can see downrange there I know you’re looking at it through a phone so it’s going to be a little bit different but through the reticle here it’s very crisp but I can make out the shape of the target I can see the difference in color between the target and the wood stand I can see the rocks in the background which are probably closer to 130 yards this is really crisp I’m actually really impressed with how this thing’s working let’s go ahead and take a night vision shot see if we’re still on target here bagel spark off of that that is awesome man cool well this is a pretty sweet setup man it is you know on frigid out here and just dark as hell I mean we can barely see anything but um this thing performed really really well I’m surprised at how much ambient light it picked up even though there’s not a whole lot out here and then with the infrared light that comes with it that really helped as well another thing I forgot to mention earlier this is a sunshade for the for the front part of the scope so you know if you want to take that off it have a little bit smaller profile and if you can but just an awesome awesome setup made by Etienne so check one out when you get a second there are a lot of fun to shoot there’s like countless things you can go through on them I kind of hit all the highlights that I thought were pretty neat you can change the the night vision from like black and white to like green in black you know you can change the reticle color and style and all that stuff one thing make sure you turn your Wi-Fi off on the device as well as your satellite and everything else because it will suck the batteries out of it I mean it went through went through batteries pretty damn quick so make sure you turn those off if you’re not using them if you are using them you know great that’s awesome that you can have your phone tied into it which is why we couldn’t show you a whole lot of phone footages because we’re going through batteries too quick but very very cool setup again the 18 site to HD you know pretty pretty cool scope I can’t I can’t say enough good things about it for how reasonably priced it is thank you again to the guys gear you need who were able to hook us up with a lot of the features on this rifle here and thanks to silencer shop who loaned us the the Griffon alpha here really nice suppressor actually I’d shot this on a 308 and 309 credibly quiet with supersonic ammo I’ve run subs through it with a 300 blackout and it was very quiet I mean literally like a clap and it’s a very very light suppressor I think it’s actually the lightest full auto rated 30 Cal suppressor on the market for as quiet as it is so make sure you cruise over silencer shop and check out what they’ve got I know it’s getting a whole lot easier to own suppressors nowadays and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for the hearing protection act to go through and you know get the ATF out of our business but for now it sounds a shot it’s a great way to go so check them out griffin off is a great setup so thanks again guys for community make sure you subscribe we’ve got a bunch more videos coming some really cool new innovative products out and if there’s anything you guys want us to review you got a question on just shoot us an email or comment down below and let us know what you guys want to see next thanks again guys and

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