Apple MacBook Air Black Friday 2019

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Apple MacBook Air black friday 2019

Apple MacBook Air Black Friday 2019

hey what’s up YouTube it’s ICU and in today’s video we’re going to be unboxing reviewing and setting up the 2019 the netbook revolution is back this year in a big way sporting a true tone Retina display for a more natural viewing experience which is absolutely awesome and even a lower price tag of 1,000 $99 or 999 dollars so a $100 discount for college students remember that’s the entry price it also is powered by a new upgraded Intel CPU and it even has touch IDs so let’s go ahead and get straight into this starting with the box itself on the front you can see we do have a profile picture of the device the MacBook Air either side features an Apple logo and it simply says MacBook Air on the top and the bottom let’s go ahead and flip this guy over and take a look at the specs on the back alright so you can see that for the specs this guy has a 13.3 inch measuring diagonally retina LED backlit display with true tone technology and a resolution of 2560 by 1600 it’s powered by a 1.6 gigahertz dual-core Intel Core i5 CPU with 4 megabytes of l3 cache and turbo boost up to 3.6 gigahertz as well as 8 gigabytes of xx 133 megahertz lpddr3 SD RAM and 128 gigabyte pcie-based SSD for that super fast flash storage it also has intel’s onboard u HD graphics 617 chip as well as 2 Thunderbolt 3 aka USB C ports that support high-speed i/o and video out it even still has the headphone jack in 2019 as well as two stereo speakers of course it now has touch ID and a backlit keyboard with an ambient light sensor 802 11 AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 so no Bluetooth 5.0 here it does have a FaceTime camera of course it has Mac OS and there we go guys those are the specs for the latest 2019 book air entry level this is the base model alright so let’s get into this and you can see here that on the side we just have this conveniently placed plastic pull tab that we can now use to more easily take the plastic wrap off all right and now that the Macbook box is out of the plastic wrap protecting it let’s go ahead and lift the lid to reveal the laptop sitting directly on top and now we can just use this plastic tab right here to actually take the macbook out like so I’m gonna set it off to the side and we’re going to go over the rest of the contents of the box here so at the bottom we do have a USB C cable remember this is USB C on both ends here so you can simply plug one end into the macbook and the other end into your charging brick and that’s how you’re going to charge this thing it can also be used to charge an iPad pro for instance the latest 2018 ipad that has that USBC connector or really any other device as well and it also serves for data transfers though the cable that Apple includes does not support the fastest data transfer speeds interestingly enough now up at the top we do have this little packet that says designed by Apple in California let’s go ahead and bring that up close to the camera here you can see of course typical Apple white packet style designed by Apple in California let’s go ahead and open it up tree the only a couple of things so first of all we have this little pamphlet sheet right here that says MacBook Air and it just walks you through some of the basics of your brand new device and we also have two Apple logo stickers as well as a MacBook Air little leaflet right here with just some additional information we can go ahead and set all of that off to the side and up at the top we just have the little charging brick right here and you can see like I was mentioning this is where you actually go to plug it into what’s really strange is that this is actually like a paper I’ve always in the past when I’ve done unboxings found that they put a plastic over the charging brick instead I’m just I’m pausing because I’m just so baffle this is a new change here you can see it’s just basically paper so I guess Apple is trying to be a little bit more green I’m not exactly sure how much that helps but good on you Apple so like I was saying one end you can plug the USBC cable into charging brick and the other one goes into the laptop and yeah that’s what you get with the 2019 MacBook Air it’s basically standard what you get with any Apple notebook now let’s go ahead and return to the start of this video the MacBook Air itself and we’re just going to take the plastic wrap off now and setting it down we’re going to lift the lid for the first time we’re going to press the power button up here in the top right which now includes touch ID and I’m going to take this screen protective material off you can see that we have an Apple logo right now with the progress bar beneath it I just realized that my light is definitely in the shot it’s reflecting off of the MacBook there so we’re gonna see what we can do about that to kind of move it out of the way a little bit all right so now you can see that we are at the language selection screen right here we’re just going to go through this and it interrupted me but here we go let’s just go through this setup I can already tell that the display is a true tone display you can kind of tell it’s a little bit warmer essentially what it tries to do is measure the ambient light in your room just like any of the latest iPhones or iPads for actually a few years now it can determine again the ambient light in your room and a try to match paper basically it tries to match what a sheet of paper would look like if it’s in front of you for again that more natural reading experience so I’m going to just connect to Wi-Fi now also I will say this that just when I typed in the password there the keyboard felt incredibly good it hasn’t been like any of the past iterations of the butterfly keyboard on Apple’s newer laptops where it doesn’t have much give or travel it actually does feel pretty clicky much more so than again past iterations of it so I’m just going to continue here we don’t want to transfer from another Mac or PC I’m also just going to set this up right now really quick because we do want to download a couple of tools from Apple’s App Store and this is the fastest way to just input our information all right so there we go we just have some terms and conditions now we can go ahead and hit agree followed by agree again and it’s just asking for some passwords let’s just do test test I do not recommend that by the way but just for the sake of this video we just want to get this thing set up quickly and now it’s just going through the typical iCloud setup right now all right here we go after that it’s just asking us if we want to set up iCloud keychain I never use it so we’re gonna do setup later and we should be toward the end of the setup process now I’m just going to go ahead with Express setup essentially it just enables Siri as well as location services and a few other things through there so let’s go ahead and hit continue now it’s telling us to set up the hey Siri option right now so I’m gonna set that up later just so it doesn’t trigger for you guys we’re also going to uncheck store documents and desktop and iCloud Drive we’re going to turn on file encryption they’re setup touch ID so this is very similar to any of the other setups that Apple is use actually it’s identical on their laptops you basically just rest your finger on the touch ID sensor like so and it fills up the digital representation of it on the screen like so sometimes you have to do it again and then also it asks you to capture the edges of your fingerprint as well so that way it can almost always recognize your fingerprint and this works fantastic by the way it’s just as good on iOS devices or it’s just as good as the version on iOS devices if not better on the laptops Apple has really perfected it and it’s asking us to set up Apple pay we’re gonna do that later we’re also gonna just do the light theme there and true tone display again as I mentioned this MacBook Air now has that so you can see the difference without it here versus with it as I said toward the beginning when I powered this guy up I could tell immediately that it does have true tone display technology which is fantastic and there we go we’re at the end now it’s just setting up your Mac should just provide three checkmarks in a second once it has finished and finalized all of the settings and usually it just goes straight into Mac OS from there so here we are straight into Mac OS as I mentioned and I’m gonna download a couple things from the app store real quick just so we can run some benchmarks and I’ll be right back all right so we are now back I did download the two things here we have black magic disk speed test as well as Nova bench which is still downloading I quickly wanted to show you guys that when I click on the Apple logo up here in the top followed by about this Mac that it does confirm a few things so up at the top below Mac OS Mojave and the version right there you can see that again this is a MacBook Air Retina 13-inch 2019 and we do have the newer 1.6 gigahertz Intel Core i5 CPU as well as eight gigabytes of RAM and that Intel u HD graphics 617 chip right there that’s built in to the CPU alright so now let’s go ahead and run those tests up first we have the Blackmagic disc speed test and what this will do is basically just write a larger file to the memory and in turn read it to assess how fast your Flash storage is and the write speed is well it just leaves it just leaves a little to be desired it’s a little over 400 megabytes per second um sometimes it’ll dip down to like 390 and the read speed I it’s like you know 1200 megabytes per second so let’s go ahead and see when it reads it again we actually did get a little bit faster on the right there that time but the read it’s about you know 1300 this time around megabytes per second so not bad I’ve seen better but yeah that’s just that’s just one test that we love to run here to assess how quickly you know you’re able to do things like transferring copying or reading large files or even you know compressing or unzipping large files and now here let’s go into Nova bench and Nova bench runs through a number of tests to kind of give you an overall score that essentially is reminiscent of your computer’s total capabilities so it breaks everything down it runs through the tests and again it gives you that cumulative computing score that is a numeric representation of your computer’s prowess so to speak so let’s go ahead and just fast through this segment right here I’m just going to speed it up this part doesn’t really matter it doesn’t matter how long it takes all we really care about is the end result and you know what we’re actually getting there with the number that I talked about and it also does feature a new 3d graphics test as well so this number should be pretty accurate alright here we go the results are in we have a nova bench score of 824 which actually isn’t bad at all especially for a MacBook Air I’m really surprised to see something this high you know it actually reported lower read and write speeds for the SSD there than what we got inside of black magic but for that specific test the read and write test I would actually trust black magic we’re on that one so just you know some interesting tests right here to actually see how this thing stacks up you can actually go online and you can check out some other benchmark tests you know there is Geekbench I do prefer Nova Bench simply because it’s free so you can look up other scores to see how this computer stacks up against other laptops you know specifically you can find some numbers out there for the newer MacBook Pro models as well speaking of MacBook Pro if you wanted to see our unboxing of that it is actually the very first link down below in the description of this video the brand-new 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro so if you’re deciding between a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro since they were both just refreshed you might want to check out that video as well alright and that basically wraps up this video one thing though I just wanted to give you guys a quick overview of the device in its entirety so I’ve been showing you guys the Retina display with true time technology throughout this video but the top view of it right here with the keyboard and everything was also refreshed of course when the entire devices design was refreshed the other year you can see that we do have an improved butterfly key board here as well this is actually different from even its predecessor as I mentioned there is much more travel on these keys they feel way more clicky and less sticky than some of the past versions of the butterfly keyboard we do have that larger force touch trackpad as well that is that kind of eerie it doesn’t really click but it just has that vibration feedback so it feels like it’s clicking effect I absolutely love it it’s fantastic actually it was first introduced on the new macbook back in 2015 and every Apple laptops sense has started to incorporate it and I love the way it feels you know it’s one less thing to break because it’s kind of digital so to speak there’s really no physical component that’s now moving down just something I always like to talk about and then of course we do have that touch ID sensor up there in the right-hand corner and we have two speakers one grille here over on the right one over here on the left I’m closing it up over on the right we have the headphone jack on the left we have our two center bolt slash USBC ports and that’s basically it this is an incredibly – incredibly light device I absolutely love the MacBook Air I always have and obviously it’s even better now with this semi recent redesign and this refresh is fantastic because of course we have touch ID and we also have that true tone display technology I really hope you guys liked this video as I mentioned again check out our MacBook Pro unboxing linked below subscribe if you have yet to and until next time this is I see you signing out

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