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Area Rugs Black Friday deals

Area Rugs Black Friday deals

hi guys bye you too you’re inviting calm and for today’s video I want to talk to you about how to choose the perfect rub so the first thing you want to consider when choosing a rub for your home it’s the size of rug and typically what I see is that people tend to buy rugs that are too small to fit their space what you want to generally end up with is a rug that will hold most of the pieces of furniture in your living room you’ve got a sofa end tables accent chairs the coffee table you really want to have there a rug that is large enough for all of those elements to sit on what’s really popular right now in design are these open-concept rooms where the living room open to the kitchen and that can be frustrating to actually design those spaces when you don’t really know how to fill it up and so a rug is really important in an open concept space is going to say to the eye this is the living room setting and it unites these random pieces of furniture in a large overall space so making sure you get that little nice big size that all the furniture could fit on its gonna look generous and pleasing to the eye if you’re looking for a rug and dining room you want a rug that’s large enough for the dining room table to be placed on for all of the chairs around it to be sitting on the rug and have enough room that when you pull out the chair and get up your chair is still on the rug in terms of vintage rugs and in particular Moroccan rugs Persian rugs Kaleem rugs rugs that are I guess traditionally made from nomadic peoples they don’t tend to be these standardized sizes instead you’ll find a wide variety of different size rugs and one way to make those work is to layer them with a sisal rug I personally had a sisal rug in my apartment in my living room for many many years and it’s virtually indestructible hardly shows anywhere or dirt and it’s goes with a very large variety of design styles the next thing you want to consider is the material and the pile size I definitely touched on rug materials in other videos that I’ve done as you know for me personally it’s just very important that I have a high quality rug with great resale value I do not like cheap rugs that is my personal opinion is general rule tried to avoid synthetic material rugs and that includes things like polypropylene or nylon I tend to stick with 100% wool or natural materials like jute like sisal than something that is synthetic or man-made I want to talk a little bit about pile size because I noticed that on some of my videos a person had commented where she says she doesn’t really like more rugs because she doesn’t like how thick it is that’s because it was a higher pile than maybe was appropriate so the first thing you can have is a low or no pile rug an example of that would be like a Kaleem rug which is just a hand-knotted rug that has no pile at all and those work really well in a variety of styles it could be like in the modern collected from the Bohemian even the rustic elegance another example a low or no pile rug would be an over dyed rug so overnight rugs you can buy these new online or you can find them vintage as well they actually shave the pile off of the rug and then they die the whole thing usually in a modern fun color what the end result is is a rug with that faded look of the original design just like a usually a traditional motif but then it is dyed in a very kind of modern color second pile thickness that is where I love to live is the medium size pile this is anything like under maybe a quarter of an inch to half an inch high pile I really consider that the medium thickness and this is the rugs that I like the most particularly because I think they look expensive they have a weight to them but they’re not as thin as a coelom rug which might be slipping and need like a rug pad and then there’s a high pile rug it’s your shag rug something really plush and you would want a thick pile rug in a room like a nursery or in a room like your bedroom and that 1-inch thick pile will rub could be nursery because you want something more substantial more figures things like that in more of an intimate bedroom the next thing you want to consider when choosing the perfect rug is the pattern if everything is solid the room is usually lacking in something so adding pattern can add visual interest into your space so when you’re considering the pattern you want to think about the size of the pattern and design we call that scale I like to stick somewhere between a large to medium scale on the pattern of the rug for instance if the pattern is really tiny we wouldn’t have the impact that I wanted to create in a space and actually would read more like a solid and basically the only thing you really need to know when you find a rug with a pattern that you like is that you want to make sure that it varies the size of the pattern varies a little bit from the other patterns you have in your room you also want to consider the color color your rug color is going to create a very dramatic moment in the room so you want to get a color that’s really going to be successful and one of the things that you should consider it’s not only how to unite the furniture the things that you already have in the space but it’s what is the color of the floor that the rug is going on so I personally in my apartment have very like orange tone woods wood floor which is like I mean it’s okay like what I think is a little bit more successful is to do the opposite color on the floor to do something very grounding like a black or dark blue will contrast that warm color and create more grounding because I have so much light in this space so you wouldn’t really want to think about how is this rug going to look against my floor and I also want to talk a little bit about where I shop for my rugs I personally love to buy vintage Persian traditional rugs but in the most modern colors and designs that I can find and I don’t I’m not I don’t want the philosophy where I need to keep something for my entire life because I’m a designer and my home is kind of like a place that I play an experiment it’s never you know done and it’s never gonna stay the same for forever that’s just not who I am and so because I like these high quality rugs at flea markets Etsy and eBay and when I’m done with it or what I want to do look I’m able to sell them very easily it get more money than I actually paid for them and so that’s why I’m always a big proponent of buying these vintage Persian rugs you don’t have to do that necessarily and I bought a lot of rugs for different projects also on some of my favorite websites I do like to use like weight fair and overstock and awesome name things like that which can be very helpful in when you’re trying to get a very nice look but you need a larger size and you can’t find it in the vintage area you can do that also very effectively and so some of the words that I use to describe what I’m searching rugs online are hand-knotted and wool hand knotted wool Persian rugs you put that into these websites like Joe Sammy and overstock and stuff you’re going to get the little bit more sophisticated search results and some of the tips on how I can decide whether it’s worth it to buy is that I love to read reviews you should always read the reviews and the one thing I always like to look for is when people say wow it’s way more beautiful in person if I see that I know that it’s good if I see four or five stars I know that’s like gonna be worth buying it I also like to look at the image details of the little thumbnails of the photo because you can kind of start to tell what is a good quality pile and what is not but it can be helpful also to start a Pinterest board and also to look at examples of rugs in rooms that you like so if you’ve taken my style width or if you would like to take my style quiz there’s a link below in the description but you take the style quiz there will be a link to go to the Pinterest board that is associated with that and you’ll be able to see a lots of different rooms to represent that style into preferring furnishings that go with that style and what you can notice you’ll start to notice a trend and it’ll start to maybe create some inspiration for you on what direction to start so those are my tips I hope you guys like this video if you did please hit like if you would like to subscribe please subscribe and thank you guys for watching thank you for being part of my world thank you for 10 thousand plus subscribers I am so grateful and I’ll see you guys again in the next video take care bye

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