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In this post, we introduce the best Apple Tablet Black Friday deals. Here we have the top best Apple tablets for you in our list.

Apple Tablet Black Friday deals

Apple Tablet Black Friday deals

now that the new iPad pro is available apples 2018 iPad lineup is complete consisting of four iPads we’ve got the 2018 iPad pro the 2017 10.5 inch iPad pro the 2018 nine point seven inch iPad in the iPad Mini 4 with all these models it may seem like a tough choice to make so in this video we’ll compare basically everything from the design the displays performance camera quality in Apple pencil performance so let’s get started right off the bat I want to take the iPad Mini 4 off the list for a few reasons it’s the only current iPad that doesn’t support the Apple pencil it’s powered by a processor that came out in 2014 and it’s more expensive than the iPad so I personally wouldn’t buy it don’t just take my word for it I ran a poll on our channel about a week ago and out of almost 10,000 people only three percent thought that the iPad Mini 4 was the better choice 63% of them thought that the 2018 iPad pro was the best choice despite being the most expensive and I agree with them the edges are now completely flat compared to the old chamfered and rounded edges which made a tad bit difficult to press the buttons the buttons on the new iPad pro feel great but the shape will take a bit of time to get used to since the curved design felt more natural to hold in the hand on the back the camera is quite a bit larger compared to the other iPads making it look like it’s packing a serious camera and it is which you’ll see in the photo comparison in just a minute the smart connector has been relocated and made larger on the new iPad pro which also features a bunch of internal magnets so it can powerfully hold on to covers and cases with more than just a smart connector in front face now the nine point seven inch iPad doesn’t get the smart connector and will have to resort to using bluetooth for keyboards I personally love that the front of the new iPad pro is black which helps hide the chewed-up sensor array that brings face ID to the iPad for the first time ever and the best part is that it works in any orientation even upside-down the white front on the old iPads really made the bezels stand out especially the huge bezels on the nine point seven inch iPad the 10.5 inch iPad pro had thinner bezels on the sides in fact even thinner than the bezels on the 11 inch iPad pro but thankfully the top and bottom bezels are now gone thanks to the new model ditching touch ID which also makes it a lot easier to use the iPad pro while in landscape mode this change alone makes the new iPad pro really stand out from the crowd to put it simply every old iPad just looks ancient in comparison just like the iPhone 10 compared to the iPhone 8 some might hate the fact that touch ID is gone but if you own an iPhone 10 or newer iPhone you’ve already become used to the new gestures and it honestly makes it so much quicker and easier to navigate compared to the old iPads and I love having the top to wake feature on the new iPad as well unfortunately the new iPad pro is the first iPad to get rid of the headphone jack which makes it thinner than both the iPad and old iPad pro but I personally don’t think it’s worth it the 2018 iPad pro is also the first iPad to ditch the old lightning port for a USB C port this gives it many benefits in terms of connectivity and it’ll only get better with iOS 13 next year but my favorite thing about the new port is that you can use your macbook charger to charge the new iPad pro and I’ve already noticed how much more convenient it is to charge it even better the 2018 iPad pro finally comes with an 18 watt fast charger in the box compared to the old 1200 iPad power adapter so what charge is quite a bit faster Apple has also redesigned the Apple pencil with a brand new charging system just simply bring it close to the new iPad pros Apple pencil connector and it magnetically snaps into place automatically pairs and charges wirelessly so there’s no need to plug it into a lightning port like you had to do with the previous Apple pencil and because of that only the new iPad pro supports it comparing the pencils themselves the new one is larger and has a matte finish and it just feels better in the hand compared to the old one it’s also got a new DoubleTap feature which allows you to instantly switch between tools so the new and improved Apple pencil is something you miss out on if you go with an older iPad the nine point seven inch iPad also has considerably worse speakers than both of the iPad pros which have speaker grilles on both the top and the bottom giving you stereo sound just listen for yourself [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] as you heard there’s not much of a difference between the iPad pros but they both sound better than the nine point seven inch iPad now before we get into performance differences let’s talk about the displace both of the iPad pros have a laminated display which increases contrast and colors and makes it seem like the display is right under the glass with the non laminated display like on the nine point seven inch iPad there’s a noticeable gap between the glass and the display which has a few downsides first of all parts of the display get covered up while looking at it from an angle which is extremely distracting not only that but you can visibly see the gap when using the Apple pencil making it harder to draw if you’re looking at the display from an angle moving on to display technology both of the iPads support true tone p3 wide color gamut and have an anti-reflective coating that makes a world of a difference in cutting reflections and glare however the biggest deal is the pro motion technology that comes on these ipad pro’s it basically allows the display to dynamically adjust the refresh rate between 24 and 120 Hertz based on the content you’re viewing this makes navigation incredibly smooth and also helps save battery life by matching the lower capture rate of movies shows and videos not only that but pro motion helps bring Apple pencil lag down to a record low 20 milliseconds so a drawing on an iPad pro with promotion feels more natural compared to the nine point seven inch iPad before the camera comparison let’s talk about performance the nine point seven inch iPad only gets two gigabytes of RAM compared to four gigabytes of RAM on the iPad pros which really helps with multitasking and if you get the ones here by 2018 iPad pro model you get an even greater six gigabytes of RAM now let’s compare processor performance with Geekbench 4 as you can see the new iPad pro gets triple the multi-core score of the iPad and almost double the score of the 10.5 inch iPad pro these differences are pretty huge but looking at graphics performance there’s no comparison the new iPad pro is over three times as powerful with the 10.5 inch iPad pro around 10,000 points behind we then tested the iPads using the antutu benchmark and we saw that the nine point seven inch iPad wasn’t too far off from the ten point five inch pro but the 11 inch iPad pro completely swept the floor with both of them finally we tested a more realistic test by exporting a one-minute four k-e-t-v see video here we see that the new iPad pros performance shines in the real world as well finishing over two times faster than the ten point five inch pro in almost three times as fast as a nine point seven inch iPad now let’s talk cameras the best part about the new iPad pro is camera is that it gets the same portrait selfie mode in an emoji features that the iPhone 10s gets but unfortunately you can’t take portraits on the rear camera like the iPhones head our can now let’s compare some photos between these iPads in this first photo you can see that the new iPad pro shows an exceptional level of detail and it really brings out the colors of the plant compared to the other two we see the same thing in this shot the 11 inch iPad pro looks extremely detailed making the iPad look blurry in comparison in this white shot the 10.5 inch iPad pro actually looks the worst it exposed quite dark and both of the old iPads just looked dim and gloomy the new iPad pro is able to bring out the colors and make them look just as I saw them with my own eyes now moving to the front side we see the biggest differences since the nine point seven inch iPad features a weak 1.2 megapixel selfie camera as you can see the detail just isn’t there everything is in focus because of the small sensor and wider aperture the 10.5 inch iPad pro gets a 7 megapixel sensor so the background gets a little bit of blur making the selfie look better as you can see the 11 inch iPad pro gets portrait selfie mode which along with the higher level of detail makes the selfie look countless times better than the other iPads based on all those photos it’s clear that the 11 inch iPad pro has the best camera by far so now that you know the differences between all these iPads which one should you buy well I’m also crossing off the 10.5 inch iPad pro why because the new iPad pro is the first of its kind it’s completely redesigned and features many firsts like the first round and display the first iPad with face ID the first iPad to support the new Apple pencil the first iPad with us PC in the first iPad 2 pack an ultra powerful 7 nanometer chip with that said I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy the 10.5 inch iPad pro over the 11 inch pro unless you can get a use for an incredibly cheap price I’m talkin the 350 to $400 price range even then I’d rather just spend the extra cash and have the best of the best an iPad pro that’s future proof for years it also doesn’t make sense to buy the old Apple pencil knowing that the future iPad pros will likely use the new Apple pencil anyway now what if you don’t need the best of the best what if you just want an iPad for casual used to occasionally play a game or do some sketches with the Apple pencil or what if you’re not even interested in the Apple pencil then definitely buy the budget nine point seven inch iPad instead sure the new iPad pro will do everything better but if you’re not going to be using it often or you don’t need the extra performance better display in Apple pencil improvements then it doesn’t make sense to spend eight hundred plus dollars on the new iPad pro and if you’re not in a hurry I would recommend waiting for months until March that’s when Apple usually refreshes their budget nine point seven inch iPad and there’s a chance they’ll redesign it to match the look of the new iPad pro there’s no guarantee it’ll get faced ID or support for the new Apple pencil but it’s definitely going to be improved so wait a few months if you’re not in a hurry now if you’re still not sure which one to buy feel free to comment below and we’ll help you make a decision based on your needs thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on more videos like this one if you enjoy this video like it and hit that subscribe button also check out a price guide which makes it extremely easy to find the best deals and Apple products updated daily be sure to follow us on social media and we’ll see you in the next video [Music]

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