Anker PowerCore 10000 Review

Here you will learn Anker PowerCore 10000 Black Friday Deals 2019 and also know the latest discount prices.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Black Friday Deals 2019

Anker PowerCore 10000 Review Black Friday Deals 2019

Anker PowerCore 10000 Review 

Hey guys it’s null here welcome along to today’s video and today I’m going to be talking to you all about the anchor power core 10,000 battery for those of you who know me and have been watching it for a video for awhile you all know of my love for anchor batteries I use this as my main battery this is the 27,000 d7 Astro Pro battery and I use this for all of my filming and that I do for in-flight video because this thing will give me battery life around about 36 hours for thei GoPro Hero 4 that I use so this is incredible I have three outlets on it and it does everything I wanted to do it’s powered me for days and days on end phones GoPros and everything like that to keep me it powered up while I’m on the go filming for in-flight video now anchor very kindly sent me their latest battery through today which is the Power Core 10,000 milliamp hour battery which is this one here comes in a little box here Australia where I can see is a fraction of the size of the bigger battery just by laughs you know the box and I’m really interested to see what this is like and how much battery life this is going to give me as opposed to the 27,000 one now I’m a little bit of a snob and I don’t really like to go with white oh no I’ve been using this a for a long while now and it does exactly what I want it to and I’m always very nervous about trying ones that are a little bit smaller even though this is probably way overkill for a lot of flights that I do so I’m gonna be really interested to try this and to see what it’s like and see how much battery life this will give for my GoPro Hero 4 so let’s open the box and see what’s inside okay so here’s a box let’s have a look inside it and see how it goes typical standard anka packaging really and you see on the back here it says it’s the Power Core 10000 battery I’ve just zoom in a little bit there to show you that model a 1263 and it’s the black edition of the battery so let’s open box and have a look like the what’s inside and inside here we go okay and standard package in there and here is the battery and first thing I’m noticing is that it’s actually really small and compact as if I’m just open this a bag and here is the battery it’s a really small little battery here you can see it’s got one USB outputs and under USB input through a micro USB on it so I’m just here and yeah it’s pretty small it’s about the size of a credit card comparing this to the size of my iPhone for example you can see it’s actually smaller this gives you a little bit of an idea of the size of it so it’s probably about the size of a credit card obviously slightly thicker for the batteries that are inside it and look at accessories that it comes with as well so if we just open this little up box here and it comes with the standard anchor little bag I think that’s a really good thing that I could do they always provide these I’ve got a bigger one for the big battery I have and here is the charging cable microUSB great that they include it in the box as well and in my experience they tend to charge pretty fast these batteries telling the battery on you can see here we’ve got the blue lights on the front it’s got two out of four charges actually come with a little bit of charge out of the box and when the batteries fall then ill for light so long as I’ll show you in a little while and so here’s my camera what I’m going to do now this isn’t my GoPro here if all that I use for all of my four five videos attached to the window mounds and you can see it’s just powering on here the battery is completely dead I’m going to plug it into the Power Core ten thousand battery we will set it recording let’s see how much about tree like we can get attached to this battery compared to the one that we normally use okay so I’m going to just come on I’m going to put the battery on charge now and we’re gonna get make sure this but she gets a complete full charge because the it comes with about 50 percent charge you want to make sure we give it a fair test on a full battery this is my gadget shelf way up here it’s a right mess as you can see but it’s gonna allow me to just plug it in here and you can see straight away that the blue lights come on as soon as it’s plugged in and allows us to charge the device so let’s give this a couple of hours to charge and and we’ll be able to give it a good test okay so it is now 11:59 I am putting the battery on charge now from about 50% full which is what it came with let’s see how long it takes to charge now along with the Power Core 10,000 batteries and anka have sent me one of their new line of micro USB cables and I really have to say that as far as USB cables go you think it’s just a cable a cable as a cable in my experience anchor pretty good and this is their own new powerline micro USB cable and open in this box I’m literally amazing when you’ll be amazed at what you see inside this in a minute let’s open the box and if you look here it’s got this tissue paper stuff here inside this you can tell this is a premium cable just by opening the box and look at this is absolutely amazing so this is a micro USB cable and it comes in this little pouch with a label attached very high quality and the braided cable inside it just goes to show the quality and the detail that these guys put into their power products this is going to be brilliant for not only charging the power cord battery but obviously the my GoPro Hero session that I use for the onboard footage which takes a micro USB feed looking for it’s using this cable it’s a little bit more robust or should I say a lot more robust looking at the standard of the cable here to allow me to keep my other devices charged while I’m on the plane okay so it is now three hours later it is just before three o’clock in the afternoon this battery is now fully charged and what I’m gonna do now is attach it to this this is my GoPro and I’m gonna stick it to the window and leave it recording and we’ll see how long the battery will last with it so we’ll see the battery man plug it in lights come on I set that recording and see how much we get okay so we have finished the test of this we’ve got over 12 and a half hours of video footage out of this little battery here powering the gopro hero4 silver which is absolutely incredible really I mean I know I get quite a lot more out of my bigger battery but to be honest this thing is probably going to do me for most of my shorter flights that I do now I can use this to film my short flights at least up to two or three hours long and there certainly won’t be any problems with it power in them as well as anything else I want to charge the only thing I would say is it’s only got warm outlet port on it so it’s great if you charge them one device and also good if you are going to things like music concerts and things and you want to keep your phone charged I guess this sort of thing just sits in your pocket really easily and allows you to just keep your device’s fully charged so guys thanks so much for watching today’s video really appreciate it check out the Power Core 10,000 I put a link in the description below for you to click on there if you’ve got any questions about it you do feel free to just drop me a comment in the comment section below I’d love to hear from you I’d really appreciate it if you could click like subscribe and also check out the in-flight video VIP lounge there’s a link in the description to that as well it allows you to get early access to all of my flight videos and access to exclusive or full flight videos that you won’t get anywhere else including on youtube so please do go ahead and check that out as well really would appreciate that goodnight again thanks very much for watching and I’ll speech you soon you

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