Arlo pro-Black Friday 2019

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arlo pro black friday 2019

Arlo pro-Black Friday 2019

What’s up guys. It’s Chris Majestic here with Majestechs and today we’re going to reviewing the Arlo Pro. so as you know traditional security camera systems require you to run wires throughout your house to wire up the cameras and even the wireless outdoor ones still require you to run power to your house which means you have to drill holes into your house to run wires inside well this is the are Arlo Pro and it’s a 100-percent wireless camera solution so each camera is battery-operated and weather-resistant so you can pretty much put these cameras wherever you want. They can easily mount to a wall or ceiling using the magnetic mount that they have and that mounts going to allow you to position it in pretty much any angle you want now these cameras are 100-percent wireless but they do come with the base station and the base station has to be wired to your router and each camera comes with a rechargeable 2400mah hour removable battery and you can charge the battery while it’s in the camera if you want using the included micro USB charger. You just plug that into the back of the camera and it’s going to charge it. You can also buy additional batteries for fifty bucks and you can buy standalone battery charger that allow you to charge up to two batteries for about 50 bucks as well. And they claim that you can get four to six months of use out of these batteries now that’s going to be affected by how often you have motion on that camera Each camera also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker which means that you can actually talk to the person on the other end of the camera and you can hear them so that’s really nice you can get two-way audio going. So these cameras are HD they do 720p they have built-in motion detection, night vision, and a 130 degree field of view so you can get a lot in the view of this camera. alright so onto the base station. The base station has two USB ports and you can actually use those ports to connect an external hard drive and you can actually store your recordings directly on a hard drive instead of relying 100% on the cloud. It has an ethernet port which are going to use to connect that to your router. The base station also has a 100db siren built into it which gets really really loud and really really enjoying. And that siren i can actually be triggered manually using the app or you can have it go off if there’s motion on one of the cameras or something like that. Setting these cameras up its really really easy all you’re going to do is hit the sync button on top of the hub then you’re going to hit the sync button on the camera and within a few seconds it’s going to pair with the hub and the Arlo pro and the Arlo are backward compatible this means that the Arlo Pro Cameras will work with the original Arlo Hub and the original Arlo cameras will work with the Arlo Pro Hub. The Arlo app is also really nice so the cameras are triggered by what are called “Modes” and you’ll see four modes in there by default when you first open up the app and you can add more if you want but the modes are going to tell the cameras what to do so if you put in “Armed Mode” that means that the cameras are going to be ready when they sense motion to start recording and push that recording out to the cloud and you can add a lot of different settings that each one of these modes to tell the cameras how you want them to react whether you wanted to be triggered by audio which is really cool so you don’t have to rely 100% on motion if it gets sound it will actually push the video as well. They also have a mode here for geofencing which is really nice and it looks like it’s in beta right now but that’s going to do is allow your cameras to be armed whenever your phone leaves a certain designated area. So like if you leave your house is going to turn into Armed Mode or can turn it off when you get back or something like that so that’s really nice as well. Under the devices section of your app this is where you’ll see all your cameras and you can actually tap on it to view a live video feed it does take a few seconds for the video to come up and you can only view one of the time but it does have that option for you to do you live video. You can tap the Settings button that’s on each camera that’s going to allow you to change the device settings. You can look at the battery life, the signal strength, audio/video settings, and sensitivity settings as well. But the very first thing that I recommend for you to do is to actually adjust the video quality of the cameras to higher quality now this is going to affect your battery life but this is going to make your videos true 720p and the library section of the app is where you can actually view your recordings and you can choose to delete them or share them or download them if you want and the Arlo does come with 7 free days of cloud recording so you can get up to 7 days here for free and they do have different packages you can pay $100 a year for 30 days of recording or you can pay $150 a year for 60 days of recording. And they also have the option for 24/7 recording if you want obviously this is going to be a little bit more expensive but it will be a good option if you’re really paranoid or you just needed to be recording all the time and they do give you discounts if you have more than one plan and they have a lot of different plan options i will post the link in the description to their website for you to check out their plans another thing i really really like about these cameras is that they natively work directly with SmartThings and IFTTT so you can do things like link the modes so if you’re SmartThings mode changes it will change the mode on the camera so it will Arm the cameras or you can have recordings be triggered by some other sensor on SmartThing so that’s really nice. And IFTTT is just going to open up the door for a whole lot of different automation if you want. Now this is the Arlo Pro. They do still have the original Arlo and there are a few differences between the two. The main thing is that these are faster and they better motion sensitivity so one major problem that the original Arlo cameras had was that it would start the recording a little bit too late well with the Arlo Pro they’ve definitely fixed that issue. Within I’d say a split second in most of my videos it started recording as soon as it saw me. It did work really well for inanimate objects when I opened up my garage door really didn’t pick that up but it did pick me up as soon as I came into the frame so i don’t know if it’s using a heat signature or what Another difference from the old Arlo is that he’s actually come with rechargeable batteries. So the old Arlo came with a CR123 battery the other difference is that the base station actually comes with that 100db siren that didn’t exist on the whole base station. So there’s a lot to love about this Arlo security camera system but there are a few things I don’t like. The very first thing is kinda obvious and that’s that these are battery-operated that means you’re going to have to replace the battery every few months if you get a lot of motion and you’re doing 720p recording that can definitely dwindle that 4-6 months down a little bit so that could definitely stuck if you’ve got like 4 or 5 cameras and you find yourself out there every 3-4 months or so replacing the batteries constantly swapping them out that can definitely be a pain. Now as I said, you can buy the charging station and additional batteries but if you want to do that you’re pretty much looking at an additional $100. That brings me to my next thing which is the price now these things are not cheap now you definitely paying for convenience here so you’ve got the cheapest option for the Arlo Pro, which is about $250 for a 1-Camera system all the way up to the 4-Camera system which is what i have here and this cost $650 so once you start adding things like the charging station extra batteries it can definitely get really pricey. Another concern that I have is that these are only 720p now some people might think I’m nitpicking with that but I do wish they had a 1080p option and only reason why I say that is when you’re talking about these recordings being highly compressed and they’re 720p, when you’re trying to do something like pick up a license plate or face off in the distance that’s going to be kind of hard to do with 720p video so I definitely wish they had a 1080p option they do have the Arlo Q which is an indoor wired camera and that is 1080p but i do wish they had some outdoor cameras that were 1080p another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t record more than two minutes at a time so by default your recordings are going to be 10 seconds. You can take that all the way up to two minutes but you’re not going to be able to go beyond that and that’s going to be whether you trigger the recording manually or if it does it automatically with motion and the last concern I have about this is that you can only do 5 cameras. That may be plenty for some people but i would like to see like an 8 camera system but overall i really like these cameras i think they’re really good for somebody who is either not handy or not really technical since they make it really simple for you to set these things up. You can even buy some really cool accessories for the cameras like you can buy different mounts if you want you can get some camo skins and different colored skins so you can like hide the camera a tree or something like that if you want to. Now Arlo isn’t the only 100% percent wireless camera system out there. There are a few other ones out there but i do think Netgear got it right with the Arlo cameras. Alright guys that’s going to be it for this video if you found it helpful go ahead and mash that Like button for me and i’ll see you guys in the next video.

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