Asus VG248QE Black Friday 2019

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asus vg248qe black friday 2019

Asus VG248QE Black Friday 2019

you know what up guys Joey here and I got myself a 144 Hertz monitor why well for many reasons you see I felt like I was missing out on something I felt like I was at a disadvantage when gaming so what we’re gonna be doing in this video I’m gonna ramble a little bit more about this monitor then I’m gonna set it up and then I’m gonna play some ranked matches of siege so yeah why get a 140 part 2 monitor well guys to put it simply you’re getting more information in the same amount of time then you would have gotten with a 60 Hertz monitor what does that mean exactly exactly what I just said now I’ve been gaming on 6 here it’s panels for the rest for me I beginning of six years panels for my whole life I’ve never ever ever gained on a 144 Hertz monitor so I’m really excited because there’s a lot of hype around 144 it’s monitors if you look at eSports no one’s using a six here it’s monitor everyone’s using a 144 it’s modern and nowadays they even use higher refresh rate monitors I’ll throw up a model on the screen right now yeah they’re not cheap are they and yeah I saw your guys’s comments some of you guys commenting down below it’s time to get a 140 parts monitor and I finally went for it so I’m really excited like look guys just think about it this way like I have a pair of eyes right right some people may have better vision than others but think of your monitor like your eyes like literally your eyesight because if the monitor is blurry or if they’re gaming or you’re getting like you know 30 FPS it’s like you’re in the game with a crappy pair of eyes not to offend anyone I’m just trying to make an example here and especially on PC f you know high sensitivities we’re not on a joystick so yeah I’m gonna set this thing up I’m gonna play siege their new season just started I want to go for diamond I’ve never gotten diamond by the way in case you guys are curious but yeah enough of this rambling I’m gonna open this up real quick and then I’m gonna give you my first thoughts and impressions bring me playing ranked games on siege all right let’s do this so if you’re trying to get into 144 it’s monitor they’re gonna probably go with something like this this is a 1080p panel this a sous monitor is one of the most popular 144 Hertz monitors anyways this monitor retails for around $250 so it’s not like super super cheap budget but it’s also not super super like expense are you are you oh yeah as you can see I didn’t buy this from Amazon I didn’t buy a brand new from a store guys about the smaller on eBay guess how much I got it for $170 including shipping and tax everything it’s an open box customer returned so here it is guys here’s the monitor it’s got a little cable thing right here cable management which is cool all the way it flips straight up like this or like this so it looks like we have one HDMI one DVI and one DisplayPort and we got a headphone jack so if you guys ever decide to get this monitor I’m not sure if it comes with a display port cable but this guy didn’t give me one maybe the model doesn’t come with one or maybe it does if you buy a brand new I’m not sure but it’s ok I have a display port cable so some of you guys may already know about display ports but some of you guys might not be familiar with it you guys may use HDMI but here let me give you guys an example my last monitor was a 4k monitor and it was on 60 Hertz or 70 Hertz but it could only display 60 70 Hertz through a display port because through the HDMI port that the monitor had that HDMI version was not enough to display all that information going through the cable so you have to use a display port cable which displays more information so same thing with this monitor it’s a 144 Hertz monitor and the HDMI port that’s in this monitor won’t be capable of displaying that much information so you have to use a display port here’s mine DisplayPort cable it’s already hooked up to my graphics card this one goes up and down too so that’s cool I like that it really is useful guys so you won’t strain your neck you’ll be able to have the viewing angle that you please alright first boot up I don’t like the colors I need to set it to factory default that looks bad I’m sure they probably messed with it oh cool this this is the same control scheme as my other budget monitor so I’m used to it already okay menu I’m just gonna put standards when you see a game and then standard a standard that doesn’t mess with the Hertz it’s just for the color so the new season of rainbow just started and I have yet to play my first match so here we go do okay when you when you do this you’re not supposed to be able to really make it out what the I’m not even recording them start recording this was your first experience but once again and this is not gonna do it justice but pretty much I’m going like this crazy and it’s like it’s blurry right but I could still make it out like I could still I don’t know how to explain it but I wouldn’t get this with the 60 Hertz panel like I know this is supposed to make you dizzy and I just it doesn’t make you as dizzy I just feel guys it really does feel like time just slows down like honestly I just I shot this high it’s it’s like so weird it’s like this weird feeling it’s just it’s just so like responsive so accurate it’s so light okay guys that’s like when you spend circles in a chair or just go in circles and then eventually you stop and you’ll get dizzy you know and while you’re doing that your vision gets like very blurred imagine being able to spin but it not being as blurred like that’s I guess that’s how I could explain it oh my goodness I cannot wait to play The Rape say huh and a half wait I felt like I could just see like I’m sorry oh oh oh we got another one guys it feels so responsive like that snap it felt totally clear just Brook why he’s shooting me he already had their jobs chips town god I should have done my homework I don’t know he’s already one friendly remain you could have won that if I hadn’t shower I’ll tell you if he pushes he’s pushing right now [Music] what Plus at bottom of elevators [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m standing around okey there something really got shot like have forecastle use it [Music] the better [Music] that’s it you got some lunch what every set oh yeah sorry funny left-side and artists do the looks like mute oh yeah guys thanks for watching if you watch the Lian I appreciate it if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe for upcoming reign will succeed streams and other PC related and tech related content I was definitely missing out on something 144 Hertz monitors are awesome I’ll catch you guys in the next one peace hey

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